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  1. I had the same problem when I made that type of burner.... Never did get the thing running. Then I made this one and never had a problem its a Minimongo Burner by Rupert Wenig
  2. Man guys I was away for awhile and come back to bukoo info....... Thanks.. Pj
  3. Im thinking on making a pry bar from a truck axle. Question is do I need to annel the bar and harden only the working ends. Or can I leave the whole thing the hardness that it is? Thanks, Pj
  4. Are you building a cylidrical forge And is it for welding? If so The ceramic insulation is pretty ridged stuff so it needs no support to hold it up. About the Itc-100 I wouldent waste it by putting it on the steel "put it on the insulation". About the ceramic tile I really see no need for it unless you are applying Flux for forge welding then it would be a good idea because: hot flux+ceramic insulation= eventually no insulation..... "the stuff eats it like crazy!" Hope this helps, Pj P.s. If you need any ideas theres bukoo websites including a B.P. on the web http://www.iforgeiron.com/Blueprints_200-300/p2_articleid/223 Look at gos forges at the bottom of the page.
  5. Im with t-gold a rantalin. Inventor is a very easy to learn program. I took classes though. But the program itself has some very neat capabilities .
  6. man thats smooth.. I like that.
  7. Cool is it edge quenched, and did you use water or oil???? :mrgreen: 8)
  8. That looks wicked... Love the Pic :mrgreen: 8)
  9. Hey thats a really neat knife 8). Pj
  10. Julian thats on fine knife you built. Be sure to keep that one its something to be proud of. Pj 8)
  11. Here you go sqeezplay could nott see the image so I posted it for you. By the way thats a wicked looking hook Pj