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  1. Whiskeysup

    Finally started building my forge

    Frosty, thanks, that's a great idea, I think I have an old exhaust flap cap from an old tractor rebuild around here someplace. Love the ash dump idea.
  2. Whiskeysup

    Finally started building my forge

    Thanks for the idea. I figured it would be easier for me to fabricate the "T" fitting underneath the bowl for the air pipe if it was at 90 deg. There is a plate that I will weld the T to that slides 8nto a fitting under the center of the bowl . It looks to me that the original design was for portability and ease of assembly/ disassembly. Notice the hooks on the blower outfeed. Anyway there is still lots of room to adjust the handle, I have it adjusted so its balanced.
  3. Finally got a weekend free and got my welder working. Found the forge parts and anvil at a yard sale last year. Pretty rusty, they were portable calvary forges so the guy said. The boxed were beyon salvage but the blower I rebuilt and the anvil cleaned up very nicely. The fire pot took a lot of work but it turned out all right. The table was $10.00 on craigslist and the side wall metal was free scrap from work. I am lining the table with old red brick to bring the bowl edge level to the table surface to make it easier to rake in the coal. Some final air pipe and fittings and I will start making smoke! Please give comments as I am as green as you can be at smithing. .
  4. Whiskeysup

    Charcoal size

    Many thanks for the info, gives me some ideas.
  5. Very new to blacksmithing and am almost finished building my first forge. Was planning on using coal but I have an almost unlimited free supply of charcoal from work. Two questions on whether this would be practical: the size- is it too small(see pic) and it is soaked in bourbon( yes, its what I do for a legal living). Could it be used to stretch coal use or could it be used by itself? Thanks.
  6. Whiskeysup

    Any info on this?

    Here's mine, does a good job as long as you don't get too ambitious. Cuts smoothly with no chatter. Collets are a challenge to find, don't remember exactly what size they are but it's an unusual one. The Rusnok vertical attachment is real handy.
  7. Whiskeysup

    Champion 400 Parts

    Is this what you are looking for? It's out of a junker Champion that I got with another, don't know the model number but look at my post in this category and you will see it.
  8. Whiskeysup

    Champion blower model #?

    Been scrounging around for pieces to build my first forge. Came across anvil, this blower, fire pot and some misc. parts at a yard sale and made the deal. Blower fan housing measures 11 " and it's a heavy sucker. Can anyone id the model #? Can't find a match on the net. Thanks
  9. Whiskeysup

    Mystery tongs

    Marc1 gets the ceegar! I went back out to the burn barrel and played with.the tongs. The first time I assumed it sheared the metal like scissors. Instead the two points grip the rolled top edge then you squeeze the tongs and pull down. It cuts the drum head similar to the old P38 can openers we had in the Army. The beveled part is curved to match the inside of the drum. Thanks for all the responses, I guess I won't be pounding them into tongs I can use.
  10. Whiskeysup

    Mystery tongs

    Whoo eee! Thanks for all the responses. Took it out to the fence, couldn't figure out how to use it for tightening the wire. I am wondering if it was used for twisting wire, the shape of the points has me wondering. Also the longer of the "flats" is beveled to an edge.
  11. Whiskeysup

    Mystery tongs

    First of all thanks to all that have responded, I am very new to blacksmithing, still in the collecting gear phase. It is easy to misinterpret words especially when texting(which I hate to do)-brief statements are often so. Thank you Steve Sells for redirecting my post to the "Tongs" section-I did not see it as this was the first time on this great site. Looking forward to gaining skill and knowledge through the experience of forum members. Still trying to figure out what these tongs are for, wife said they are castrating tongs-a little worried why that was her first thought!
  12. Whiskeysup

    Mystery tongs

    Anyone know what these tongs are for? Thought they were for opening metal drums but they don't shear. Googling the name I cant find anything. Thanks.