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  1. My biggest fear is my wife to be will sell all my tools and guns for what I told her they cost Making a list is a good idea! congrats TP.
  2. I’ll test it tonight. I know it has a high smoke point so temp will probably need raised
  3. I have never used BLO on anything that touches food. Just recently started using it on decorative stuff. Before that I just used canola oil on everything i do have some bear oil I should try. It’s great for cooking!
  4. Well they are sold out at the moment. We prefer to buy local as well. For my steak flippers I’ve been wiping down with bacon grease and baking at 475 till they stop smoking. That seasons them very nice and they are not sticky. Basically same as I do for my cast iron pans. I’ll keep my eyes out for bees wax and continue to use the BLO for the non cookware till then. Though people are liking the painted coat hooks. Today I’ll have to shovel a path to the smithy. We’ve had over 2’ of snow in the last few days. Got over a 40 hour week in the last 3 days plowing and more snow coming Thursday- Monday.
  5. Thank you both. Just sent a message to a local bee keeper.
  6. I did apply some blo hot after the pics. Need to round up some bees wax. I need to make another wood hammer. Mine walked off last summer.
  7. Thank you cgl The pin slides nice but I think in use the twist would keep it from shifting. Was super simple to make. I’m not sure I like the termination but I wanted it to be snag proof. The knife works very well for chopping.
  8. Welcome neighbor. The nwba is a great group of folks. I’d recommend getting to know them if you haven’t already
  9. Today I tried a twisted wire brooch. Idk if I like it but was able to do most the work cold. Also made my 3rd completed knife for the misses. She loves it.
  10. I saw those on “forging it forward” great work as usual Mark. I wish I was closer to you, would enjoy taking a class from you.
  11. That’s awesome. He looks pretty happy with it. We had a storm roll threw yesterday too. 12” of snow another 3-5” tomorrow