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  1. I was told, marks like that are from the smith testing out his punches and chisels...
  2. That anvil reminds me of my 300lbs Hay Budden, it looks like it has been used a lot, but by someone who knew what they where doing.
  3. Nice anvil, you got it for a........."steel".....
  4. Thanks for all the ideas. I think she'd love the shepherds hook. If I had more time and tools, I could do a trellis. Wouldn't be perfect but it would be a great gift for my aunt. I also want to make her a nice fire poker.
  5. We are having a surprise birthday for my aunt. She just bought new house to be closer to her daughter, i'd like to make something for her yard. She's into odd things and arts and crafts so, she's going to love anything I make. She's excited about her new fire pit and i'd like to make her some tools for it, but i'd like something for her yard, but I don't know what.. It has to be basic because i'm a novice with limited tools.. I have to do it this weekend, the party is in two weeks. Thanks for any ideas.
  6. I always try to talk the price down a little but the price was so fair, I couldn't... Sellers gotta make money too.
  7. Always wanted one and I don’t like my electric blowers. This came up on marketplace 5 mins from my shop for $150. Works great and is quiet. I didn’t have the right oil but I sprayed some wd40 in it, I’ll get something better soon.
  8. Going to go look at it today or tomorrow. I don't need another one and I'm saving up for other gear, but for $250... he says it says 108 on it, so i'm thinking it must weigh 120lbs... Thanks
  9. only disadvantage is price and moving it.. But if you have a spot for the 440 and you KNOW you won't be moving it at least not too often, id get the 440. Even 260s suck to move but thats doable with two people, or one person set up to move anvils. If you have the forklift and the means, buy it.
  10. I'm glad that actual blacksmiths get nervous using certain anvils too. I don't want to use my what i think is a 300lbs Hay Budden until I get more experience under my belt. I've actually got good hand eye coordination from working construction, but its in such nice shape I don't feel right using it. There are a couple small chips on the edge but thats it. I can't wait until i buy a church window anvil..
  11. It's a nice hammer, it hasn't magically made me a better smith. But i always was curious.. I'm glad a bought it, and i feel it was worth the money. If you have the cash, buy it... Also the ONLY experience you can trust is your self. Listen to others but if the French style feels good in YOUR hand, thats all that matters. I still don't have a lot of experience forging but i'll compare it to my guitar playing.. I've stupidly bought a lot of guitars over the years, but the only reason i've learned whats felt right to me and what hasn't felt right by trying different guitars. Same ca
  12. 80lbs 5 foot colonial anvil (5th foot is on the other side) 221lbs what I believe is a mid to late 1800s Peter Wright I believe this is a 300lbs Hay Budden from 1890s with a monkey bouncing on it Also got an anvil made out of a railroad track with a horn, an 18 inch or so piece of railroad track and a section of railroad track 12 feel long or so we found on a job excavating last year i stupidly am’ going to buy a Holland Church window anvil soon. I want a portable anvil and 141lbs is easy for me to move around. The 221lbs Peter Wright I can pick up and move relatively eas
  13. ^I thought of the wooden hammers for the kids. I should make a face saddle for it. Fortunately and unfortunately, its so old it doesn't have a hardy hole, but thats ok. Here is a picture of it. Its been used but for its age, I think it's in great shape. I'd like to take some hot iron to it, and will.. But I'm not going to abuse it.. The best was when my 4 year old nephew said "uncle joe can we get an anvil and clay for our house"?
  14. I have a 80lbs colonial 5 footed anvil. Its in good shape for being from potentially 1600s.. I practice with clay on it and let my nephews practice... But i make it known they can't use the hammer on it, unless im there. They are 4 an 5...People think im crazy and over protective but i'd hate it if they chipped an edge.
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