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    Bladesmithing (duh) particularly western or old fashioned bowie knives. I also play electric and acoustic guitar I mostly play 90's grunge or classic rock.

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  1. I've also heard the leg test to see if you can put a bar of stock between your legs and keep it at a good height. My old stand was knuckle height and I've found it worked, but thank you! that's some interesting history behind the reason we keep it at knuckle height.
  2. Okay good to know thanks for all the suggestions I'll look for thicker plate but I wonder I have more of the same thickness plate I have on currently would I be able to stack/layer it and yes 3-4 inches below my knuckles I did run out of square tubing but I so have some 2 inch diameter steel pipe that I could use as feet but the only trouble with this is cutting it 90 degrees as I don't have a chop saw but I have ideas
  3. about 3-4 inches Thanks I'm planning on adding a thicker plate at the top and the bottom, and yes I do plan on adding a t under the stand using angle iron or something
  4. I recently made this anvil stand today I'm going to add a hammer rack and fill the legs with sand as well as supports on the legs The only issue is it's a bit to short So i figured I'm going to add wood boards to add height to it but I don't want to deaden the weight if I add boards under the anvil or under the stand its self with it deaden the hammer blows?
  5. I figured I'm looking at steel supplies in my area to see what alloys they carry.
  6. In the past I've bought pry bars from harbor freight because it's cheap flat stock. I know it's hardenable because it skates a file but I've wondered if the steel is even good quality steel for knives. Is it fine to use or am I better off buying a known steel?
  7. Not much work in the shop lately due to end of semester finals. I've been trying to get up to the shop when I can I was able to complete this hidden tang Bowie knife I've been working on it here and there since January. The handle wood is from a broken ax handle, the guard is a cut off piece from a pipe fence that was left over from when it got put in. And the blade it's self was from another half of a pry bar from an old project. Now all I have to do is make a sheath, kydex looks easy but leather looks better and fits the rustic old western style.
  8. Forged a knife out of a pry bar and shaped a handle from red oak now all I got to do is sharpen stain and polish then it’s off to the buyer
  9. Finished up the last of my Christmas gifts a spatula I know my anvil base is crappy I’ve been meaning to upgrade it but I wanted to finish Christmas stuff first I’m gonna start working on it tomorrow
  10. Thanks frosty I’ll remember not to work it cold FlatLiner, nice fire poker looks beautiful
  11. Didn’t think of it like that in that case the 4 quarters is 8 layers today I made a 8 quarter or 16 layers
  12. Tried something I've never tried before mokume gane from quarters. I chose raindrop pattern. and through the power of redneck photo shop (my thumb) I hid delamination
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