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100 animal heads

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Well, I've decided to make a new years resolution to make 100 animal heads this year. Mostly to give me practice forge welding, but the sculpting practice it gives me won't hurt. Here is 1 and 2 for this year (4 and 5 of my total animal head count)539083885_IMG_20200117_1417082332.thumb.jpg.4fd336456d115ed5bad3249c74d177c2.jpg1710877432_IMG_20200117_1417179412.thumb.jpg.380b252765d858662baae545c6cf41e8.jpg

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Thanks. I'll keep posting them here as I make them. I can already see that I'm going to need to make some different shaped punches and chisels. I used my whole sculpting arsenal on the bulldog/lioness/circus bear? A large ball punch, a small ball punch and a not as sharp as it could be hot cut.

I try to set attainable goals for myself, none of the vague "eat healthier" or "go to the gym more". I figure ~2 a week should be in my grasp as a hobbiest.

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Thanks everyone. The owl started as a Brian Brazeal 3d horse head, but I messed up and made the cheek way too long and I used the wrong edge for some of the half face blows, so I just winged it. The lips of the horse became the brow of the owl, and the cheek became the body.


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18 hours ago, BillyBones said:

may have to steal that. 

To quote a high-powered international business guy I met with last week: before graduation, stealing ideas is cheating; after graduation, stealing ideas is "Best Practices".

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#5 is another owl, tried it with a new eye punch I found at a yard sale with a center punched pupil. The eye punch just so happens to be the same size as my large round punch, so I set in the socket with the round, then the eye punch to define. Also tried defining the neck more, though I think it looks too stretched out for my tastes. I prefer the shallower cut for the wings on the first one too. Somtimes simpler is gooder.1730960922_IMG_20200125_1329060822.thumb.jpg.9705d2a503777c5c03c8843d21c1f739.jpg


And as requested, here is each chisel I have next to it's mark. Haven't used the rock chisel? yet, but I want to use it as is before I decide to alter it.


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