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  1. Jasent

    Jasen's smithing progression.

    Worked on a new hardy tool this last weekend. Will post pics when it’s done. Will be for making my feathers
  2. Jasent

    Jasen's smithing progression.

    Got 2 dragon head coat hooks made
  3. Jasent

    It followed me home

    I’ll just email the company
  4. Jasent

    It followed me home

    I searched Karbo-krome then read threw several threads
  5. Jasent

    It followed me home

    Came home with a bunch of plainer blades today. Free The small ones are d2. Still researching the large ones
  6. Jasent

    Jasen's smithing progression.

    Thank you Worked in the shop yesterday. Felt good swinging a hammer again. April was a very tough month for me. My girl friends rig was stolen, went from living in a mobile home to now living in a small cabin. My family owns a trailer park, they offer to sell me one of the trailers that was supposed to be empty by April 1st. Well that didn’t happen( big miss understanding) and didn’t find out till after I had already submitted in writing me moving out of the place we lived. One huge emotional roller coaster. Now we are settled in, smithy is at the new home and I can finally breathe. Working on some wall hooks last night. Started working on a dragon head coat hook. Still not finished with it but the lady loves it. I believe it is wrought iron but it must be super refined as I can’t get it to etch any pattern. Sure is nice to work with though. Every once in a while it does get a delamination in a tiny spot. Scales up super heavy but oh so nice under the hammer! Will post pics later on
  7. Jasent

    Anyone in NW Washington?

    I’m in ne wa
  8. Jasent

    I'm a dad!

    Congratulations bud
  9. Jasent

    Jasen's smithing progression.

    Been away for a bit. Moved to the farm. Starting to forge again.
  10. Yes still good but hasn't been fired up much
  11. Jasent

    What did you do in the shop today?

    If you swing it right you can run a heavy hammer with ease. I often forge with my 8#'er. No pain afterwards Or during. After swinging the 8#'er for a hour or 2 the 4# feels like a 1# lol
  12. I recommend reading the forges 101 thread.
  13. I agree with David. Leaf spring works well and can often be had for free. I have a friend that's works at a bus garage that saves me all the springs and axles. In turn I make things for him.
  14. I have only used kastolite but no leaks or cracks. I fired mine in the forge after curing for 2days if I remember right.
  15. Loving the updates. I haven't messed with mine for a while now. Should get back to it