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  1. Yall sure make life interesting. When I shut down this truck at the end of the day, one of the first things i check after my post trip is here...lol. much more entertaining than listening to some fruit loop on the CB saying he ain't it no panties on all day long...lol
  2. I've been wearing glasses since the 5th grade. And I agree with Mr. Powers, There have been several times my specticals have protected my lookers. Iron dragon, I love my muzzleloaders. Actually I love anything outside. I've actually just got through given my favorite smoke pole its preseason check up. It is a hand built Tennessee Mountain flint lock that I built from a kit. Cherry stock, with iron trimmings and all the iron is blue. I fancy the blued look much more than the browned ones I have seen. Slag I have a cheater lens in my old pipeliner welding hood.
  3. Frosty, now dont you try to tell me that our eye sight goes to xxxx as we get older...lol
  4. That's pretty cool Mr. Thomas! And I do see where a thin heel could be used in some scrolls or in gate work, especially when setting rivets between 2 elements instead of collering. I'm guessing that's why Uri Hofi designed an anvil with such a large side shelf. Glenn, yeah if you where to put kits like that together now, talking thousands not hundreds.
  5. Definately an interesting read. Hay Budden made some very nice anvils, but, in the size anvil I need/want, I wouldn't have one, nor a peter wright. Just my personal opinion, but I dislike narrow waisted, thin heeled anvils, but maybe I'm prejudiced as I love my fishers.
  6. I'm not gonna get political about it (this is neither the time nor place) but, unless they want their history and heritage torn down or renamed, quite doing it to mine. I am descended from William Henry Carroll, Brigadier General, 37th Tennessee Infantry, CSA. Btw, Mr. Powers, I'm gonna try to get up to the round house this coming spring and see your handiwork.
  7. Ah. Polk... although when I hear that name, I usually think of those long hot mosquito infested nights at Ft. Polk, LA... Btw, my sn is string stalker, for my love of archery. Although strings talker could also work since I also like playing guitar...lol
  8. Frosty, Didnt notice the emoji. I agree, I often work all the way around my anvils. Glenn, That was the exact thread I read that turned me against the kanca.
  9. Frosty, I always have the hardy under my left (tong) hand. On american and London patterns, that puts your horn to the right. So by going with a holland, I can keep my anvil oriented the way I'm used to, and gain a square horn, side shelf, and upset block. Foundryguy, Have you considered making a south german pattern in 125-150 pound size? I saw the big one yall made on your Facebook page a while back.
  10. After reading on other threads here about kanca's denying from having a soft face, I have decided they are out. So that leaves holland and hoffman. I really like both, but am leaning toward the Holland as I like the hardy hole placement as that leaves the horn to my right which is what I'm used to. And with as much as I use the horn, I'm afraid I might smack my right hand (hammer) on the shelf of the Hoffman anvil.
  11. Yes I did look at his site, along with every other modern anvil manufacturers website. Yes Mr Hoffnan, I agree a lot of work can be done on smaller anvils. I'm currently using my great grandfather's 1904 Fisher 70 pounder. It is a great and fantastic anvil and I really wish fisher was still in business. Only problem is there isnt a decent edge anywhere on it. Been chipped away. And rather than try to repair it (as that is beyond my welding skill atm) I decided to get a new anvil. And since I'm buying a new one, might as well go bigger. Frosty, I agree, his anvil in the video is as
  12. I understand that. That's why I'm considering these two as a 275# refflinghaus is beyond my current finances. If Holland made a 125-150 pounder in the south german pattern it would be a no brainer.
  13. I've never found anything bad about holland anvils either. I just like the south german pattern more than the northern pattern. Here are the ones I'm looking at. This is the kanca 110#. And this is the holland. Photos courtesy of Centaur forge and Holland Anvil's websites.
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