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  1. Hey guys anybody with a power hammer or hydraulic press? would be sweet if I could come over and use it to draw out this bar of sup9
  2. Nice. By flat weld you mean just one bar on top of the other ?
  3. How many mm was the edge and spine? I'm thinking low 700 degrees celsius for the quenching temperature with hot tap water with dishwashing detergent?
  4. When I initially built this forge I had longer propane burners, now I have downsized to shorter burners but my sleeves are quite long. Is it 'safer' to have shorter sleeves? I'm paranoid the flames might go up the sleeve and into the burner of venturi intake sometimes. I'm going to cut the sleeve in half tomorrow then test it out again to see how it goes
  5. How did you quench it? I'm thinking of using water because this is w2. I want to create hamons. Ive got abit of W2 left and some sup9 spring steel that I would love to make a medieval sword out of but yeah Xmas looks so busy.
  6. Almost finished filing, I'm hopeful that this will survive the quench. Ive placed next to the sunobe some tools and work boots for a scale comparison.
  7. Here are some pictures of some blades made from W2 getting quenched in water for 2-3 seconds then oil. Tempering was was done in a electric oven.
  8. love dog head hammers with the hammer head on an angle
  9. Some more pics after I've left it in a vinegar bath because I had heaps of trouble trying to get the scale off. Not sure if I can finish it before the weekend. If I do I can heat treat it. Been working until late so I have been unable to file it.
  10. Not sure yet but definately want a hamon... I just dropped the work peice today whilst filing it. im very paranoid I hope this doesn't affect the heat treat. what are your suggestions?
  11. Filing the blades right now to get them ready for heat treat. top blade will be hira zukuri bottom is shinogi zukuri
  12. Steel used is w2. The reason for the sori was because i did not straighten it. When I was hammering in the bevels the bar curved and I didn't straighten it. its not finished yet. Just normalised it, not sure if I should use a grinder to take off the scale or just leave it in a acid bath??
  13. Nice work, just a question. you used 1084 and 15n20 welded together, did you have to do any twisting or folding during the forge welding? I'm very curious about pattern welding
  14. I wish I knew about this when I started!! Can someone create and public the forge bible pretty pleaseee
  15. I've got a bar of W2 that wasn't the thickness that I wanted. Abkut 3/4 into drawing the bar out. Thinking about forging it into either kukri/bowie/seax.
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