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  1. made some headway on the vise project. Got the jaw formed, and ready for poking a screw hole in it. By the time I had a slitter, and drift made of proper size, it was late in the day, the iron was cold, so i decided that I'd best get to getting ready for work tomorrow. As I work away from home 4 days a week, it takes some getting ready. I have to make sure everything around the house is good to go without me, then I have to get all my stuff together for work, gas up the car, etc. So hole punching will wait 'till next week.
  2. Fabricating a post vise from scratch is indeed an undertaking not for the feint of heart. I figure that the education that I get from this project will be a valuable resource to draw on at a later date. For the upsetting, I have an anvil on the floor, and an 8# hammer. I upset to a little over the thickness of the parent stock, then flatten two sides back to original thickness, and go again. The most difficult part so far has been waiting on it to get hot the first time. I don't let it go black before re-heat. As to jack screws, The jacks we use for gear swings etc. are hydr
  3. I will. Have to work next week, so no forge time untill mabe Saturday.
  4. I have a bad shoulder, rotator cuff. But, that has taught me proper technique (for me). Also, as mentioned before, too heavy a hammer will cause more problem, than work getting done. My grip is usually first two fingers, and thumb. The other two fingers operate the "steering wheel". I've found that hammers with the rubber grippy stuff on the handle are way too grippy, and tear the skin on my hammer hand, especially when it's hot out, because I hold it too gently.
  5. I need a post vise. Being not the brightest bulb on the tree, I decided that I want to make one, rather than buy one that needs complete overhaul for $300+. (going rate in these parts) So, I spent the past couple hours at the forge, upsetting and flattening, upsetting, flattening, upset, flat,.... On a chunk of Kelly bar. Pretty much the largest thing I've had in the forge for a while. I got tired of cranking the blower, and my hammer shots started getting off, so I called it quits.
  6. Remodeling an old barn, and found all manner of rusty gold. There were several old jackhammer bits driven into the ground used as stakes. A couple of "Kelly bars", 2 square, one octagon. and 2 complete plow shanks from a spring tooth harrow, which I intend to salvage for use as they were intended.
  7. $225/ ton. $30/50pound bag, $20 profit/bag, 40 bags $800 gross, deduct $200 to go get, $600 clear profit. allowing cost of bags, and filling them.
  8. Machinery handbook is a handy thing to have for sure.
  9. Portable hole, reminds me of Yellow Submarine Ringo mentions that he has a hole in his pocket.
  10. I've been working on turning a new hire into a framing carpenter. I've found the best way to do it is demonstrate one, then have him do 200, while giving pointers and assistance when needed. He's picking it up pretty quickly.
  11. What about 4130? I have access to plenty.
  12. I'd rather attend a "Cackle fest" where you get to see the old AA Fuel Altereds '32 Fords, Willys, and what not. They don't run those any more. And many of the old time front engine rail jobs. Nitro methane, can't light it with a match. Fewer BTUs (less power) than Gasoline. Produces vast quantities of nitric acid when burned, and when you burn 15+ gallons of it in about 3-4 seconds, you get 8000 HP, and ~350mph from a ded stop. :D
  13. Two pieces of flat steel, welded on. Through which is a hole for a rivet. I tried to slit and fold the hole for the two parts on the back side, but that didn't work out too well. So I flattened it all back out, and welded two pieces, on on each side of the hole, on the back side. I need more holes in my homemade swage block. And as sure as I write this they were welded with fire by the forge.
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