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  1. Jasen's smithing progression.

    I've learned assumptions are often false.
  2. Jasen's smithing progression.

    I like Charles. He's always willing to help, even those that don't deserve it.
  3. Jasen's smithing progression.

    well he is fond of horses
  4. Jasen's smithing progression.

    Guess I should have proof read after using voice type lol
  5. Jasen's smithing progression.

    Forged a new handled punch today from 4"X1" round h13 and finished my brothers buoy knife. 11 1/4" x2" blade made from spring steel. Hickory handle with copper pins and a strip at the Guard. He wanted it rough. i like the drop point. Feels great in the hand. Indexes well and hacked threw a 3 1/2" apple tree branch like it was green maple.
  6. Jasen's smithing progression.

    It did shoot out a bunch of borax Looked like a sheet of scale almost
  7. Jasen's smithing progression.

    Had my first successful forge weld yesterday. Using some med-high Carbon stock. After the first initial taps and the second heat I heard this loud snap sound and it was stuck! Took two more heats to clean it up then tested it in the vice. Then I folded a file and my first weld stuck good and I again heard this loud slap/snap sound. Then I tried to fold it and weld again and I think I burnt it cause it broke in peaces. I could see that my second weld didn't take but the first one was good. What's up with this sound I'm hearing when the weld sticks???
  8. I use those blocks often at work. Making a round is not easy and to get over 2' you will have to cut a lot! Square is your best bet. Knock the lip off and stack them straight up using retaining wall adhesive. Allowing a step back or bat will make it a pain to work at and kill your back
  9. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    That would really come in handy doing feathers jhcc. Love it
  10. Jasen's smithing progression.

    Thanks daswulf Hopefully Thursday I can back in the shop and work. Spoon I made yesterday was 4 3/8" X 1 3-4". Did a bb'q fork today but I forgot to take a pic. Turned out good.
  11. Jasen's smithing progression.

    @Daswulf would you be willing to share your spoon dies? As I was working the spoon over my fuller I was thinking it would be nice to have a top and bottom tool for spoons
  12. Jasen's smithing progression.

    Guess this is kinda my second spoon. I did make a ladle last March I think. I love it and use it often at the forge
  13. Jasen's smithing progression.

    Thanks for the tips. It's a little large for eating with. More of a serving spoon. I was afraid to go too thin. I dished on the stump then smoothed out on my fat bottom fuller. Was a fun project. I'll do some more smaller ones
  14. Jasen's smithing progression.

    Made my first spoon today. Started with 1" rebar about 6" long also working on some camp sets. Tripod and single pole.