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  1. horse

    What did you do in the shop today?

    I heard recently that he was needing to sell the place and his fear was that his art might get scrapped. I amgiing to check it out the next time I am in that area. My kids toured his place on class trips a bunch of years ago. I don’t believe he ever charged for tours. Just took donations.
  2. horse

    What did you do in the shop today?

    There is a farmer near where I live Fort Collins Co. that has done larger sculptures for years. Called it the Swetsville Zoo. Bill Zwets I believe. His stuff not as intricate as yours but still it took some creativity.
  3. horse

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Das I intend this in the most positive way. You see the world in a very different way than most. My imagination does not get me to the point of seeing a “bug” from a mess of salvaged steel. It amazes me. Very nice stuff. But you gotta be a bit weird just sayin.
  4. I don’t know a darn thing about your question but just wanted to say it is a very nicely written post and will have me looking at old taps and dies in a different way.
  5. horse

    My New Hammer from Littleblacksmith

    You are a trouble maker Frosty. I like it. Yeah let's see the leaf.
  6. horse

    Hello from Nebraska

    I love the smell of but in coal in a forge. However close neighbors may not enjoy it as much. I think you are on the correct path. A lot to learn here if you watch and listen/read. It is a great wealth of info. You sometimes need a rather tough hide if the curmudgeons find you lazy and with no motivation for research. Well thought out question with specificity are generally very well taken and you will get great info. Your first post is a well thought out post. Good job. And yes hitting hit steel and discovering how it moves is not only fun but may be somewhat addicting.
  7. horse

    It followed me home

    Unless you are inclined to use it for cooking I would not touch it. I have no idea of its historical or monetary value but to me patina always tells a story. I sure do like the piece.
  8. horse

    What can I make for Christmas 2018 ?

    Everyone loves bottle openers horse shoe hearts mounted on a cool board toilet paper holders towel racks one year I made a swing grill for everyone in the family. A big hit if they love camping and cooking
  9. horse

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Steamboat you can flat out weld. Those welds are purdy purdy purdy.
  10. horse


    Love the simplicity and the lines. I am not a knife maker. I have neither the skills or the forge. But I was starting to get cranky since I had not seen a new knife from the knife makers for a few days. I have spent my entire career as a butcher and a chef and cannot get enough photos from the knife makers on this site. Keep em coming. This winter I hope to start my first real knife. A good chef knife will be my first attempt.
  11. horse

    It followed me home

    Everything about it looks like the hay Budden I have. 80% rebound with some chipping on the edges. I love mine. Mine is a plow anvil. 180 lbs. rings very loud. I wrapped a chain around it but it could use more help in that area. If is used it every day I would try silicone and magnets. As it is I use some ear protection and live with it. Nice Anvil
  12. horse

    366 Hooks

    This smith has a great imagination. What a great group of innovative hooks. I may never try to duplicate one of these but it certainly inspires me to take a different look at the breadth of designs. Awesome.
  13. horse

    ladder lift hoist shingle lift homemade

    You are a funny wise man mister Frosty. Enjoy your love of life.
  14. My suggestion is that if a post is too mundane, rote, or ignorant to be worthy of a sentence or two to explain just leave it alone. For example. "In my experience the are Ss alloys that can be beat treated to make spring Steel. Those are xyz if heat treated xyz, "could be a more generous response. There are more than a few smiths on this site that really just want to engage and are not certain how to get there. Try treating each person as a guest at your door and see how the tone might sound different. If the person at the door is an unknown sort but likely to annoy don't answer the door. I have done it n more than once when I was quite certain they were espousing some religious ideology I was not wanting to hear. For me this site is much more than technical information, it is a community that has its experts, yes idiots, and mostly curiosity about things they want to have a dialogue to better understand. Just my opinion of course.
  15. horse

    Used tools

    I missed the hammer in again this year. An awesome event that seems to pair up every year with a can't miss event with the SO. How was the Dutch oven meal? I hope they are still doing that. I hail from Berthoud not far from you I am sure.