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    Woodworking and green woodworking, traditional archery beekeeping gardening hobby farming hunting sawmill old tractors. Just getting into black smithing and intrigued by the possibilities.

    I am an engineer to pay the bills. Blessed with a big family 5 kids and wonderful wife.

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  1. I made a good one from a mower blade. The most common one is made by necker. It’s curved sharp on the curved front it slices the back is almost square maybe a 10 degree angle. That’s your scraper for coon fat fox and cats. The slicer on the front is great for deer hides and coon shoulders.
  2. Yes poorly worded. I finished it up off to the post tomorrow to my nephew. He is grown and when his mom asked what he wanted for his birthday he said, “Viking axe from uncle Matt’s forge”
  3. Ha ha frosty. I Guess I posted in wrong area and got the title changed as lesson, lol. I did think the original title of well time phot applied to the flux shot.
  4. Very nice pictures and axe! I am still trying to get a wrought wrapped eye to turn out that nice. I find with wrought that I need to use a 1/4 inch round bar fuller on the step downs before using the anvil edges. Even though my anvil has nice radiuses if I go straight to the anvil it shears enough when I wrap the eye breaks. I’ve also discovered that the cheeks can’t be as thin as in mild before the bend. I bend at white heat and still the eye tears half the time.
  5. Forge welding in a piece of sway bar from an old cutlass into an iron wrapped eye axe.
  6. Thomas I will look forward to pictures of your oldest hammers. awrksmokey, my first hammer looks like yours. Is says made in Mexico. I drifted the eye larger and left it soft and use it for beating drifts. iron dragon that is an interesting hammer. Looks like it would move some metal.
  7. Did you ever put handles on all of them? Nice looking hammers
  8. Looks great how does it feel to forge with it?
  9. Thanks latticino, I am working on a bigger drift, I like a bigger handle hole. I just used it to rough forge a drift from a section of jackhammer bit and also used the peen to spread a rr spike as wide as I could. The peen is aggressive. I punched the hole where the hammer tongs balanced. Not sure if I like a balanced hammer. I think most of mine are a little toward the point. This was some gooD wrought very little delamination while forging even when it hit a little colder
  10. First successful welded face hammer I like it a lot. I started with a 3.5 pound church of wrought iron anchor chain and forge welded on a 1/2 inch face and a little wedge for the peen. I put it back in hot vinegar for a little more etch before I handle it.
  11. Thanks for sharing your thoughts makes sense. I hope I have some thin w1 that might be better than 15n20. I have a horizontal bandsaw sawmill. Blades are very dark in an etch and I think just simple steel. That might be good too. I always have a ton of those as they are 12 foot long and I saw my stops and clamps far too often.
  12. I was looking at him Austin’s website as I admire his work. I noticed something interesting, he mentions forge welding in a thin piece of high carbon right in front of the eye to make the eye less likely to separate while drifting. This surprised me, the mild always seems to weld better To itself than the carbon to mild does. I would be interested in your thoughts. I intend to try a thin piece of 15n20 I use for Damascus as an experiment in the eye of one and then drift the heck out of it and a mild piece at same time from same bar and see how they do.
  13. I wanted to share pictures of a drift I bought from Brent Bailey. It’s really helped my axe making. I think the best feature is the knife like front edge. It’s a pretty crisp edge. It’s easy to started straight and you hardly have to worry about the point of the teardrop pointing at the bit. He makes nice stuff.
  14. It’s going to be a bigger welded face Viking hammer. The piece weighs about 3.5 pounds now. Going to use 1/2 inch thick face. I tried to forge an axle once about the same size probably 4140. It laughed at me! This stuff is sooo soft when it’s white.
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