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Prayers for a girl at our church with type two diabetes.


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 Hi guys i need prayers for a girl at our church that has type two diabetes. Her health is kinda random and ome day she feals totally fine then the next she's in the hospital barely dodging death.  I would seriously appreciate it if shd was prayed for. I believe that she can live a full life with the help of God and when two or more are gathered in prayer He is there.

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As  someone with  Adult Onset Juvenile Diabetes, aka LADA, I can say it can really kick you when you are down, (or up!).  You have to keep after it and finding the right Dr and the right meds can be the difference between life and death.  I'm a bit brittle too which makes changes a lot trickier.  I spent 14 hours in the ER Christmas Night DKA and had the EMTs out a couple of weeks ago for an insulin crash so if she would like to correspond with someone who knows what she is going through please feel free to direct her to me.

I'm lucky that one of our local small rural hospital ER Drs goes to our church and is a friend---so when my wife called her on Christmas she took the call and told us to *GIT!* to the ER.

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In our prayers and intentions, for sure. Consistent blood-glucose monitoring, adjustment of diet, and exercise are key.

The Ketoacidosis, dangerous highs and lows, have really taken it out of me in the past year.

One has to keep on top of it.

Good words, Charles and Thomas.

Robert and Sheila Taylor

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She's on our list here. I'm dealing with adult onset type II myself and as has already been said, when first diagnosed, finding the meds, schedule and doctor that work for her is the challenge. In the beginning you're pretty brittle but it smooths out as you get ahead of it.

Getting ahead of your glucose levels is the real key, playing catchup is short term survival. I've been on manual control for 20 years and have gotten to know my body a LOT better, I can tell when I'm coming down with something by the meter readings and start the Zicam and Airborne.

Much as I hate to say it, diet and exercise make everything work better but watch out for cuts and scrapes, we tend to deal with infections not so well as before.

Give her a big warm Frosty hug for me please. We'll be pulling for her and family.

Frosty The Lucky.

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