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    on the eastern side of Mt Tumblebee (Ok Australia)


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    on the eastern side of Mt Tumblebee
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    Was dropped on my head as a young child, been keen on being a smith ever since.
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  1. Hi I've been a ticketed welder for most of my trade career as well as a tradesman blacksmith, I have had in that time weeks upon weeks upon months of welding experience in all situations, indoors and out, on the ground and in the air, on dry land and on the water and I still have not been able to crack the stick pipe pressure welding classification of the pressure weld regime. If you can crack it in 5 days straight from being a fax machine peddler, then you are truly "a better man than I Gungadin".
  2. The bigger the material usually the easier it is to fireweld as it keeps its heat longer, it takes more work to forge the job and longer to take to welding heat and do the scarf but it makes for an more successful fireweld, I'm hopeless at firewelding 1/4 dia rod but I'm fairly successful at welding anything over 3/4 dia. As noted make your weld on the end of the link, they only used to weld on the sides when it got up to about 1 1/2 dia and over.
  3. Ironfest is on again this year same place (Lithgow Showground Lithgow NSW) dates this year are going to be April 22 and 23rd 2017 with a preview on the 21st (friday arvo). Anyone who wishes to call them selves a blacksmith needs to attend this event as it is fast becoming the biggest gathering of blacksmiths in NSW anyway. For info on the weekend use the contact details already posted in this thread for the last few years. http://www.ironfest.net/ See you there. Phil
  4. You will need to pump it. Often. As I also said on the face book power hammer page, these things love oil and grease. Make sure you give them heaps of it. We have fitted a grease line going to the little end to all the hammers with slides that have come through our workshop. A few pumps with the grease gun every hour or so when you do another oil round and those bearings will last forever.
  5. We have a few tools in the shop that have the broad arrow on them, I tell the apprentices that they were made by convicts that came out on sailing ships in chains. So far they have all believed me for a year or two.
  6. I am so trying not to post hammer control videos in this post, but it keeps on going for so long.
  7. I don't know if I said it before or not, but it is a good idea to leave the pockets on the ends of the bolt tubes long enough so there is still room if you break a head off a bolt after a while, to get another bolt in there without having to go fishing for the broken off head in the bottom of the pocket. Don't ask me how I know that this is a wise move.
  8. Turned down quite a few forging jobs now, glad I did too, been told a few times now, "its not the jobs that you turn down that send you broke, its the jobs that you accept that do that". Last one turned down was a job for tension bolts, turnbuckles and eye bolts for a restoration of an old wooden bridge out in the South west of NSW. The customer even wanted to know at the tender stage the frequency of rest stops, the route taken, the tare weight, the emission controls etc etc that the truck delivering the finished forgings to the job site was going to have, at the tender stage!!!! I figured that that was one job that we could do without.
  9. Hi Phill

    Beaver here again i have decided where in my work shop im mounting my 2 CWT inslide Massey hammer I am going to mount my anvil on two thicknesses of 12 mm thick new conveyor belt and i think i will put one layer under the hammer body on top of foundations. I am also planing on using conveyor belt around the edge of the hole to isolate my floor from the hammer foundation/anvil block. The plan is to have a hole 2000 long 1500 wide and 2000 deep which is 6 cu metres. What are your thoughts thank you Beaver

    1. BeaverNZ


      Changed my mind and Im now doing two piece mount/foundation on some sort of isolation 

    2. forgemaster


      Hey Beaver, never done a 2 piece foundation, so I am clueless.  I did remove my spare 5cwt from a 2 piece foundation/inertia block, it seemed to move around a lot more than I would have expected.

      Good luck.



    3. BeaverNZ


      Thanks any Phil Cheers Beaver

      Hey just another thought is that your workshop forgemaster on Youtube with 5CWT massey hammer working looks good, Powerful machine

  10. Try heating one with the oxy to dull red for about an inch back from the end, oil quench till cold, then burn the oil off with the oxy. Test. If Ok do the rest the same way. Phil
  11. Great............ so happy for you. Punches for what? What sort of facilities do you have to HT? What size are they? Are they 4140 or are they just "chrome moly" (which could also be spring steel). More info and maybe we can help you. Phil
  12. Hi Mullsmith I'm going to add my 2 bob. You are asking very specific questions that you want to paint with a very broad brush. I can tell you that we make a job here that is what we call a chain anchor, I can tell you that it takes 23kgs of 4140 and I allow 2.5 hours (one man) to cut it, forge it and heat treat it. That will mean nothing to you, you don't know what equipment I have at my disposal, you don't know what I have in the way of materials handling, you wouldn't even know that to make this job worthwhile in the ways of shop rate we normally forge these in batches of 10. I can give you information re the questions that you have asked, but as others have posted, that info is useless to you unless you have an idea of how long it will actually take "you" and what it is going to cost "you" in materials and consumables or a job/item similar to what I am making. Not only that but the sort of jobs that we are making would have very little bearing on the type of work that you are seeking to do, although you have asked us to "come one, come all". Do some more fiddling in the workshop, get an idea of what sort of items you are going to make, work out what it costs you in labour, materials, fuel, grinding discs etc. Then come back and ask those of us on the forum, "Guys I can make 10 of these in a day using a solid fuel forge, by hand on the anvil, on my own completed using x amount of stock and using up x amount of consumables. Is this comparable to what you guys have found"? You'd get a more realistic answer from us then. Good luck with the little tacker too, if this is your 1st you wont know what hit you. Phil
  13. Had to go anyang this year, the massey is now bolted to the floor at monsters place.
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