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  1. Rockstar all i can say to that is bravo. I really like that idea and i think it would work well for him. I'm starting to wish i had something like that around me. I don't want to have to rename my forge so transportable is kind of important to me. That being said a couple names come to mind for my locality. Black creek forge being one but that stays with the "forge" issue. I suppose it could be transportable though, and i could solve the forge problem by changing it too either metalworks or ironworks. I still like the name i came up with because i believe it avoid the issue by being my name or a cute and fitting nickname. Perhaps I'm not digging deep enough. My ancestry is primarily Scottish and Irish, i could look up a name in Gaelic maybe but I'm not sure about naming in another language. I wouldn't want to torpedo myself before i even get started. Needless to say you've certainly got my gears turning. Riley
  2. I like it. I've been putting thought into this as well. I want to move in to selling my forgings to support the hobby and i feel a name is important when making that transition. In my thought process; my first name is George witch rhymes with forge and my middle name witch i prefer to go by is Riley. So the simple short and sweet name i came up with is Forge Riley's . i think it's somewhat clever and the friends that i have shared that with seem to like it so I'll give it a go and see if it works for me. I hope I'm not hijacking your topic, i was hoping to show my thought process in naming my forge if it's any help. You have a solid name for your forge, i can see myself buying hand and anvil products. Riley
  3. I always wanted too look into getting my family tartan for some reason i like the idea of standing at My forge in a kilt. But i would have to know for a fact that it was my family tartan. Welcome to the site, you've already done well to let us know your general location, that helps us help you. Not sure of your skill level, but people are going to tell you to pack a lunch and read till you can't anymore, then read some more. Then start hammering, you will know right away if the bug has bitten. Good luck and stay safe.
  4. If you build a charcoal retort to fuel your forge then realize that if you could use the retort as a forge you could do metal work while simultaneously providing income to support your metal addiction. If you pay extra money to buy scrap/ barrels ect. Untouched! I recently found a guy that sold 55 gallon burn barrels premade 2 for $25 when i went to pick up the barrels the he had not yet worked on he charged me $25 a piece for 2. I paid it but it aggravated me. The guy in my face gouged me then told me he basically gets paid to take them. If you just read all 7 pages of this thread and not 1 thing struck you add odd or over the top
  5. howdy Charlie welcome aboard i see you are right here in my area. Im up in orange park by the mall. Shot me a pm sometime if you want to get together and play with some metal.
  6. Hi Riley. I took a job a couple hours south of here, and will therefore be moving. I have a number of items that I want to offer to you before I just leave them on the curb. I had collected a couple of break drums/disks, old grills for forge carts, and assorted scrap steel and aluminum. I also have a heavy layout table. If you have need of any of these things, please let me know and I will arrange to give them to you. 


  7. Hi blue duck I also happen to be from op Florida hit me up in the private messages maybe we could hook up and learn a little from each other. I've been at it for a couple years now and have a fair understanding of the craft. If you message I'll give my contact info and we can shoot the bull.
  8. What's more important to you that it opens bottles artistic appearance or that it's a closed ring style. I make bulldog head bottle openers in witch the opener itself is a simple scroll to grab the cap. I also put a slight bend about an inch back from the scroll to act as the fulcrum and i like that better, i find it more pleasing to the eye and it kinda picks the head up like he's looking around. If you are using a rr spike you may consider a cool twist in the handle
  9. itchy beard problems wash with head and shoulders i used to use regular shampoo on it and couldnt get it longer than an inch to an inch and a half do to itchyness. now since i made the switch im at 3 inches and growing. i love my beard
  10. Mr. Charles this is some golden advise thank you very much
  11. im sure ill figure it out but i have never had to shovel snow before. believe me im taking it very seriously loading up on long johns thermals and insulated clothes. trying not to sweat will probably be the hardest part for me. i do have moisture whicking under armor and good advise coming from all angles
  12. it was my intention to come check it out in the spring but there was a family emergency and i was forced to come up early and i was a Florida roofer used to extreme heat. this will definitely be interesting. thanks for all the advise my sister has been here for a few years and is helping me while i help her. funny i get up here and see people with short sleeves and im already rocking a couple layers. couple of em chuckled. i say come see a florida summer from the roof top and see how they fair. because if it is 105 on the ground it is 125 on the roof and i bet yall never see that
  13. that is great timing. not sure how long i will be here actually 6 months at the minimum might just stay depends which opportunities present themselves. hopefully i can make it to the meeting.i'll buy you a ticket if you split the winnings. going to start the job hunt soon and get a sstate id card. im still adjusting to things here i just arrived saturday night and came from florida
  14. well i ave come to alaska for a while and was thinking i might run into another smith while im here in anchorage. i was wondering how many there were close by and whether or not they would be willing to have some company in the smithy and maybe pass something on to a fairly new smith
  15. solid fuel forge is all i use except the time i went up north and played with a gasser. they work great, this one looks like a small blade forge ( semi troph shaped ) witch allows you to heat a length of metal instead of just a small section. i wouldnt buy it, but building one like it is a great idea. this makes a very nice portable forge. good luck and im looking forward to seeing some of your work. Riley
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