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  1. Thanks finally. I was thinking something a little less obvious. Just for arguments sake a pristine Peter Wright or Hay Budden would also qualify yes? Thanks again I have been seeing this for sometime and must have missed it originally. I think my brain was more in Halphwit's place
  2. off topic I know but I would sure love to know what an ASO is. Cant find it anywhere. even checked urban dictionary
  3. I would need some sort of protection for that piece that did not "Work out" and was somehow "flung" against the nearest wall in frustration. I understand that not everyone needs that buffer but I sure do.
  4. I can be of no assistance but can offer sympathy. I could have written the same story with the same response. I can stick about half of them in a solid fuel forge but the gasser has me baffled
  5. Nope didn't read it and if I had there seems to be little useful information regarding the vise. Will try to be more dutiful in the future in terms of checking threads before seeking further information. Nope didn't read it and if I had there seems to be little useful information regarding the vise. Will try to be more dutiful in the future in terms of checking threads before seeking further information. Mostly saw some remarks regarding the Chicago fire
  6. I sort of assumed as much, but there are times I wish I had a stronger bite on thinner stock. Anyone seen this brand before? The serrated teeth seem nearly untouched so assuming it had very light use before I bought it. Thanks Thomas, I certainly value your opinion.
  7. I recently acquired a post vise. It appears to be in good condition. 75 dollars at auction. When closed the vise has about a gtr inch gap at bottom of the bite when closed at the top. Considering some grinding so it meets with a full bite any thoughts?
  8. It has been a while but after a call to the folks that manufacture the forge I did the alignment and felt like all was good. I am going to use Frosty's advice and use some oil and make sure I am as clean as I can be.. I will then find a way to reduce the chamber size and see what happens Very conceivable that I simiply cant weld in the xxxx thing. I am guessing others can. I will keep trying thanks all
  9. One more thing. frosty are you saying u use 3 - 1 oil when steel is stone cold? Could sure be the case I am fluxing too hot.
  10. Thanks for the replies. I have access to a solid fuel forge but needs work and would simply prefer to work in the gasser if I can. I failed to mention that this forge is open on both ends to handle long stock. I did close one end once and it seemed to warp that end of the forge. That troubled me a bit. I am aware it is a Ferrier forge bought it a long time ago when I was young enough to nail shoes onto my Belgian horses. I am now too old and smart enough to leave that to the Youngsters. I think I will try blocking the port again. I do not recall the flux I have used but some high dollar stuff from a local ferried supply house. I have stuck some welds in solid fuel. I certainly confess I am not a seasoned welded in a solid fuel either
  11. I have a three burner NC big daddy whisperer. It is about 15 years old and still in good condition. I cannot forge weld in it. I believe it does not get hot enough. It will bring steel to white heat but have never had it burn up a piece. I called the company to see if there is some kind of modification for my elevation. He tells me that there is not. Very nice and helpful but said some can weld in these and others can't. He did not have any info about high altitude performance. I am at 5200 ft. North of Denver. I have cleaned jets and aligned burners still not as hot as I think it should be. I run about 12lbs on the regulator. Higher than that and I get tremendous dragon breath and feel like I can smell I burned gas. Any ideas about how to beat this thing up. I have just found a somewhat unlimited source for big band saw blades and would like to start fooling with some layers.
  12. +1 for considering myself one that blacksmith's
  13. I think many of us (me for sure) are humbled when watching blacksmiths move steel with tremendous efficiency, with each hammer stroke being pretty much the exact stroke they intend. They take a look at a project and the steps to creating the item are clear in their mind for the outset. These folks to me are blacksmiths. I love to "heat steel to become black with scale then smiting it". It makes me uncomfortable to be denoted as a "blacksmith" as I consider myself one who admires the art and when possible light the forge and make things that can be useful and or decorative. I consider myself a person who is engaging in "blacksmithing". One of the questions I think many have asked is at what point is one comfortable being referred to as a "blacksmith". I feel like it may be "never" for myself.
  14. I am far from an expert blacksmith, but I have done a lot of coloring with heat on leaves that I have made. I polish the steel on a wire wheel so I will be able see color when it appears. I like to hold the steel in the dragon breath of my gas forge so I can see the color, when I get the color I want I quench to hold the color. No idea if 400 degrees is the right temp or not. I then Immediately warm the steel again so it is hot enough to melt beeswax or carnuba, coat it with my wax and wipe with a cloth. It has worked for me.
  15. I know that this is an old thread, but I found it interesting to read. I am a Newbie here on the site. I have been soaking up what I can for quite some time and have contributed less than a handful of posts. I think that there are some of us that try to find a way to post something, anything so that we can feel a part of this community. I have read through enough posts to feel like I know some of the regulars on here and now know something of their personality etc. I assume there are a lot of friendships that have evolved here with folks that have never met. I think it is great. I know that one of my first posts was an attempt to be funny, gotta say it didn't translate well as no one knows anything about me.. Lesson learned. Long story short, I believe that there are some folks that may come across as ignorant or even trolls that are really just trying to "join the party" so to speak. I hope to be a non offending newbie with a worthwhile thought or question from time to time. Thanks guys