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  1. I like it. The 2 in the center look a little close together. Looking forward to seeing the results
  2. Safety Question...

    Put a wrench on the T and another on the 90
  3. Safety Question...

    can you not turn the 90 so the line is off to the side away from heat?
  4. Beginning Blacksmithing

    Welcome. Have you read the forges 101 thread. Pretty much everything you'll need to know about gas forges in that thread
  5. Safety Question...

    Could wrap it loosely in few layers of foil. Or build a heat shield with plate i don't have that setup but I hard piped mine till its 16" away from the dragons breath. Dosent get more than warm
  6. Jasen's smithing progression.

    Started a coil spring knife. My 2nd knife. Wip. Will be my first completed knife
  7. Forges 101

    If you read threw this thread there is info on getting correct wool for free or very cheap. Hvac company's can not use scraps and they get thrown away
  8. The Temple Boxer

    Wow! Beautiful job!
  9. Why is my leaf spring steel cracking?

    I hear that alot on Facebook so you have to heat the steel before you heat the steel??? Soon as you bring it above critical the anealing is gone. From what I see (and I'm just a newbie)in the op the steel has been worked too cold. I don't think it's was over stressed before hand cause the cracks are where the work is. Just my inexperienced opinion.
  10. cold steel spring back

    Could do a quick jabod that's long so you can stretch your heats some
  11. Need some help relining

    Which refactory are you using?
  12. Need some help relining

    When I did mine I rigidizer layer by layer and fire cured after both where finished. You could use some screws, screwed in from the out side to hold the first layer in place. The rigidizer will glue the two layers together when you cure it. I would def use refactory where the burner comes in Did you know you can make your own rigidizer for less than $10 for about half a gal worth??
  13. cold steel spring back

    Sorry I don't have info to help but I love the bench!
  14. My most recent for straightening coil springs
  15. T Burner Illustrated Directions

    That dragons breath looks pretty blue! I have used a brick at the back and once it heats up it does seam to get hotter. Tho I don't do that anymore unless it's windy cause I've burnt steel in there before