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  1. Why is it that this thread makes me laugh even though I have no idea what y'all are talking about.
  2. New to the Forge from Falcon, Colorado

    Rest assured you will not make a fool of yourself. Really nice bunch of guys. Many of them have known each other for a long time and spend more time barking at each other than than do in the forge. Best thing is to bring a project no matter how elementary and ask for some guidance. Most curmudgeons understand that this craft needs new people that want to learn. I wish I could spend more time with them. Come spend some time in my forge this winter I am guessing we could both benefit. I am a trinket maker that has so much to learn.
  3. What size propane tank do you have & why?

    I use a hundred in Colorado and so far no issues with freeze ups. Smaller ones have been an issue. There I a 500 gallon outside that we use to heat the shop but teeing off of that heater line does not have adequate flow. Need a higher pressure regulator on the tank for the forge?????? Not sure how that works.
  4. New to the Forge from Falcon, Colorado

    David Norrie have not yet taken lessons from him but his home/shop is about 3 miles from me. I lived in Peyton for a few years a hundred years ago. David did give me a tour of his shop some time ago he is truly a master. There is an open forge up here in Berthoud once a month you can find the dates on the Rocky Mountain smiths website. I know it is a bit of a drive for you but some real good guys show up and provide a lot of help and of course criticism curmudgeons seem to come with the territory. I have been hitting ste for a few years when I can, but still have so much to learn. Wish I had more time.
  5. brass/copper finish

    Will check with a magnet but pretty sure it is all brass. Should have thought about the magnet before. That bull head is very cool.
  6. brass/copper finish

    I a a actually have more luck with copper. I have a nice piece of copper about 6x 6 x 1/4 and just when the steel gets black I go to a wire wheel and hold the copper above the steel on which I am putting the color. .sometimes it takes a moment or two but it will take color fairly quickly. Thanks Ausfire that is exactly the tip I was looking for. Brass patina has frustrated me for some time. I have seen smiths make it look easy, not for me for some reason. I know it is the temperature of the steel. The window for temp must be fairly narrow.
  7. brass/copper finish

    With respect to this topic I struggle to find the correct temp for getting The steel to take color. Is there a tried and true technique? I have tried Applying a drop or two of water and allowing to cool just after I no longer get a sizzle but even that seems inconsistent for me. Any wisdom I could apply to get a more consistent color?
  8. Check out I am not a member but live quite near you and there are a bunch of smiths in our area. Loveland has a hammer in every summer and there is a gentleman in Berthoud that does an open forge very regularly. No shortage of opportunities to start hitting some steel with some assistance in our neck of the woods. Stay patient learn some real basics before you start asking about advanced things I.E. Sword making knife making, Damascus and so forth. Check out the site I indicated.
  9. Hay budden identification

    I am not a master smith by any stretch but I do have a Hay Budden anvil with some similar chips. There is one area in particular that has a rather large chip that can be quite useful for some some bottom fullering I took the advise of one of my mentors and touched that area very lightly a bit at a time and took out a sharp edge or two so it became a "go to spot" for some applications. I did not touch that spot for at least six months until I was certain it would be a good choice. Even then I would just touch it and use it for a bit until I was certain I wanted another softening. Look for those special spots on that anvil and use them to your advantage. I really believe a brand new anvil would tempt me more in terms of grinding than would an old one that over time has developed some areas that are useful. Your Hay Budden is a great anvil.
  10. Blacksmithing apron?

    I have caught more than one shirt on fire while grinding without an apron. While forging it can save a hole in a shirt here or there from flying slag or cutoffs. There are a lot of things in the shop that can be either hot or sharp. Love my apron. Still waiting for it to get fully broken in. I envy seeing the old aprons that have been around for years and years mine is still a bit stiff after hundreds of hours of use. My son bought it for me as a gift and he went "heavy".
  11. It followed me home

    I think that is called a stall jack. Often used by farriers to make minor adjustments cold??? Someone may know a different term.
  12. Thanks finally. I was thinking something a little less obvious. Just for arguments sake a pristine Peter Wright or Hay Budden would also qualify yes? Thanks again I have been seeing this for sometime and must have missed it originally. I think my brain was more in Halphwit's place
  13. off topic I know but I would sure love to know what an ASO is. Cant find it anywhere. even checked urban dictionary
  14. Forge area walls

    I would need some sort of protection for that piece that did not "Work out" and was somehow "flung" against the nearest wall in frustration. I understand that not everyone needs that buffer but I sure do.
  15. Forge welding help...

    I can be of no assistance but can offer sympathy. I could have written the same story with the same response. I can stick about half of them in a solid fuel forge but the gasser has me baffled