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  1. Well written text in the links. :) I intent to make knives out of them. My initial thought was to soak it at 1450F for three minutes and then quench it in oil heated to 70F. I am a noob but it seems reasonable after reading this data: http://www.metalravne.com/selector/steels/OC100EX.html http://www.cintool.com/catalog/Water_Hardening/W2.pdf :)
  2. I'm going to a night class in blacksmithing. The blacksmith asked me to bring scrap steel ( similar to 1070, 1084, 01, W2). I got a batch of old worn out files that i just found out where made out of W2 tool steel.There will be a coal forge, water, oil, magnets. How would you heat treat it?
  3. I see. One draw bsck is that the two faces look very similar and is bound to bee mixed up.
  4. :) Tanks guys! i baked it for 30 minutes at 230C. It got a faint straw yellow hue. The third hammer was found in a abandoned U-boat shipyard and i think its was used to sett rivets and chiselling. Its name is Tors ME2. My plan was to make a drawing hammer with a squared faced rolled top to bottom on one side and rolled side to side on the other. Is the a better use for it? :)
  5. Thanks! I've might have over done it. :)
  6. Steam cleaned the handle. Sanded down to 225 grit ready to be died with black leather die (narvsvärta). Dries fast in the sun so i added thee layers. Epoxy and black pigment to cure starting splinters an fill larger dings and sett the head. Two layers of Danish oil to seal the die in the wood. Applied 4 hour appart and den rubbed with a sock to give it a mat finish. Head steam cleaned and brushed with window cleaner and brass wire brush. First pair done!
  7. 120-grit diamond file Up to 400 dry. Then 600 wet and polish on leather.
  8. The smallest hammer 600g (0,9lbs) was chipped and the handle was the loosest. So I decided to start of with that guy. Baking to make sure its properly annealed to prevent further chipping.
  9. I have been tinkering around with knife making for a couple of years. In a few month I move in to my first house in Sweden an have decided to set up a small shop with a forge. I have found or got these hammer as gifts and now is time to blow new life in to them. The are 2.6; 2.0; and 0.9lbs (top to bottom)
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