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  1. Very nice axe eventlessbox! I love the fire color handle as well as the war hamer like design on the head. Nice job.
  2. Thanks for all the advise Frazer. I have already done some abusive testing on that knife and it seems that the edge has held up quite nicely. The higher temperature was mostly an experiment to see if it would stay sharper longer and it seems to but i might have just done a better quench this time. You may have missed it but i said that the pommel was made of an old faucet handle. I simply cut and ground the outside part off and then removed all of the paint. When i said i was mabye going to file the handle down i ment that i was going to file down thw wood of the handle (with a rasp) to fit the base of rhe pommel so that there is no overhang. i dont have alot of experience either but i have made alot of knives. That doesn't mean i have more experience though.... as for your dager i really love that one. The stand u made is also real creative. I have made 3 dagers, two of which wear traditional Scottish daggers that look a bit more like knives. The nicest one ive done was made with only stock removal techniques and was sold for $80. Ill give a picture of that one.
  3. Finally finished this knife for my cousin. I spent about 4 hours in all working on it. I quenched it in canola oil (not the be as t but ig was what i can afford) then tempered it in the oven at 425° for 2 hours. It is made of an old leaf spring and has a bing cherry handle. The pommel is made of an old faucet jandle that we had to remove from our house cuz it was leaking. The gaurd is just a peice of mild steel. The curations are not rhe prettiest but they ard the first ones that i have ever done. It is pretty sharp and can chop wood pretty good. Overall im pretty proud of this one. I will probably go back and file the end of the handle down till it is flush with the base of the pommel.
  4. Sorry to confuse you mr. Slag. But it was a joke. I dont think there will be any shortage of toilet paper and i only know that from experiences while bushcrafting.
  5. Ya we have 5 cases now here in idaho. We decided to close our little business and many schools here are closing after Tuesday. I dont really like having to do any of this stuff but social distancing seems to be effective at fighting this thing. Just hope it will be over soon, we have a trip to texas planned and a really dont want to miss that. Also the Olympics seem to be in a major stall as thay are supposed to be in Tokyo this year. On the subject of wild toilet paper, if you are in a place with skunkweed, you may think, " oh it has large fluffy leafs that feal very soft, it would make great toilet paper." But i have to tell you, do not use it. It will work well but within the next few hours you will, um....., start to itch. And it doesn't go away for like two days, (i know from experience). It really is only irritating when you are sitting or laying down but boy is it irritating! So do not, absolutely DO NOT use skunk weed. You will not sleep for a couple of days.
  6. Technically i did this yesterday but i forgot to post it The refractory on my new forge finally finished drying on Friday so i was able to test it out yesterday. It got alot hotter than it did before and i made quick work of a piece of leaf spring into the basic shape of a little 10" Bowie knife that is for my cousin. I still have alot of work to do but it is coming along. Sorry for the crummy picture, it looks WAY better in person.
  7. That is absolute beautiful. You did a very good job on that. I really love the pommel design and the fantasy-like look to the blade. How long is it and how heavy?
  8. Yea idaho had its first confirmed case like 4 hours ago from someone who was in NY recently. That is like 2 hours away from us in Ada county though, none in our area.
  9. the main hard rhing for me, and i imagine for others is not to let the media get you down. its just horrible how terrifies people seem to be over this. If i go to make a new tab on my browser, there are tones of news articles saying, in short, "we are all going to die!" Even though im in idaho, were we have yet ro have a single confirmed case, and i am a 14 year old boy in good health, i find myself lowkey freaking out after going to a concert or to the park. The only good rhing ro come from this is the habit of constantly washing my hands, which if this does ever get bad, is a good thing to havd in my opinion. My advise is to just under that there have been many different pandemics before and they all ended. This is the black plague and it wont kill those who are healthy. Like i say earlier, take your vitamin c and d, wash your hands a lot, dont eat extra sugars and you'll produce be fine. If it does get bad i recommended you go to a friend's house who lives the country and has a well for water and other than that, have faith in God and if your not religious, trust the government to do there job. Ill also be praying for your mom crazygoatlady.
  10. I just think the best thing we can do in this situation is not panic ourselves and definitely don't say things that will make others panic. If we are all to busy preping for a pandemic than none of us will discover a cure. And if you are going to go get emergency supplies, buy things like canned food, bottled water, and a generator. Not particle masks and toilet paper. Most of those things wont really help in the long run and will deprive others of necessities. Stay healthy, dont eat extra suger, take your vitamin c, and if it gets bad go to a friend or family who lives out in the country and don't let others in the property.
  11. Welcome Mathieu! Hope we can offer some good help to you and your workshop!
  12. That looks really nice jlpserviceinc. Ive been working on this for a while know. I just haven't found time to go to harbor freight and get some epoxy to glue on the handle. It is a Scottish highland dirk and i made rhis one for myself. It isnt quite full tang, gut its close, and its not totally straight, but thats also close. Like i said i made this one for myself and i raely just wanted to make a functional blade and a nice looking handle. Speeking of the handle, it is made of Russian olive heartwood. I choped of the sapwood and brought it down to size with a hached and an angle to hegin with. Than i used an old fariars rasp to put in the basic shape. Than i used some rat tail files and but in the details. Finjaly i sanded it donwn and teied to buff it but it wasent high grit enough so the ahine just wore out after holding it. It originally had a hole all the way through it but i filed that with pine resin glue and filed that to be flush with the habdle.
  13. I love the knife. Im new to blacksmithing, only been doing it for a little over a year now, and i am still not very great at it. I like to make knifes more than anything so i really love that one especially knowing that it was ground down with hand tools. Also how did you make the pattern on the fire poker? I understand that you twist is right then left but the twist lines keep running through the entire peices and i was wondering how you accomplished that.
  14. The flowers are also edible, fun fact. And they really smell good. And the mice will steal all of the dried up fruit and you will lift up a rock and there is a mouse storage center of dry frute just sitting there! Its also really cool to see how they survive the 19° winters here. They slowly shrivel up while they use the water that is stored in their leaves and when it finally rains in the spring thay grow big again! For some reson the leaves almost never die even though they freeze solid in the winter.
  15. Dont worry jhcc. Didn't think so. And ive never accualy seen the fruit of the variety of prickly pear that grows here. But if u can saw off all the skin and prickles the flesh of the leaves is also pretty good. It tastes like cucumber