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  1. If that hammer ends up feeling great in “your” hand it will be a very cool hammer for you. The design looks awesome. Nice work
  2. There is a farmer’s publication callled the Fence Post. You will find it at most feed stores and farm stores you can also subscribe for it. In there you will many farm auctions and consignment auctions. I have purchased many hammers at these auctions. Tongs are usually too expensive for my taste but not awful. Anvils are very high even at these sales.
  3. Unless the SO is nearby and you hear sirens before you stop dancing and cursing. Been there.
  4. I have the same curiosity. My Hay Budden has a bit of sway as well and find it useful. It however does not keep me from being curious regarding the question regarding high quality wrought iron swaying more than lower quality.
  5. It looks to me that there are plenty of “spots” on that anvil that will serve most any purpose. Find em and use em.
  6. I live in Colorado and there is no hickory grown here but I use it to smoke meats. At nearly 7 hundred per cord it makes it expensive to burn but only a couple of dollars per piece as fire wood. Check with fire wood companies and they should let you pirate enough pieces that you can cut down for handles for a not a lot. I am quite certain that hickory grows in your state.
  7. I agree a nail clinch for a farrier. The rounded part pulls the nail down tight and clinches it.
  8. No idea. Would love a pair of them.
  9. Very nice at very worst you have a very nice ASO for 2.00 a lb. At best you have a great anvil at way under value. Either way unless no one eats for a week or the mortgage isn’t met. There is little or nothing lost. I was rooting for you. Good job.
  10. All auctioneers that I know begin with what we call the first ask. It is what they deem to be the highest amount it could bring and work down till they find money then go from there. If the first ask is in your range go ahead and fire. Some auctioneers are not experts on everything.
  11. I am a part time auctioneer so I never view a day at an auction as a wasted day. Do be aware of buyer premium many are as high as 10% or more. I do not work for or with houses that charge that. Bid hard and fast until you reach your limit. You may intimidate a buyer or two. I have never believed that stalling between bids gets you anywhere. Just my opinion. Good luck.
  12. One of the best things I did was to pay a seasoned blacksmith in my area to give me some pointers on hammer control and other elementary elements of blacksmithing. You may be able to find a novice such as myself to allow you some time in the forge just to get you started. I have offered to more than one person to come to my forge and learn some basics, few take me up on it because I let them know that I am not a knife maker and we won’t be forging anything close to a knife in my forge. Others are correct spend some money buy some time from a smith and then start hitting steel in your forge. You will be surprised to discover that you can make some pleasing items in fairly short order. Hammer on.
  13. Shabumi I am pretty sure I am familiar with the fairgrounds you are talking about. Right there in Grass Valley beautiful grounds lots of redwoods. I have announced the draft horse classic there for years they have a farrier competition every year. There is a blacksmith on the grounds that does a bit of demonstrating but doesn’t seem to draw a lot of interest. I love the hit and miss engine club.
  14. Love hate relationship with guinea fowl. Noisy and weird but I really liked having them around. They would all roost in the barn and tell me to get out when I went down to feed the horses. They are delicious by the way. My wife did not like the racket and I eventually gave away my last few that didn’t get on the dinner plate. I miss them. Great bug eaters. I forgot to mention the people that raised the first one that I had used them for rattler control. Supposedly quite effective.