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  1. Rojo, it's almost as quiet as my old fisher. No ring just a solid thunk. Thanks twisted willow I know most people say knuckle hight for an anvil, but with my fisher, I did that and was always stooped over the anvil, making my back sore. This time I built this one with an anvil hight just below wrist hight. And my back likes this much better. Next I'm going to build a tripod striking anvil/ post vise mount. I'll keep you informed.
  2. Thanks Ms. Jennifer! It looks sandy, but is actually hard packed clay dirt, just a little loose on top. I gotta get a dolly from HF so I can move it to the actual forging area of my barn. I have an area about 10x10 in the barn that has crane mats for flooring.
  3. Not finished, but I will finish it up this weekend when I get home. Going to add a stretcher/lower shelf, and some tool holding.
  4. Mr. Powers, then Rojo and myself are good...cause we can turn ours a fathom of ways and there will always be 2 horns opposing eachother...lol
  5. General guide, you want your hardy hole to your tong hand side, simply to eliminate hitting your hardy tools with the hand that holding your hammer. Course I was also thought that when not using a hardy tool, it shouldn't be in the hardy hole. However, I don't always do what I was taught. Frosty, the main reason why I wanted a thicker plate is really to help add to the mass of the stand, that and Ed Brazzeal also recommended a 1" plate and heavy wall tubing for the legs. Not sure why, not like I'm mounting a 460# refflinghous...lol 125# anvil. I'd like to try to get the stand as close to that weight as possible. Which I may not be able to with a tripod style stand.
  6. Thats the one I remember seeing. I was thinking that since 1" plate is so darn high, use a 1/2" top plate, the weld 1x1x.125" angle to the underside, one leg down like an under skirting for reinforcement. Another idea I had was instead 1" plate, my anvil base is approximately 8"x10" so I've found 1"x10" bar stock can be bought per foot for about the same price as the 12"x12"x1/2" plate steel. That would give me a nice 1" lip around the edge of the base, plenty of room to weld 1/2" bar stock to locate the corners of the base, then glue the anvil to the stand with silicone. My original plan was to drill and tap the anvil base for bolts coming through the top plate from the bottom. However, as tough as hardened h13 is, I don't see the point in that as a drill and tap that would do it, and only be used once, is over $300. Actually on metals depot, the 1"x10"x12" bar stock is $10 cheaper than the 1/2"x12"x12" plate.
  7. Frosty, didn't you build your stand with an open angle iron top frame instead of a top plate? I remember seeing one on a thread on here a long time ago. Seems like it was painted green.
  8. With the price of heavy steel being what it is, would 1/2" plate steel with 2" square tube legs 1/8" wall work?
  9. I'm building a steel tripod since my barn has a dirt floor and I need to move things about as it is a multi use building. Thanks. Had problems with my local fedex on delivering. But, Hobie went above and beyond on helping get it sorted out. That's why I went with the holland over other German patterns. 1, with the hardy hole placed at the square horn end, I get to keep my round horn to my right, and 2, this keeps the shelf out of the way when working over the horn. Oh almost forgot its made in the USA out of h13. I really considered a kanca, as they where a bit cheaper, however, I didn't like that if you were using full width hardy tools, the outsides of said tooling would be hanging out over the horn, unsupported.
  10. It's here!!! Man I didn't realize how much bigger and heavier a 125 pounder would be compared to my old 70 pound fisher. It's a beast. Now I'm working on getting the steel to build a stand for it.
  11. Update: took me a while to save up the extra money, but I have the #125 double horn holland on the way. Should be here tomorrow according to FedEx.
  12. Yall sure make life interesting. When I shut down this truck at the end of the day, one of the first things i check after my post trip is here...lol. much more entertaining than listening to some fruit loop on the CB saying he ain't it no panties on all day long...lol
  13. I've been wearing glasses since the 5th grade. And I agree with Mr. Powers, There have been several times my specticals have protected my lookers. Iron dragon, I love my muzzleloaders. Actually I love anything outside. I've actually just got through given my favorite smoke pole its preseason check up. It is a hand built Tennessee Mountain flint lock that I built from a kit. Cherry stock, with iron trimmings and all the iron is blue. I fancy the blued look much more than the browned ones I have seen. Slag I have a cheater lens in my old pipeliner welding hood.
  14. Frosty, now dont you try to tell me that our eye sight goes to xxxx as we get older...lol
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