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Found 490 results

  1. Hello all. Picked this one up today and need help with an ID. I don't see any markings on front or back, but it's been painted. Both feet have numbers. I assume the 85 is a weight--it feels right when I lift it. Each foot has a 3 on the far right as you look at it. Same serial number on each foot. Thanks in advance.......Mike
  2. Hello I live in Killeen Texas and my chunk of rail road I was using was stolen. Took it to construction site I work at to use acytelene torch to make few cuts on it and sombody got me when I turned my back. So I'm looking for a new anvil and also a leg vise if anybody has one for sale in the central Texas area please let me know. Thanks.
  3. Cluodzz

    Looking for anvil

    Hello I live in Killeen Texas and my chunk of rail road I was using was stolen. Took it to construction site I work at to use acytelene torch to make few cuts on it and sombody got me when I turned my back. So I'm looking for a new anvil and also a leg vise if anybody has one for sale in the central Texas area please let me know. Thanks.
  4. On YouTube a guy made a sand filled anvil stand that weighed around 100 pounds is this advisable, thanks link here-
  5. Howdy! I'm new to the sport, and my dad just revealed he had this awesome Trenton 135lb farriers anvil. It had been sitting out open to the weather (but not in the weather) for probably the last 15 years- covered in a layer of greenish moss and rust. We immediately got it indoors, and I took a wire brush to the moss/rust coat. Took steel wool to the face. I'm trying to figure out how to remove all the rust, so I can get it properly dry and coated in oil/wax and keep it from rusting further. Long term, I will need to store this in my dad's barn, which isn't completely enclosed. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I believe this anvil was made in 1911, and has been passed down. I really don't want to ruin it!
  6. Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me identify whether this anvil is cast or forged? Also if there has been a plate welded onto the top? I was plan on cleaning up the bumps on the face after buying it as it is fairly flat overall but don't know if it's worth it with if it's cast iron. Fairly new to this but I thought the texture on the top looked cast but then it seemed to have handling holes in the sides so I just don't know. I can try listening for a ring and looking at rebound but it's an hour and a half away to pick up so id rather know before hand. Thanks for any help. Iv attached some pictures for reference!
  7. Hey guys, I’m trying to decide on my next anvil it’s a toss up of a perfect shape S&S 387lbs no sideshelf north German or a holland north German style with a side shelf 466 lbs. I’m really torn between the two. The s&s is lighter but older and has no side shelf but has the cool old factor going for it. I also think it’s going to increase in value and I think a used holland will depreciate. I’m thinking down the road for my family when I’m gone. This will be my dream worker anvil. Anyway, do Any of you guys that don’t have a side shelf wish that you did? Also you guys with a side shelf can you tell me the best advantages of having one? Any help as always is greatly appreciated.
  8. All, I have recently purchased this anvil at an auction for my son who has been using various other devices as anvils. The anvil was a surprise buy and the house did not have any information on the anvil; however, from what I can tell with my limited exp, it looks a lot like a Trenton. I have attached a picture of the Anvil and the markings from the base. Thanks for your time and input, Ken...
  9. Hello all, I'm excited because I have just picked up my first 'real' anvil. It was quite cheap but has to be better than the improvised 'H' beam I have been using. It has a raised casting saying 'HEYFIELD 1CWT' and that's what it weighs. I live in Australia so maybe pretty obscure. It has an obvious casting line and doesn't appear to have a hard face-plate. It looks old "It was my grandfather's" said the vendor. It rings beautifully but has only about 50% rebound. However, right in the working area there are a few hammer marks, semi-circular divots about 1/2 to 1 mm deep. Otherwise the face is flat and quite true. What advice? Live with it as is or attempt to fix. If you think I should 'fix' the face, how? I'm tempted to hammer the hell out of it and see if I can re-form the metal. I am very new to this so I would appreciate any wisdom. I'll post pictures soon. Cheers, Simon
  10. Hey guys, first time poster, sorry if in wrong category. I've bough this small anvil for 15€ but I can't figure out how to secure it as it has a spike on the base. I've done some research and found nothing like it, any help will be appreciated.
  11. Hello....I'm new to this forum. Need help identifying the anvil in the attached picture. I went to look at it today but the no so great bounce with a 5/8" ball and ring turned me off. 200# anvil with no maker mark I could see. Face wasnt bad....edges were ok. I'm in NYS. He was at $225.....I was at $200......Thank you for any and all input. I'm wondering if I left a good one behind?
  12. Let me know if this is not the right place. Trying to identify this anvil that was my wifes grandpa's Thanks, Peter
  13. Hi, I'm fairly new to this forum, and after browsing around, decided to make an account on account of anvils. Arguably, the most difficult part of starting out blacksmithing is finding the proper tools, but this applies especially to anvils (as I believe) as they are varied, expensive, difficult to move around, and overall requires a lot of work to acquire a good one. However, I believe I may have found something great 138 miles from me is a 219 pound Peter Wright anvil going for $700. Not exactly the best price ($3.12 a pound) but in my part of California that's pretty much the best you'll get. There are a lot of visible dings and imperfections, and I can't do anything about those because I don't own a welder, much less filler rods. The question for me right now is if I should go the distance and purchase this anvil, clean it up with an angle grinder, and simply call it a day, or should I purchase another option I've heard was good? Here's the pictures. Craigslist link removed
