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  1. Brother gave me a victor sr 210 a regulator that was leaky. $21 later I got a rebuild kit on its way.
  2. Great haul lbs! Drooling over the traps!
  3. I like it!
  4. A gota give a big THANKk YOU to @Frosty for posting up those plans for you burners! The burner I built when I first got started worked but just ok. It got the forge to heat but took some time! Built one of frosty's burners today after work and holy smokes does it work!! I'll get video and pics up soon, waiting on mail for my kast O lite 30 and metrikote from Wayne. Can't hardly wait to forge in this setup! Also a big THANK YOU to @Mikey98118 for all the info I've read in forges 101
  5. I love it. I too want to make a few of these.
  6. One thing that has helped me not get clogged with ash is hit the air a little hard at first and blow the ash out. Makes a little bit of a mess but you learn to deal with all the ash My fire pit is about 4" deep but I just pile it up higher
  7. Tagging along for info.
  8. I have used your plate idea with good results. But I use charcoal not coal
  9. Some times learning the hard way is the only way to understand. I too have made tongs from rebar. No fun. But I learned from the expirence. What type of forge are you using? What fuel? Anvil? We love pic's. I bet there are other smiths in your area that could help you out with finding free stock in your area ,may even have some tongs you could use/have. Maybe call one of these smithy's and they can get you in touch with a smith close to you. Heck could have one in your neighborhood Maybe here
  10. Yes it is magnetic. i have worked ss some in the past.
  11. Got the second layer ridgedized and Fire cured. Just realized I still haven't sent my money order to Wayne. So no kast o lite or metrikote yet. Looking forward to work slowing down a bit. Thankfully it seems our heat wave is over. First rain in months is coming down. Also found out the 1 5/8" round stock I got is not hydraulic ram but SS of some sort. I cut off a small puck and tested it for hardening and it did seem to harden up some. If nothing else it will be good stock for practicing hammers
  12. I'm liking your setup. I too would recommend cutting the stup shorter so your rail sticks up above it a few inches. Some usable steel there.
  13. The only time I find things I've lost is when I give up and often when looking for something else. My old suburban doesn't take a key anymore. Had some troubles a while back and I disconnected the ingnition rod from the steering column. Just pull on the rod and she starts up. Well on day I forgot and ended up spinning the key thing to lock. Steering wheel locked up! I thought I had thrown the keys in the center console but could not find them. I'm in the middle of the driveway to one of my new turkey hunting property's and no one can come or go till I move. So I grab the wheel with all I got and snap the steering lock! I get home and notice the keys in my cup holder! Poor old truck has just been beat to death.... By me
  14. I've been wanting a ribbon burner forge for some time now. This has my wheels turning! I like it
  15. Great job Dave! It looks awesome! The heat has been rough on us all lately! One of these days I'll get off work in time to catch ya at the shop. Just love that tree!