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  1. Billy I gotta say that mouse freaks me out a bit every time I see it. I feel like the first couple of times I saw it there was no mention and begged the question for more whether or not you knew he was there. I like it. In terms of long term preservation of corpses look up frozen dead guy in Nederland Colorado. A man on dry ice for over thirty’s years now. We now have a festival in his honor. Legend is that he hoped to be fully restored some day.
  2. True that Shabumi. I grew up in my father’s slaughter house more literally true than I would like to imagine. Emptying stomach contents was part of the process. Almost always in dairy cows as I recall. I think beef cattle were usually harvested before being affected by “wire”.
  3. Can’t tell you much about your forge progress but that shed looks awesome. What am I missing? 8x16?
  4. Should probably check auto check before hitting “send” my bad. I was however trying to honor a man that knew more about pointing plows than anyone I have ever known. I do love the puns associated with posts gone awry. Good job guys.
  5. When I had draft horses I was in a club that did a plow day annual. It was easy to see which plows had beer tuned by the old blacksmith that knew how to do it. He is now gone. I would have no idea now who knows the skill. Just spoke to his son last night and he much regrets not learning the skill
  6. 10-4 stash. And don’t allow a horse knit for even a short time. Very toxic for horse hooves. I am not sure about other Hooved animals.
  7. Strings. Spend a lot of time doing research on Powers post and it will likely make sense. Or a better option is to stay with your original thought. “Huh”? Keeping up with the pun proficient on this site is best done with your exact response. If you wanna play you better be good. Out of my league but I like it.
  8. I am very much the same as you. For some reason I feel much more gratified giving things to those who appreciate it than I do selling or keeping it. I am not a knife maker but made my Career using them. Knives are very individual. The one that fits my hand may feel clumsy in yours. I never bought a knife for my profession without holding it in my hand. My father was a butcher and I have been as well. If it is sharp and holds an edge it is a great knife for someone. I like it.
  9. In my opinion any anvil that you like a lot and is in any reasonable price range and you aren’t taking food off the table is a good “ buy”. That anvil is way cool and priced right for sure. Happy to know you have it in your hands. 3.125 per pound great price. Get as much history as you can muster, mostly for conversation sake. Good for you.
  10. I see cider in the making. Oh yeah!!
  11. I am not a knife maker but I like it.
  12. I can find this site a bit restrictive from time to time - BUT on the other hand I have never spent a penny for the absolutely invaluable information I have gathered. I seldom post mostly lurk and read but when I am in my forge I hear curmudgeon voices helping me out. Thank you for the site the help and the information. It is awesome. Would not be the same without the cranky experts that post near daily.
  13. Frosty I admire your brain and the cognizance you have with respect to how it has changed. You were a “pistol” before the accident - I am pretty sure of that. Love your wit. Occasionally you provide a bit of good smithing advice as well. Just kidding of course.
  14. Swede. To me that comes off as a pretty darn tart response for someone making a simple point or question. Need a cup of coffe?
  15. I worked for a few months in a meat boning plant. I did run hot water over my hands every morning before heading to work so I could open and close them. Rough work and tendinitis was a huge problem. Didn’t take me long to get out of there and work retail meat where the work was far less repetitive. I simply could not move my fingers in the morning before the hot water.
  16. Three years ago I put worked some worked with some copper in the forge. I have not had a weld stick since that day. Of course never had one stick before either. But it does serve as a great excuse for not getting a weld to stick. LOL. Seriously I have been able to stick in my seldom used solid fuel forge but never one in my propane one. I have gotten over it for the time being, but hope to get it resolved when I get the opportunity to focus on it. Big Daddy whisperer can’t get it done. I am at high altitude and ask if there is something I can adjust. They assured me that there are plenty of farriers at my altitude that stick them every day. I think his exact words were “maybe you just can’t weld”. He did chuckle a bit so not a complete jerk.
  17. Pretty darn cool. I really like that in employs many elements of basic blacksmithing techniques. From what I can see you did them all very well. Great job. By the way just because the techniques are basic does not mean the are easily mastered.
  18. Here we go, poor guy makes one typo. Very funny just wish I could add to the puns. Wish I had the gift. I just go cat-atonic when these things begin.
  19. CP selling or buying. I have purchased quite a few items through pawnbrokers. Good most of the time. Selling is not much fun as they do not pay you much. If you go back and retrieve your item they take a healthy %. Legitimate business as near as I can tell for the most part at least.
  20. Nice find. I paid way too much for a cats head Heller years ago. I love the balance and feel and the handle I put on it but is very soft. I believe it is either a knockoff or was in a fire. I now use it mostly for chisels etc. keep telling myself that one day I will clean it up and try to heat treat it. You found a great deal on that hammer.
  21. If that hammer ends up feeling great in “your” hand it will be a very cool hammer for you. The design looks awesome. Nice work
  22. There is a farmer’s publication callled the Fence Post. You will find it at most feed stores and farm stores you can also subscribe for it. In there you will many farm auctions and consignment auctions. I have purchased many hammers at these auctions. Tongs are usually too expensive for my taste but not awful. Anvils are very high even at these sales.
  23. Unless the SO is nearby and you hear sirens before you stop dancing and cursing. Been there.
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