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  1. Might be cheaper to just find a different shell than add extra wool or refactory.
  2. I did spark test ( learned that the hard way as usual) and the larger stock does have some carbon but not much, the other is mild. Wish I could find some wi. Will do a snap test on the heavy stock. I don’t quench my tongs so not a huge issue.
  3. Took a walk in the farm scrap yard today and found 2 10’ lengths of flat bar. 5/16x1” and 1/4x3/4 so I split out a set of tong blanks before dinner one boss is a hair long and one jaw is a hair long but should be able to even them out
  4. I have watched that video and the header video before it. Thanks for the tips wasnt trying to make any certain type of nail. Just goofing off. Only had about 16” left of my 1/4” round stock so just one peace of stock in the forge. #4 was an oops the turned in to a L head.
  5. Made my first nail header and a few nails. Mistakes were made and fun was had. Should have fired up the charcoal forge as the gasser is not efficient for nails. First seven nails in order from left to right
  6. I can imagine. My charcoal forge has thrown many embers while learning. FWIW my hairdryer on low is too much air in my forge. It’s plumbed with 2” pipe and my grate is just a 1/4” plate with some 3/8’s holes drilled in. Charcoal likes slower air than coal.
  7. It’s not much but I’m excited to have it free Nicholson
  8. I’ve heard the same thing about reloading benches. If it’s clean it’s brand new or the owner died
  9. That will bring a new meaning to forge fleas! Looks great though. I’d agree that’s going to be way too much air
  10. Love the wind chime cgl been thinking about doing that with my feathers.
  11. I try to resize photos so they aren’t so big. My phone takes huge pics and I try to resize them to less than 1 mb but some times I forget. I’ll try to remember for the future. Ive been working on selling work. Tools are my favorite thing to forge but at some point I need something to cover my fuel, so I’m told
  12. Works well and much more comfortable to hold. Didn’t hold an edge as well as I hoped so I’m making a new one from O1