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  1. I am trying to chop down an old smoker box to turn into a 9"x13.5"x16" forge any suggestions for insulation then thomas?i was thinking fire brick but it is like 24 for 6 of them plus i would have to choo the ever living heck out of it to make it fit.
  2. Would concrete make decent refactory for a propane forge?
  3. not making excuses. stating facts. if i can get one to continue working for 47 untill the money is availible to buy the one from the pawn shop what is the problem? i will take asvice when the time comes and the resources are there. when this post was made iwas actually going to wait till next month and buy the other one IF it was any good. but while taking the broken one back they asked if i would like to go up a size, at a discount, to hold me over until i buy a better one cashiers words not mine. i have gone around looking for other things to use and my search came up empty because i do not have access to a welder.
  4. 55lb anvil for $54. less than a dollar a pound. No wait. it was discounted because of the broken one it was $47 Plus i do not have a welder and things like that to make one. and local machine shops like to charge quite a bit. been there before whencwe tried to get a simple patch job done on a trailer.
  5. Mine worked pretty well for small wrech tomahawks, but i am starting my first knife (the one that broke both anvils now using a 55lb one of the same brand, all i could afford to continue for now.) a kukri cause they are legal to carry and i want to make a knife to carry. and it is not doing so good haha. wont be able to quench it or anything with this forge. but am hoping when it is time i can have a bigger forge for that stuff.
  6. Alright now as far as the forge. i have a tin can one made out of a coffee can and plaster of paris. looking to upscale. did you guys buy the propane or map or even acedeline kit one? or did you make your own. coal, charcoal or gas?
  7. Alright because of it being a pawn shop i have no idea how much they will let me get away with.
  8. If i end up going back i will be sure to test it and get a picture of it.
  9. I am looking to buy my first real anvil i have been through 2 harbor freight peices of garbage that both broke in the same place they were 15lb anvils. i found a real one at a pawn shop they say it is 150lbs i believe anyways. the guy on the phone said with "the labor it took to unload" and they want 450 for it. it is rusted and i have not been able to test it. i know that is not helpful but inyour honest opinion is it worth even trying to persue?
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