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  1. Dont buy a fullering tool off ebay. I did and its complete junk. I should have bought the hardy and hammer and used my teenager as a striker. Lost a blade to it.
  2. vern509

    Devil forge

    I use the same forge (but bought the 1 door model). Overall happy with it.
  3. Welcome! And some advice I wish I had been given: buy a bigger propane tank!
  4. Ask me why its not a good idea to use the same workbench for reloading and welding
  5. Thank you sir! I will go ahead and see if I can work out a deal with the seller then. Appreciate your time and info!
  6. Forgive if this has been asked already, I tried searching but struck out. There is a reasonable complete 12 ton hydraulic set up for sale I am interested in. (Motor, ram, pump). I am thinking it would be a good start on a forge press, but I dont know enough about converting ac to dc. Would this be as simple as buying a good transformer? If so, does anyone have any suggestions?
  7. Thank you for the update! My next purchase is going to be a fullering tool, every time I try to grind one it it looks just like yours.
  8. Good thing medical masks are all the rage these days
  9. Gotta second the idea of trying super quench. So far I am impressed by how well it can do vs oil or water.
  10. What did you quench it in? Did you heat soak it?
  11. I am no expert, and I think the Seattle area it nutso. But over here 1200 to 1500.
  12. Just want to add in to what others have said. Do what you can to keep it. Uber/Lyft on nights and weekends could get you $900 pretty quickly. I suppose a second option would be to lease it out. I cant afford an anvil like that yet, but I would jump at a chance to rent one for a year or two while save for a better one. Just my 2 bits.
  13. Looks good! I learned the hard way to make it taller than I think I will need it.
  14. Welcome! I used to live in Elma, not too far away!