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  1. i think was a bit of decarb happened or was a tiny fracture near the edge. i started to sand it after harden/temper and that chip just fell out. wasn't impressed
  2. So the stepdaughter has this weird thing about a zombie apocalypse happening.(teenagers) so out of some scrap 1075 i had laying around i played with and made a 1 piece little blade to give her to use when the zombies start to rise from the graves. Warning this is rough as guts and i was running out of charcoal by the time i started to HT.
  3. as folks above have said need a lot deeper firepot for charcoal. some form of an air valve would be good aswell so air isn't blowing full blast while hammering. it helps save fuel plus gives you a better control over your heat. Oh and don't go breathing too close to it for a while. least until all the gal burns off the heads of them bolts you put all around the brake rotor. zinc poisoning is not fun
  4. missed a part. since algebra teaches us that X is an unknown and a spurt is just a drip under pressure then an expert is nothing more then an unknown drip under pressure
  5. if the "nozzle" of the blower fits inside the pipe can always go the real easy method of hole in each side with a screw in them and slowly do them up till they pinch outside of the nozzle. low tech and cheap but does the job
  6. looks perfectly fine to me.
  7. yeah i'm planning to notch out the angle iron once i start using it and figure out which way is comfortable to lay my stock on it. couple of braces might be a go aswell
  8. so finally got my forge built. now to make some charcoal and clean shed up a bit :/
  9. S i've seen many posts on lining forges and firepot depth and all such manner of things but how do you determine a good height to have your forge at ? i know with anvil it's knuckles with slack arm but never seen a discussion of forge height anywhere
  10. So far touch wood just a few minor burns and a bit of flash burn from welding in a short sleeve shirt.(didn't realise was an inch gap between shirt and gauntlet's) Did have to shove my hand into quench bucket full of water through when not thinking i just grabbed lump of 5/8 i had at working temp that slipped. had on said gauntlet's but was still a might warm on the ol palm.Now i have the motto of " everything metal is too heavy to catch"
  11. maybe just tell folks you forge using combustable long chain carbon molecules ?
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