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  1. I bought an official Hofi Hammer from blacksmithsupply this week. The forged, not cast one. I’m still an amateur, but I always wanted to try one and he’s getting up there in age. Also they seem to hold their value. It’s beautiful,. But my one complaint, is the face isn’t really dressed. Now I now that blacksmiths prefer to dress their own hammer faces to suit their own needs but I was looking forward to getting one professionally dressed. Mainly because I now would have a standard of a properly dressed crosspein hammer. Now the edges aren’t too sharp so maybe this is how a Hofi hammer is supp
  2. George Washington may of been alive when this anvil was made...... I think my great great great great grandkids could be using this. That’s how old it is.
  3. Thanks for all the insight everyone. I’m honored to have this anvil. I’d like to get to a point talent wise, where I could use this for demos like ThomasPowers stated. All part of my long term plan.
  4. Here are pics. I just noticed on right side of anvil with 5th foot facing you, something has been done to it. It looks proportionate so I don’t think there was a horn but it has worked on at some point. Other than that it looks great.
  5. About as big as my clumsy fingers while typing on my phone in the truck. I got the anvil. I’m very excited, pics to come in morning. I’m personally impressed with the shape it’s in for its age. I won’t use it too much, but it will be used with love.
  6. I’m going to pick it up after work. Now I gotta get my river forge fixed and I’ll be ready for outdoor forging. I was going to buy one of those blue 66lbs anvils foe 115. This is way cooler and better investment.
  7. I’ve always wanted one from this era. He wants $250 and it’s 80lbs. It looks to be in good shape and I want a smaller anvil for outdoor use. I live in Boston area if that helps.
  8. The whole sword thing bugs me a little, but I would love to learn bladesmithing someday... I respect both arts equally, most people are uneducated about things like these. Now the whole "you should learn to shoe horse" thing, that bugs me probably like the topic creator. People don't understand the knowledge that farriers have.... I don't either but I know enough to know that I don't have the knowledge and haven't been around horses enough to even think about doing it.
  9. So true, first thing i do when i get a work sweatshirt is rip that string out for the hood... That would get caught in a skillsaw or grinder or table saw pretty easily.. I shave every day, both head and face so hair isn't a problem... But I hate seeing people not that safety serious on job sites. Now for on topic, another great video... I have access to all the rebar I want, but i've only used it once forging.
  10. Great video, Yes please post more, you are my favorite smith on youtube... Although there are quite a few other very good ones to be fair.
  11. way better than anything ive done, Ive got about 60 hours forging time.
  12. Thanks for all the input, hopefully tomorrow i can light the forge up and try to make a nice small taper..
  13. Long story short, I’ve taken some classes off and on past two years, 6 months ago I got my forge Semi set up, I’ve mainly just messed around. My welder friend has job where he might need 150 pickets made with just a slight short taper. It’s easy but I’ve never made something that has to meet a criteria. I told him I will try making a few. I’m still new but this is simple. I feel it would be a great learning experience. They don’t have to be perfect but they have to be nice. Here is a sample of what he wants. Any insight on how to keep things similar would be great. Thanks
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