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  1. The title says it all. I saw a listing for a 4” post vice thats in decent shape but needs a spring. I’ve never looked into post vices so but the price is well below what I normally see. Assuming everything but needing a new spring is fine, is it a “buy” at $100?
  2. Hmmm... I wonder how long it would take to cook a brat in my forge. It would certainly make it smell a little better.
  3. I came here to ask a similar question. Does anybody have an opinion on wall thickness of the pipe?
  4. Upon closer review, the “1 hp” motor is actually only pushing out 3/4 hp if you’re running on 110. From the OBM website:: The VFD is wired for 110V so the motor produces 3/4hp at 3600rpm which is ample for knife grinding but it can also be rewired for 220V if you wish for the motor to produce 1hp (original instructions for the VFD enclosed).
  5. On both the OBM and Pheer websites they list the 2 hp motor as only getting 1.5 if you’re running on 110. As an aside... Why do some folks refer to 120 and others 110? In the USA they are often used interchangeably in informal conversation but I live out west and it has always been 110 or 220 out here. Is it still 120 in some places?
  6. I have a question about the jump from 1 hp to 1.5 hp. Both Pheer and OBM sell a 1 hp setup with a VFD and a 1.5 hp setup. I’m thinking of just getting an OBM but I want to know how big of a difference I’ll see if I just get the 1 hp with the KBAC-24.
  7. I am in the US (Idaho). I’m specifically wondering if I’d have trouble running something like a Kalamazoo 2FS (2x48)
  8. I have an idea and I’m wondering if it will work. I have access to a variable speed bench grinder (5 amp Delta). Is there any reason I couldn’t slap a pulley for a v belt on that sucker and use it to run a Coote, Kalamazoo, or a Grizzly?
  9. mpc

    New Forge

    You people are awesome.
  10. mpc

    New Forge

    I emailed the guy who sold it to me. It is not rigidized. I’ll have to buy some and get on that.
  11. mpc

    New Forge

    It was a DIY by a guy in Utah. I didn’t buy the anvil. I’ve got a chunk of RR track for now. This is gonna’ sound dumb but, how can you tell if it’s rigidized? How “rigid” will it be? I’ll post more photos later. I’ve been too busy keeping the criminals out of jail (day job) to have time to play.
  12. mpc

    New Forge

    So... I was going to build a forge and had the stuff to make some t-burners but a deal popped up on a classified page that got me a working forge, 2 propane tanks, & the reg for less than the sum of the parts. Suggestions for evaluation and tuning of a new forge?
  13. 1st post ever. I’ve been lurking on the board for a while gathering info on burners, grinders, etc... This anvil popped up on a local buy/sell page and I’m thinking of picking it up. All I know is the approximate weight (200 lbs) and the price $450. What (if anything) can anybody tell me from the photos?