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  1. I'm building a propane forge and I'm still waiting for the burners and parts arrive. I have been keeping busy. I cleaned my uncles garage for money and found 2 used lawn mower blades that he let me have
  2. I might use it to make a tomahawk and have a high carbon steel edge
  3. Okay thanks. I think I'll make it a decoration piece rather then a functional piece
  4. So I know that on rail road spike HC means higher carbon and MC means mild carbon, but the rail road spike I found has what looks like to be a H a W and a C Can anyone tell me what this means?
  5. Okay, Thanks! Also I was thinking I'd make a drift if the pickaxe isn't usable to make an axe
  6. So i was thinking before I take a shot at Damascus that I should try a San Mai knife first. I've already been practicing forge welding and I'm able to get the welds to stick. For this I was thinking I'd use angle iron as the taco shape and a file for the blade. I've never seen people use angle iron to make San Mai and was wondering if this was the right approach? Also I have an old pickaxe head lying around and was wondering if that could be useful for anything.
  7. I'm building my propane forge right now so today I just did a bunch of research. I also helped my neighbor replace his lawn mower blade so I could keep it
  8. I spent 9 hours straight in my shop in the Missouri heat. Today heat treated, drilled pin holes, ground and cut out liners and scales for my folder, sharpened the blade, epoxied the scales on, and lastly put a finish on the wood. This is the final product
  9. I've just finished my first friction folder to give to my dad for fathers day from an old file and bed frame steel for the liners. Anyone else making something for fathers day?
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