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  1. Yes, small fire for small stock, and large fire for large stock. But, with coal it's possible to have a small fire, with a large pile of coal. But how much of that coal is actually used depends on how you tend the fire.
  2. Nothing better to do today. made a couple punches, and a watering can.
  3. That, sir, is just bad to the bone! I want one. :)
  4. I too am a noob. But what I've found thus far is this: Charcoal doesn't need much air, as compared to coal. The consensus here is Anthricite is not the best fuel to use. But there are some folks that use it. What Glenn said about the hairdryer is true. Or you can put a Tee in the pipe to act as a wastegate to dump excess air. I drilled several holes in my air pipe to dump air, and use aluminum duct tape to regulate the amount of air dumped overboard. As to the hammer, you can dig up a cross peen, of about 2 pounds, or a ball peen. Or both. You might also want a lighter hammer, mabe 16oz.
  5. While low prices are good for those of us scrounging scrap yards for materiel to work with. The low prices are also bad for those of us scrounging around looking for material to work with. Because, no-one is hauling anything in, because the price is low. When the price was ~$3/hundred, or more, there was all manner of neat stuff to be had. Now, the yard has been picked clean, and nothing left but some huge industrial machinery, and a few crushed Yugos, or equivilant. A few months ago, I picked up a 250+ pound "anvil" for $40.It became my 108 pound anvil, with plenty left over for other
  6. Spent the morning Filing the latest blade. I've got to learn to leave a little more meat in the center for the spine on a dagger. Got it filed to shape, and hardened. Then tempered, and started the tedious part of working it on the stone to get it sharp, and remove any file marks. I found that dycem is your friend when filing, and trying to keep the spine centered. Later I fired up the forge to fabricate the other half of tongs that I'd started last week. Got a ways on it, after trying a little welding practice. Well, in the middle of it, Th' Ol' Lady comes out with an "emer
  7. Where I come from, sucker rod is from water wells, and "polish rod" is from oil wells. Polish rod is highly polished, and case hardened. We used it for head ache racks, and whatnot. Fencing was made from sucker rod.
  8. What about a bucket of concrete, and leather strap hanging on the horn?
  9. Buy a hide, and make your own apron, and spats. One hide contains enough leather to make a couple of aprons, and several spats, with plenty left over for the lacing, and ties. As to gloves, I use a left welding glove. (I'm right handed) that glove is used for many things. I've never had a problem with it failing to come off with a shake of my hand. It is quite heat resistant, and I've been known to use it in tending the fire from time to time. I keep a pair of them by the fireplace in the house as well. I can put the hot burning logs right where I want them using my hands. Oh sure they
  10. My attempt at a leaf. And I burned the stem off it.
  11. Finally had the opportunity to fire up the forge today. Managed to burn the cobwebs off of it. Got back to the tongs that I'd started a long time ago. I had the bits forged, and had started drawing the reins when one of the bits broke. No pressure, no stress, just the vibration of drawing out the reins. That was the bit that I had twisted the jaws in the wrong direction, then twisted back. I figured it was internal stress. The other half, on the other hand, turned out nice enough. So, today I set about drawing the rein on that half, and making a new bit for the other half. I got the one
  12. Nice hinges. I had big plans for today. But my back decided that i was to remain on the porch (literally) all day. Was supposed to take my granddaughter for her first airplane ride. Then fix the car so it would pass emission test and get a tag, then mow the yard, and then fire up the forge. But didn't happen. :(
  13. Nice work ya'll. I like the octopus, may have to give that a go soon. Good lookin' door pulls, and hammers too. I've been too busy with work to get at the forge, but mabe this comming weekend. (I hope)
  14. While not the best anvil, it's most likely better than one from HF. Thomas, My uncle also worked for NASA. He designed and built the ulage motors for the Saturn V.
  15. I've done nothing at the forge. Been working, too much, and have too many other projects going on. But I'll get back to it ASAP.
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