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  1. JHCC That's an idea I hadn't thought of Thomas that's kind of what I was thinking. I have a section of I beam I can secure for him to be on.
  2. My 12 years old had been bugging me a lot to let him work on the forge so we fired it up and he had a blast. He said “this is a lot harder than I thought it’d be.” I wanted him to work on a taper then a scroll but he wanted to make this coal rake so he did. He wants to do it more so I’m excited about that as long as I still get some time too lol. He struggled a bit because of the height of my anvil. I have it set up for me and I’m 6’3” and he is rather small for a 12 year old so if he keeps wanting to do it I’ll have to figure something out.
  3. I love your style man! Very nicely done.
  4. I like it. good looking knife.
  5. Les that's an awesome looking smoker! Reverse flow at that. I'm very jealous.
  6. Thomas that sounds like an awesome build. Very challenging and way above my skill level. It would be awesome to see it completed though.
  7. 14' TANK!! That would be awesome! It'd be quite the undertaking.
  8. Anyone is more than welcome anytime I smoke some food. My food is good I'm not sure it is justifiable for a trip from Alaska though. I've been looking for an old fridge around here for my next build. I found one on the side of a mountain someone dumped (a long time ago) but it was to far gone to bring it back.
  9. I don't want to take away from your blades because they are beautiful but your cutting boards are captivating. Just completely stunning! Well done sir.
  10. I love smoking food lately I’ve been doing it more than smithing. Naturally I like building things so I made a smoker called an Ugly Drum Smoker. I started with a food grade 55 gallon drum burned all the paint off of it and cut 2 1-1/2 inch air intake holes in the bottom. I made an expanded metal charcoal/wood basket and I put in a heat diffuser (out of an old pizza pan) and a grill grate. The thing works great. Here’s a few pictures of it and some products from it. Anyone else smoke food on here?
  11. Incredible blade I love the pattern! How many layers is that?
  12. B_HOSS


    the local sporting goods store has one that says ring for complaint dept.
  13. /\ /\ /\ One of the best replies Ive seen in a while. lol
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