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  1. Hoping someone has some insight. My last forge weld billet completely failed to weld. Was a stack of 15n20 and 1075. Have done several billets already from the same steel (AKS). The only thing I did differently, was in between my last billets I had used a graphite mold to melt down some old range brass into brass ingots. Is it possible that doing so introduced some contamination into my forge? (Its also possible I was just having an off day too I suppose).
  2. Way to go!! My 15 year old daughter came out the other day and made a small marking knife. May not be her thing, but was fun to get to work with her
  3. That is just truly amazing! Fuller on it?
  4. I had a similar issue. Tried 2 things, not sure which led to success: #1 got a 25 gallon propane tank instead of the 5 gallon. Huge difference is keeping proper gas flowing due to tank icing up. #2 Warmed the anvil up. I had a 8 inch by 3/4 square bar stock heating while I heated the billet. I put it on the anvil yellow and let it cool to black 3 times before I attempted my first weld on the billet. I use borax flux, never tried kerosene. But other than that our processes are the same.
  5. Dont buy a fullering tool off ebay. I did and its complete junk. I should have bought the hardy and hammer and used my teenager as a striker. Lost a blade to it.
  6. vern509

    Devil forge

    I use the same forge (but bought the 1 door model). Overall happy with it.
  7. Welcome! And some advice I wish I had been given: buy a bigger propane tank!
  8. Ask me why its not a good idea to use the same workbench for reloading and welding
  9. Thank you sir! I will go ahead and see if I can work out a deal with the seller then. Appreciate your time and info!
  10. Forgive if this has been asked already, I tried searching but struck out. There is a reasonable complete 12 ton hydraulic set up for sale I am interested in. (Motor, ram, pump). I am thinking it would be a good start on a forge press, but I dont know enough about converting ac to dc. Would this be as simple as buying a good transformer? If so, does anyone have any suggestions?
  11. Thank you for the update! My next purchase is going to be a fullering tool, every time I try to grind one it it looks just like yours.
  12. Good thing medical masks are all the rage these days
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