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  1. I watched you and you where great.. I was torn between rooting for you and the fine blacksmiths from Prospect Hill. Justin Morrell is great too. Everyone there is actually.. Most of the smiths there are on the artsy side of the craft... While I can appreciate that side of it, i'm more of a traditional smith like you, and would have struggled making wearable art.. Your display was beautiful, I love things that look like they belong in an old colonial home. I tried watching Ellens demonstration but my dad and uncle kept talking and distracting me. She is a riot and a great blacksmith. It was another great Fitchburg Forge In, I got hit a couple times while you where forge welding... I consider it an honor.
  2. I listen to everything from Tony Bennett to the Moody Blues to Hank Williams.. When i'm forging its a lot of Jethro Tull, Moody Blues, Johnny Cash, and old blues records... But honestly, I just the natural sounds of a blacksmiths shop.
  3. You are 100% right, it's never a good time... That is pretty awesome about your grandfather... Both my grandfathers where in the Navy, my dads dad was Naval Reserve after a few years in the Army.. My uncle was in for 9 years and his son is currently a Captain and helicopter pilot in the USMC. I haven't spoken with them or their lawyer yet but that's coming.
  4. My plan after school was to go into the service... I didn't want to go right after high school, so I worked and a couple years later my mom got real sick... Sorta changed my course, during that same period, this elderly couple that I met a month before graduating high school, started to depend more and more on me.. 10 years later, they are still around, and I do everything for them, grocery's, Dr appointments, medicine, everything... I even deal with his attorney who recently started to handle things for them because of his dementia the wife being from Greece and not speaking good english. I just turned 28, i've done good, have about $60,000 saved up, a huge collection of guitars and a decent amount of blacksmithing equipment (that hasn't been getting used lately), i've got a lot of friends and family so over all I can't complain... But I still have the desire to serve. Its going to be hard to leave everything, especially the older people who have no family here, I'm their family. I met with a recruiter 2 years ago, but I backed out because of reasons I just talked about. But its time to xxxx or get off the pot. I run a construction company with my Dad and brother, so I'd love to get into the Construction Battalion, and be a Seabee. Just wondering if there was anyone here who's been in the Navy, or the service in general. My uncle was in for 9 years and both my grandfathers.
  5. I'll take any criticism good or bad. I just want to be clear, I've been in the trades since i was 14, going to be 28 in two weeks, so half my life i've been working, still making mistakes and still learning everyday.. But I'm all about working smart and safely using tools. XXXX I won't even move heavy objects with people unless I trust them. There is a lot to being a striker, and building chemistry with a the smith/ other strikers. But it's something I want to try If I ever get the chance. And I'd never ever ever abuse any tool, especially an anvil.
  6. My aunts has the same things in her feet and hands... My grandmothers fingers all all deformed. It sucks, I'm only 28 and fear getting it.. Let me ask you, did you have anything stressful happen in your life? My mom, aunt and my grandma all had traumatic things happen to them before they got it. They say stress can trigger it. I'll take a drop dead heart attack in my 40s or 50s a lot of people on my dads side.... I don't want RA.
  7. First of all, rheumatoid runs in my family, my mom, aunt and and grandmother and her brother have it real bad. So i'm sorry to hear that, it's an AWEFUL disease, affects joints and organs... It's not your grandparents arthritis. Maybe you don't have it as bad as them, but from what I know... Your tendons are probably already all messed up, so just listen to your body. .. Use light hammers and the tong clip like suggested... Hydration is very important as well.
  8. i'd never windmill on an anvil.. I've swung my fair share of sledgehammers at work, there's a big difference between working out with a sledgehammer and using one in construction.. I've always been into fitness, and one day at work it dawned on me that I could use them to work out.
  9. Just got a 30lbs "sledge" hammer... Its actually for working out with tires. Makes my 20lbs sledge feel like a toy. I love swinging sledgehammers, plus levering exercises too... . I was using splitting wood with a wedge doing 1 arm "windmill swings"with my 8lbs sledge. I think over all light sledgehammers are better because you can swing faster. The other style i call is wood chopping. It is no wonder i love blacksmithing. I'd love to find a more experienced smith.. They would love to have me as a striker.
  10. I love my friends, family, life and America but boy, that sure is tempting.
  11. I was told, marks like that are from the smith testing out his punches and chisels...
  12. That anvil reminds me of my 300lbs Hay Budden, it looks like it has been used a lot, but by someone who knew what they where doing.
  13. Nice anvil, you got it for a........."steel".....
  14. Thanks for all the ideas. I think she'd love the shepherds hook. If I had more time and tools, I could do a trellis. Wouldn't be perfect but it would be a great gift for my aunt. I also want to make her a nice fire poker.
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