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    Bladesmithing (duh) particularly western or old fashioned bowie knives. I also play electric and acoustic guitar I mostly play 90's grunge or classic rock.

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  1. Forged a knife out of a pry bar and shaped a handle from red oak now all I got to do is sharpen stain and polish then it’s off to the buyer
  2. Finished up the last of my Christmas gifts a spatula I know my anvil base is crappy I’ve been meaning to upgrade it but I wanted to finish Christmas stuff first I’m gonna start working on it tomorrow
  3. Thanks frosty I’ll remember not to work it cold FlatLiner, nice fire poker looks beautiful
  4. Didn’t think of it like that in that case the 4 quarters is 8 layers today I made a 8 quarter or 16 layers
  5. Tried something I've never tried before mokume gane from quarters. I chose raindrop pattern. and through the power of redneck photo shop (my thumb) I hid delamination
  6. Thanks to everyone who responded you've been a huge help with my search
  7. Thanks for the shop name Idea I was thinking of something about a willow tree because there's a huge willow in my yard. like maybe willow brook farms
  8. Thanks for the suggestion I'll try chicken feed and to Thomas if that fails I'll try that
  9. So there's this one chicken sometimes two but for the most part it's the same chicken who hangs around me when I'm in the shop (I'd like to add that she doesn't go in there unless I'm there) usually she just kinda drinks from my water tank or jumps on the work bench, but today she jumped on to my anvil with red hot steel on it. only her talons touched it so she didn't get burned or anything but I don't want her to keep doing it I've asked around and people say that once she gets burned she wont do it again. but I don't think chickens are smart enough to do that. others have said to close the s
  10. is a welder like the one I showed gonna be able to work with a normal outlet? or do I need a generator?
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