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  1. Very nice JLP. Now you have gone and upset me again. You have the hammer control of a farrier and the detail of a master smith. It is intimidating to watch those of you that make every stroke count. I will never get there but I am confident I could with a lot of patience get close to where you got to with that flatter. I very much liked the fact that you showed the end product in the beginning and the photos of your previous work made it clear that you were not one of the hacks trying to fake it. Nice video.
  2. horse

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Daswulf that is some very cool work. As I have said before I am in awe of a brain that can see things many of cannot. Very nice I was trying desperately not to say this but I can’t help myself. With a gift for seeing junk as an end product like you do..... ya simply “ can’t be quite right” LOL. The stuff you do is mind boggling for this simple guy that just sees a gear as a gear and nothing more. I am going to try to open my mind and see what i can create from “stuff”. It is pure genius to me. Love that guitar.
  3. horse

    How to forge an edgewise Holdfast video.

    I want to assure you JLP that I think that I would change almost nothing about your style of presenting a video for our education. Maybe the most easily absorbed I have seen. My only point is that myself and I believe others would love to know just a bit about who you are. On the other hand there may be some majic in a certain amount of anonymity.. who am I to judge, someone said you do you. And that is exactly what you should do.
  4. horse

    How to forge an edgewise Holdfast video.

    I personally very much appreciate your approach with minimal conversation and good video of the process. I think a quick intro “who am I and what I am making “ would be perfect. I believe it would broaden your appeal. Many videos have to much blather going on.
  5. horse

    How to forge an edgewise Holdfast video.

    JLP I too admire and have learned a lot from your videos. To your credit you seem to be far more motivated by the content than you are “your brand” that is admirable, however it would be great for me to see the person behind the content. That is not a criticism as much as a desire. In terms of editing for spelling etc it is nearly impossible to be the writer and editor. It does not trouble me as I seldom notice misspelled words it is just not how I read. At one time in my Career I needed to write quite a bit and it needed to be perfectly spelled and punctuated I had it read by someone besides myself. Can’t see the forest for the trees. Love your work.
  6. horse

    Forges 101

    Ftrosty you make me laugh all the time. I had to read your Meerschaum pipe thing three times to figure out where you were going with that. My tobacco shop pile is corn cob. Yep just burned out the bottom. Loved that pipe.
  7. horse

    jewelers chasing/repousse hammer

    I love the “look” of that hammer. Very nice. I would love to see a known size object next to it to get a better idea of size. Great job. I know you gave us sizes for both sides but a dollar bill or some such gives me a better idea. My brain just works like that. I am sure most say “ I got it”. Again she is a beaut. I know you gave us sizes for both sides but a dollar bill or some such gives me a better idea. My brain just works like that. I am sure most say “ I got it”. Again she is a beaut. I see you are in Colorado. So am I. What part? I am in northern between Longmont and Loveland.
  8. horse

    Farewell. At least for a couple years.

    I am very envious of young smiths such as yourself that have the talent and perhaps the time to invest in this craft. You have grown expedentially in a short period of time. Stay true, stay humble, as you appear to be and at every opportunity share your talent when you can. I am a bit of a geezer that has toyed in this arena for a number of years and am nowhere close to your ability. God speed young man.
  9. horse

    Chef's Knife - Hand Forged 52100

    I am a butcher and currently a chef in a nice Tapas restaurant. I can never be sure a knife suits “me” until I pick it up and feel both the handle and the balance. But I can tell you for sure it is one I would check out if I saw it somewhere. It is a beaut. A knife that doesn’t feel perfect for me could be absolutely perfect for many others. Nice work.
  10. horse

    What makes a good farrier?

    Spoiled horses are the most dangerous in my opinion. Specially if the owner is around. Often a good bite on the butt will fix that in a hurry
  11. horse

    It followed me home

    Your a cruel and clever man Frosty I believe I was born to play the straight man for the likes of you. It’s a fate I am comfortable with. I love your puns and creativity. Your mind seems to work in ways I can only imagine.
  12. horse

    What makes a good farrier?

    I spoke to a farrier some time ago that told me that he and the farm owner literally locked the son out of the barn while shoeing a six horse hitch. The son was apparently the hitch driver and the horses became extremely agitated when he was around. Not sure why “Dad” let the kid drive or work the horses at all. Word is that the kid was a jerk with the horses and the horses responded in kind . The wrong person in the barn can sure make a farriers life miserable. My congratulations go out to any person that can get under a horse and get the shoeing or trimming done. It is hard necessary work every penny is in most cases hard earned. I truly admire the farriers that are both horseman and farriers. Knowing how to get around a horse is a true skill. Sometimes a spoiled horse needs a firm reminder and often an anxious horse just needs calm quiet confidence. Knowing the difference is the truest skill. I used to shoe my own Belgian horses but have grown too old and too stocky to do it without my body paying dearly for a week or two.
  13. horse

    It followed me home

    I truly hope y’all are enjoying yourselves by making us common folk declare huhhhh?? Just kidding of course. I have forever been very envious of those that possess this sort of linguistic imagination and breadth of understanding. Ya just keep me scratching my already very sparse pate. So go right on. I will try to keep up.
  14. horse

    Herb Knife from a File

    Thanks for the Pic. I like the rustic style a lot.