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  1. In Wisconsin there's this dish called Friday Night Casserole which is just Monday through Thursday's leftovers layered in a pyrex with cheese and crushed up ritz and baked until the cheese melts. My favorite art of Lent was not having Friday Night Casserole because we weren't allowed to eat meat on Fridays.
  2. Thanks for the suggestions. I think his "make a jillion leaves" suggestion has more to do with learning hammer control and that sort of thing. He trained under Brian Brazeal and I guess that was a big part of his apprenticeship. Honestly I'm down for anything. I just want to learn, and maybe not have a giant pile of unnecessary stuff lying around when I'm done. I do have quite a bit of metalworking experience with precious/semi-precious metals, as I took classes in that sort of craft. I realize it's a world away from forging iron, since you mostly hammer silver, gold, copper, and such co
  3. I needed something to fasten my rail to and my brother had had a tree fall down in his back yard and he still needed to get rid of the stump. I went over to pick it up but it was not going to fit in my Corolla so we tried to load it into his truck but it was too heavy for two of us. We were curious so we hoisted it on his engine pull and it was nearly 600 lbs. We figured that was probably too much for me to easily move around if I needed to. And there was a part that was a little rough from when the tree came down so we hacked that part down so that it would fit the rail but was a more managea
  4. Went and hacked a huge stump out of my twin's back yard and hauled it home to have somewhere nice and stable to bolt my 30 lb stretch of rail. We had to hack out about a quarter of it to bring the weight down to a manageable 400-ish lbs before loading it into the truck. I bolted two 3 foot lengths of 4x4 to the bottom to level it, which conveniently brought it up to right about the perfect height.
  5. That's good to know. I know using YouTube videos for learning is, or at least was when reading back through the archives, not thought of especially well here but that's most of the access to lessons I have and they make it look like a first step. Do you have any suggestions for good projects for learning the basics? I watch a guy who says the first thing you should do is make a whole load of forged leaves, but he's kind of a content farm so I don't know how much of his advice is based around pumping out videos for revenue and how much is genuine good info.
  6. I was going to start with tools, see what felt right, and pick up from there. I've got some flat bars of A36 ready to be turned into tongs as soon as I get the forge running, and then I would like to start working on a drift and punch to make a hammer with. The ultimate goal is to learn a little bit of everything. I'm a giant nerd so I'm sure at some point I'll at least glance longingly at the idea of banging out a sword and a warhammer, just to say I've done it. Other than that, I'll see where the mood takes me.
  7. Hello, folks. I've lurked these forums for a while now and I am just finally starting to put enough together to feel like I should join and join in. I was born and raised in Green Bay, WI and live in the Paper Valley. I'm in my mid 30s, have a degree in creative writing of all things, and work in insurance. In college I took courses in art metals, smithing, casting, and forging, so I have a little bit of foundational knowledge, but since it was all focused on artistic creation I wouldn't say I've got a great handle on all of this. I've got a passion for creating things and I've always wa
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