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  1. JW513

    Craft vs. Art

    On paper that sounds good. But your time is your time. The time, it took you make an item is the same amount of time, whether your making it for a lawyer, doctor, or hobo... Its okay to give some people a break once in awhile, but your time is your time....The lawyer/doctor, they might have friends who are interested in having you make something which equals more $$$$ for you.
  2. ^That is very true. Like I said, I haven't forged since my 9 week course 2 months ago. But I've learned a lot in these last two months just examining what I've made. I look at everything I've made and noted where I went wrong.. I look at mistakes as lessons... Repeated mistakes are still mistakes. But every mistake I've made, I've also learned some valuable information...
  3. I haven't forged in 2 months since, I finished my class. I have all the tools, smithing coal, forge, anvil... Anyways, everything I made in class was decent but I kick myself for all the mistakes I made (never got burnt yet, though), but I'm very hard on myself, I'm not really a perfectionist but I like to do things right, if that makes sense.... Well, it takes a lot of practice to make things look good... Anyways, this older friend of mine who's a welder, did a lot of smithing when he was a kid, now he does mostly railings. He's literally a genius, when it comes to physics, the properties of metal, and welding. He has given me a lot of tongs, punches, chisels, a buffalo forge blower, and basically all the scrap stock I want. Last night he said I got another blacksmithing thing for you.. He pulled it out, t was a spoon he made when he was younger. He said "you know what this is for?" I said, its a flux spoon... Anyways, he did a decent job making it, but like everything I made it isn't perfect. I know its kinda obvious, but everyone does start somewhere.
  4. JW513

    What did you do in the shop today?

    I dressed my first hammer. I've a nice Peddinghaus crosspein and diamond rounding hammer, but I got an Estwing to practice on.. I got an angel grinder and flap disc, but decided last minute to dress it with a file. Yes it took longer and I've used an angle grinder a lot, but I wanted to take my time. Haven't done any forging since I finished my 9 week class 9 weeks ago.. But I have ALL the basics, 300lbs of blacksmithing coal, 80lbs of anthracite and some mild steel.. Just need a base for my anvil and time...
  5. Like I said, I will remember that and when I know something, I will let you know. But its going to be for a year probably because he's keeping it up to keep people out.
  6. Stop quoting the immediately preceding comments. You are using up bandwidth and making the forum harder to read. Please read The Quote Feature. You guys are right. I probably wouldn't off cut it apart anyways.. I don't like ruining old beautiful things... Luckily, I have a place to keep it... I will just end up reselling it. It wont be for year or so....Might be a good project for me to repair myself because it is in pretty good shape.
  7. I'll let you know. It might not be for a year or two, this is a big job a fellow friend/contractor is working on, i've already done some work at this place.. Obviously if he can sell it thats great, but he did say the gates are gonna be trash. He knows i'm an aspiring blacksmith, he already has given me a Wilson vise and a oxy acetylene torch.
  8. JW513

    Forge fire won't spread?

    I only have limited time forging... I took a 9 week course, so I DONT know much... We started our forges with coke, and spread green coal around the perimeter of it , but not over it, that kills it. As the coke/coal burns down, you add the fuel closest to the fire, and keep the green coal mounded around it. Also when getting it lit, you need to find the right speed for the air, too slow isn't good and too fast is't either.. Long story short, don't add green coal on top of already lit coke.. Put it around it, as it burns, add it to fire.
  9. I'm 99% sure i can get it for free, but it might not be for a year.
  10. Sorry, these are just crappy screen shots off google map... All the bushes are cut back now... When I get time, I'll go by the mansion and take nice close up pics...
  11. I may have a chance to get (i'm just guessing) 150 feet of beautiful fencing off a mansion that was built on waterfront property in 1914. I don't have pictures but can provide some. Its real nice, not the most elaborate design but its nice. Anyways its painted so, i'm not sure if its wrought iron but its real nice. I'm still new to the blacksmithing trade. Without pics, is the fencing off an old mansion worth saving?
  12. JW513

    Skinner set for family

    That is one of the coolest things i've seen.
  13. JW513

    Centaur Forge tool kit

    Yes, there are safety glasses included... But your right, I always need like 5 pair of them. They are the most important tool and the easiest to lose.
  14. I'm just starting..... This will be a hobby, but one I want to make money at... Even if its just grocery money. If it every turns into something bigger i'lll have to re-evaluate, but thats the plan.
  15. JW513

    Centaur Forge tool kit

    Thats exactly it. I'm young, no girl, no kids, but very busy with work. I have a decent amount saved up, and plan on selling off about 2 or 3 grand worth of guitar equipment, which which is twice what i have invested in blacksmithing... The key was my uncle giving me his anvil.... Well I worked for it and that was his payment. I just want to get started smithing.