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  1. I don't know how long they will keep the pages operating, but the local newspaper (Lithgow Mercury) has a lot of pictures and some videos from the 2017 Ironfest . WARNING - next to no smithing content. 18,000 through the gate this year
  2. Lithgow Ironfest is on again, late April as usual. This year the Ironfest weekend is 22nd and 23rd April 2017. Not just blacksmiths, it's a very diverse festival, and a lot of fun. I never miss it, but then again I do live here.
  3. The clip featuring the old knife forger Albert Craven was fascinating. Like most craftsman who are very good, he made the process look easy.
  4. To me blacksmithing is a trade. I respect a qualified tradesman. A tradesman must serve an apprenticeship for some years, and at the end of this he (or she) will have a fair knowledge of, and some experience at, his (or her) trade. They then deepen their knowledge as they work at their trade. I know blacksmiths. My Uncle George was a blacksmith by trade. Their knowledge and skill are impressive. If anyone suggests that I am a blacksmith I am deeply embarrassed, as there is no way that I could qualify for that category. I play with hot metal. When I see a proper smith at work, I am reminded of a line from a Louis L'Amour novel ("Sackett") : "By god, today I seen a man."
  5. Stan, did you buy it at a swapmeet? I've seen pictures of bayonet handles being used as gearknobs on hotrods. That would perhaps explain the notch, which I doubt is an original feature. Sure looks like a three-oh bayonet to me. I remember the old ones as being very long (the 17" blade that you mention). The SAF Museum here ( ) describes them as a 'sword bayonet'. I have a Lithgow FN bayonet, but that's another thing altogether. -Phil (in Lithgow)
  6. Frosty, thanks for that description. About how long does it take you to cook a batch of charcoal?
  7. My best guess for the motorcycle is that it is a mid '30s B.S.A. J11 v-twin. This is based on the clutch cover shape, and also the knee-pad shape. Any other takers? That stumpy anvil, however is a mystery. Shouldn't be much of a likelihood of the sidecar wheel coming up unexpectedly with all that ballast.
  8. I have one rather similar, and the whole curve under the heel appears to have been cleaned up with a shaper.
  9. What's that behind it? If it's a ratchet strap buckle then the anvil must be pretty small. Maybe it's a salesman's sample.
  10. The condition tells the story. It's your knife, restore it if you like, but then all that you'll have is an as-new knife just like all the others. I had an old racing motorcycle that had been prepared by a famous tuner. It was special and looked different from all the others. When I sold it the new owner painted it in the original factory colours, so that it looked like all the other ones. I was sad to see this, but it was his property to do with as he wished. My advice :- leave it as it is. If the condition interferes with the function, then put it away and buy another knife as a "user".
  11. Nifty. Like all the best inventions, it's simple and effective and SO obvious (but only after you've been shown it! ). Anyone can invent something complicated, but a simple invention is truly elegant. I'm making one.
  12. 1. Be good to see Liam Neeson in a dark role. 2. Charlize Theron would be enough to make anyone to find some extra courage. 3. Any chance that it could be re-written so that Theron falls for the blacksmith ( etc., etc.,etc.) ?
  13. Trying to post pix, but keep getting this error message: mySQL query error: SELECT COUNT(*) as topicviews FROM invision_topic_views WHERE views_tid=32844