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  1. I’ll take the average mental illness kind of kid anyday. Self harm and attempting suicide twice now is a lot to handle! She is in child psyc hospital now and maybe 180 days till she gets out. Going to be a tough road ahead.
  2. Been a while but I’m still at it
  3. I’m still around and still forging when I can. Summer is a very busy time for me(also dealing with a troubled teen daughter fighting mental illness). Come winter I’ll have more time to share and forge. Thank you for compliments on my anvil. It’s working very well for me!
  4. I’d love to see a demo on those long horns
  5. I would agree with buzzkill but I have not messed with my T burner fed narb for a while. Prob get back at it this winter so I’m tagging along to learn from your mistakes lol
  6. Fired till bright orange. Almost disappeared in the forge. Pic of mine somewhere in this thread
  7. I like it ausfire. I need to get me a new brass brush.
  8. I’m interested as well. Avoiding the forge weld would make it cheaper to produce fuel wise I would think. Coal dosent come easy around here and propane heats too much of the stock
  9. Wow some great work folks. Keep em coming. Thanks for the video jlp. Ive had very little free time getting the farm winterized. Been frosting for 3 weeks now. 18f this morning.