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  1. Here she is all cleaned up. Now that she has been cleaned there are a lot more chips on the face than originally thought. I do not know if it is bad enough to have it repaired but regardless great sounding anvil. The original thought was that this is a Colombian but I can not prove that as the mark is completely gone. Now time to make a stand for her
  2. So Stoked! This was gifted to me by one of my fellow Gideon's. According to him it sat in his fathers garage for over 30 years. His father is retired Navy and believes that this was on one of his ships. I have not cleaned it yet to try and figure the make the only marking I can see so far is a large Y on the far side from this image. Stats 120 Lbs Cast bottom with a welded face Good ring Very little chipping on the face All in all a great find, great History, great price!
  3. You of course are absolutely correct. (as always) That frame was a scrapyard find. It was very rusty i just hit it with the wire wheel and then panted it with "Rust Restorer" Once I get to the point that I have a welder I will either add support or do a entirely new build. I do want to cap the ends and fill the structure with sand but have not gotten that far yet. Still considering on mounting a vice on it first.
  4. I got blessed with that. When I was looking for one and the first person I asked told me he had one I could have.
  5. Greetings All! Cleaned up the shop today. It may not be much but it is mine. Yes, I live in a townhouse so Three Nail Forge has to take up only three nails of space :) If you also have a micro shop share some of your pics, It would be interesting to see what creative ideas you have come up with to maximize space. BTW that is the firs S hook I made in this shop
  6. BigGun - That makes a lot of sense. I need a lot of practice on scrolling. Now that Tommy mentioned using those mounting holes as hardy hardy holes, making a bick or a hardy tool for the curve is probably best.
  7. Thank you all! Tommy - I had not even considered using the cutouts as hardie holes Thomas - Probably one of my Boatswains Mate brothers C-1 - That is the plan Daswulf - Free is always good JHCC - Agreed. Wanted it more for shaping. BigGunDoctor - I am thinking of thinks like S hooks. (Note - I do not have something to use as a hardie hole to hold a jig)
  8. So, I have a piece of rail to use as an anvil. What I do not have is something to use as a horn. It occurred to me since I was going to use a horn primary for shaping that a large Dock Cleat would work. I was talking to a friend of mine about my idea and he happens to have one that he will give me. Below are the pictures. As you can see the center section is hollow and a rusted though in places but I think the cleat over all is still sound. The idea is to clean it, mount it and grind one of the two horns into a taper. The other side I will smooth out but not alter for larger bends. Thoughts?
  9. Hello All, Sorry it has taken me so long to answer, I have not been able to get on but I have been following the discussion via email. I am so glad that I posted this question. Even though the ambiguity of what I posted caused a little confusion, the discussions that has been generated from this question have been phenomenal. This post will be a bit lengthy but I think it will be worth it. (Soap box) Let me first answer one of the hanging questions posed and respond to make clear my intentions. It has been mentioned a few times that an overtly Christian theme can be de
  10. Greetings all! First let me say that I apologize if I caused any confusion with this post. My intent was for a bit of fun regarding these names and to get a feel for how well they would be received as names. I apologize if I was misleading in the intent of the discussion. They say that “hind sight is always 20/20” and this is a perfect example. Glenn is absolutely right, I should have stated in the original post that this was for my “hobby” shop and not a full business. I think that the problem was my point of reference and assumption of the audience I was writing for. In my
  11. Hello all, First let me say that you all make some excellent points and for the most part I heartally agree. To clear the confusion, will be mostly as a home name (hobby). Something that I can hold onto and use, especially when I give out gifts. If I do get good enough to really set up a online store then this will work as a non-profit with the revenue going to a group like Open Doors or another like group. This of course will be posted on the page. I did not want to get into this portion of conversation because I may not get to that point; however, I feel that it
  12. My wife and I were joking about this. Right now I am working out of my truck. Literally most of my "shop" I'd being stored in the covered bed of my 1500. So as a joke I could go with "4xForge" lol
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