  14. New Member. Thought I'd kill two birds, say hello and give some info on the anvil I ended up with so it's available to anyone who might find it useful. Really appreciate the wealth of knowledge on the site! I haven't had a question yet that I couldn't find a relevant discussion about and being "Rigidizer drying as I type" green there's been a lot. Looking forward to progressing and hopefully being able to contribute. I have every intention of using this little guy as is to it's fullest and would appreciate any input especially in regards to the repairs, (I wouldn't hit that with anything harder than your purse,etc). I don't have any history on the anvil itself. The gentleman I bought it off had a shed full of anvils and chuckled when I asked if he did any blacksmithing himself. Just buys and sells... . Sorry If the picture quality isn't great. I assume it once had a pritchel hole and suffered a pretty substantial failure there and was filled in with the weld? Marked "Fisher" on the front of the base. With a proud "9" above it. on the opposite side "1887" with "3 11" under it. Possibly some well worn markings below that I can't make out. Weighs in at 85 lbs. Stands 9 5/8" tall, 17 3/8" horn to heel, face is 3 1/4"x 11". Foot profile is 9 x 8 1/2 and a 3/4" hardie hole pretty well rounded, might have started 5/8"?. Rebound is at about 75% with the rust still on(1" ball bearing). No ring to speak of as I've read is normal for Fishers, "city anvil". The welds are not as hard as the face which I hope Is a good thing meaning the temper wasn't messed with? Hopefully I uploaded the pictures right. Thanks for looking. Alex
  15. Hello guys, My friend have this Wilkinson's anvil with markings on it but I can't read them all. I see on one side: (disappeared Wilkinson's) Emblem Queen's Dudley And on the other side I think I can read: Patent Solid (R or B)un & En(I or T) ---­­­--- This is the part that I can't read. Does any of you know what it can be written please? Thanks
  16. Just got this bad boy for 350.00 seems to be in great shape. What say you guys? Has 0 rust on it or its coated in something not sure. Great ring to it. Thinking 1890 ish
  17. I have a 138 pound hay budden anvil that I received when my grand father passed and I am trying to figure out the date it was made the serial number is bellow
  18. I’m don’t want to be a jerk that posts a sentence and a terrible picture and has to have you guys tell me pictures and descriptions help, so I tried my best to help you help me. Picked this guy up over the weekend for $85 in west central Indiana. Plainly you can see it’s been broken and used quite a bit. Any glaring characteristics that will help with identifying it? And what is the next step in getting it ready for use. I’ve seen sandblasting, electrolysis, wire wheel, vinergar, and so on and so forth. I’m just hoping to get a little advice and thank you in advance for taking the time to help. I see a small o and then a 1 (maybe or something else idk) I think, and definitely 22. I was told it was a 130lb anvil. I was looking at the same side of the number and saw a small x but other than those I can’t find any markings yet. And with the part missing I could see it being 1*128 + 2*26 + 2lbs= 182 - 50 lbs(for the broken part) and it being 130lbs. Although I haven’t weighed it I believe it is definitely close to that weight. It does have handling holes on both sides and the bottom. The one picture I messed with the color a little bit to try to get the number to stand out better. While I should have but didn’t put a reference item or measured it I would say from horn to break is around 20”. If it will help greatly I’ll dimension the whole xxxx thing. I know an anvil doesn’t have to be great to get the job done and I’m happy to have it. In todays market where I’ve been pricing anvils at between $ 4/5 a lb., $85 makes me suspicious even though it’s “broken”. I’m planning on making blades and some tools. So although a hardy hole would be optimal for my first anvil I’m kind of shocked that I found one for so cheap. I did a ping test and while my ears aren’t the best I hit it and definitely hear a ping. Don’t have a ball bearing yet to test a rebound yet but with a hammer I could feel a rebound. I know you shouldn’t grind the face of it but I can’t help but want to clean it up and flatten it out some. Idk if it’s my ocd or what... Thanks dean
  19. All I have are pictures and measurements so far.... your thoughts? 24.5" long X 4.5" wide X 13.25" high / base approx 15.5" X 11.25"
  20. Rookie here, looking to scrape together a small shop piece by piece. I've been looking for anvils in WI and have been put off by the prices. Today, I found one in a broken down shed. I took some bad pictures with my phone. There's an upside down triangle on one side so I assume it's Columbian. It's really really rusty and has a chip out of the bottom corner of the heel. First off, can this be saved? It hasn't been used in decades. It has nice ring and rebound when hit with a wrench (that's all I had on hand). Any idea what I should offer for it? What would be a can't lose price? Does anyone have experience restoring something this bad? Of course, I realize opinions are only that. I don't expect a firm answer and will make the decision on my own. Thanks.
  21. I ran across this anvil but couldn't get a look at it in person due to my work hours.. says its 120 lbs. 25" long... my first thoughts were Trenton or Arm & Hammer, or maybe Hay Budden ?? what does it look like to you ??
  22. Hello, all. I am trying to suss out the origin of my anvil. It weighs 147.5 lbs. and it bears the marking "147". It has the markings "163165" on the base. It also has a marking that I believe says "Brooklyn, NY", and "______ manufacturing CO". I really appreciate any help with this. Thank you.
  23. Hey Fellas Long time lurker but first time Posting. Hoping that NJ Anvil Man will chime in. I've always been a picker and an Antiques guy. Tools & Iron have always been my love and I've owned many anvils through the years. Looking to see what the more seasoned veterans think of my most recent find. A marked Fisher Saw Tuners anvil in amazing condition, weighing in at a marked 260#. Thanks for any info.
  24. Scored this Trenton "German forged" anvil today at a yard sale for $40. Just curious on dating/forger info if anyone knows...and why does it have that weird shoehorn looking stub coming off the horn? What was its use?! The bottom is flat(ish) with only a handling hole, and there are no serial numbers to be found so far
  25. so apologies if there is a specific place to post this sort of question but i'm genuinely stumped on this anvil logo. i know that the shape is a double horned south german pattern anvil made in the year 1939.. but i cant quite make out the writing. for now these are the best photo's i have, but will post more as soon as i have them! any help in finding out anything about this would be immensely appreciated!