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  1. Id make a striking plate with the same size hardy. Drill a hole close to the right size then drift it square.
  2. I'm not 100% sure but I believe this is a ship maul. It's about 8lbs. Never have used it yet
  3. I'm pretty sure it's not a cold cut. Tried it on 1/4" cold rolled round. Now I need to dress it again.
  4. i can't really give an answer to this either as the only real anvil I've used is a papa rhino. All I know for sure is I want a papa rhino!
  5. I agree with daswulf except if only one tong I'd go with modified Chanel locks. Adjustable V notch tongs if you will. Jmo
  6. Yeah I'm pretty sure it was a hot cut. Tried to cold cut a peace of 1/4" round and it marred the edge. It will stay a hot cut for the rest of its life. Dout I'll use it very often as it belonged to my late grandpa. Keep sake if you will
  7. This was made in the early 70's
  8. Hmm I may have to try that some time. I have some washers like that
  9. This was made by my grandpa. He is no longer alive to ask. I posted this on another site and some one thought it was a cold cut. Now I'm curious.
  10. thinking I need to build a wind block for the forge till I can get a shop built. Few bricks helped but not ideal!
  11. Dressed up grandpas handled hot cut and made one more for my striking "anvil" (cast steel tractor weight) from 1 3/16" axel. Did all the work on my vertical rail anvil except upsetting in the modified hardy.
  12. I use a hair dryer and charcoal. Low is too much air. I open my air gate and waste about 25% of the low setting and that seems to be perfect for my forge and practice. I burnt and melted steel before learning what was just right in my setup. I like about 4" of charcoal under my steel and about an 1"-1 1/2" above it