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  1. We've had a juvenile coopers hawk hanging around our front yard the last few weeks. He's not afraid of us at all, I got 5 ft from him today. He's been munching on our finch, tit and starling population. We will hear a commotion in a bush next to us and out he pops with a bird in hand. I love having guinea fowl around. Watching a car stop to let them cross the road, only for a guinea to take offense that the car stopped and start screaming at it. Its even better when the person driving starts honking to get them to move. It becomes a battle of stubborn stupidity that the human usually wins. I remember some time ago a study that had ravens ahead of chimps when solving multi step problems. IIRC the chimps could consistently figure out 4 steps to conclusion while the ravens would consistently get 6 step conclusions. Something like push open a drawer with a big stick inside, that can be used to release a rope, which is pulled to get a little stick, that fits in a hole to press a button that opens a door with a treat.
  2. That's what I was trying to go for, smooth. I was going to stay away from the step and cube twists. These still need a wire brushing, but there isn't anything that catches my shoulder length hair, the first time I've had hair this long since I started highschool 20 yeas ago. I'll make a few of smaller stock as well in case 1/4" is too large. It's hard to know what he wants when he doesn't know what he wants. Haha, it looks like we had the same problem with not having a long enough stem to wrap around itself after making the loop. Yours ended up with a better post than mine. The tip on mine just needs a quick lick on a belt sander and it could be considered a belt knife. Im just happy I got a fairly decent center ridge on my leaf after 6 months of downtime.
  3. I actually managed to get the forge going before the new year. I'm out of practice, but my leather working friend asked me to make some hair pin samples for his leather hair holders. There are still others samples to be made, and he wasn't sure exactly what he wanted so I did/will do a couple different twists, lengths, handles and tip shapes so he can mix and match for the ballpark hes looking for. If he likes what he sees ill be getting $10 for each one someone orders, not bad for a 5"-6" piece of 1/4" round. Also tried my hand at a leaf belt buckle. I like the leaf part, but making it by eye when I'm out of practice wasn't the best plan. While fiddling to get it "right" I ended up making the stem too short, the eye too small and the tip too sharp to be used on a belt. I will end up making it into a bottle opener. I think a jig will be in order if I want to make it cleanly.
  4. More book size. The whole thing folded up is 12"x8.5". A buckle would be nice, it has a thin leather string to tie it closed. Twigg, thanks I'll pass on your compliment. That pry bar looks like a nice score. You would be surprised what you can bend with a long enough cheater bar and a "I WILL get it" attitude
  5. Id love to try, but thats well above my pay grade(so far), it was just an amusing thought I had. I'll set this in my back pocket for when my skillset has caught up to my imagination. George, I've always found my natural gait to be ball first, and my heel hardly ever touches unless I'm standing still or in ski boots. I think it may come from stepping on too many banana slugs barefoot when I would sneek out of bed as a kid. If you hit them heel first you'd go sliding, and your cover was blown. Ball first, they'd just squish between your toes and you just had to grit your teeth to stay quiet.
  6. I noticed nickel is suggested in both ferrous and nonferrous pattern welding. Has/could someone make a mokume gane/Nickel/wrought-iron/Nickel/mokume gane item? With the nickel/wrought welded first and then the mokume welded to the nickel at a lower temperature.
  7. That would be a tough sell, but luckily we only name the ones we keep. That way people can name the puppies themselves, but they can get puppies out of "Up town girl"(Kristi) and "Man in Black"(Cash) or from "Riannon"(Stevie) and "Sly and the family stone"(Sly). Alot of people keep with the theme and name their pup after a song by one of the parent artists. "Slaps head* That is a much simpler idea. Its basically what my rivets turned into, only these will be easily replaceable if needed. Mr. SLAG, the pop rivets are a good idea too, though I think I'm going to try the upside down flying V idea first
  8. Thanks for the feedback, ill let my friend know and maybe he can expand his customer base
  9. A buddy who does canvas and leather work made this for me. A leather art portfolio. He made it from an off hand musing I had about wanting something fireproof to hold my notebook while at the forge. When he posted it on social media he got a bunch of orders from other artists, so I'm glad my musings have helped him out.
  10. Ooh, I like the catapult Dennis. Way better then the ones I made as a kid with a wooden spoon and a couple rubber bands. Thank Frosty. Songcatcher is our kennel name, and our gimmick. All our dogs are named after songs. I just took the name and ran with it. I have used crystals in previous ones, but I didn't have any on hand while making this one. I love the rainbow effect that come with them. I've been getting alot of interest in these, so I will be making a few more for sale. Now comes the fun part of pricing them. Ugh. I've seen other tuned wind chimes the same size as the one I just made go for $300US. That seems a little steep for me, especially with my novice ability at making them, but they don't have the dreamcatcher tops. I guess I'll start with the commercial prices, and if people balk at the price I can always lower it a bit. On a related note, how would one rivet through a hollow pipe without the rivet bending inside the hollow section? I've been having alot of trouble with this while making the chimes and I finally settled for letting it bend towards the top so the chain stays in the middle with the bend, but I end up losing the length needed for even heads on both sides, even when I add extra length.
  11. Made this songcatcher as a x-mas gift/thank you for the green house frame. Used some of the kinked tubing from the frame as the chimes. It ended up a little larger than I anticipated, 8 ft from top to the bottom of the sail, but if I made it any shorter it would look cluttered. Tuned to A, B and G
  12. I was bitten by the black adder when I was a wee lad of 8. Its so engrained into me that sometimes I worry if I have a good idea then my foot will fall off.
  13. HAHAHA I havent thought of that episode for a while. "Chairs? WICKED CHILD! *smack, smack* In our home, Nathaniel sits on a spike." "And you?" "I sit on Nathaniel, two spikes would be an extravagance " Now that Black Adder is in my mind, i think our high school aged farm help is going to get a crash course in silliness. "If you have 2 beans, and you add 2 more beans, then how many beans do you have?" "3 beans... and that 1"
  14. I have heard one similar in English; "You can't eat experience". Meaning you could have all the experience in the world, but unless you do the work it doesn't put food on the table. Is that a similar meaning to the Russian proverb? I'd love to see how you make your leaves as well.
  15. I was in a forge welding class with him in February. One of the tips he gave the class was to be proficient in forge welding you need to do 1000 welds, but that includes the failures as well as the successes.
  16. Thank you, those are good tips. I'll look and listen for neutral next time I fire my forge up.
  17. Thanks, it sure will help. Though ill have to get creative on how to put it back together. There were only 2 ribs that didn't collapse out of 14, but I may be able to piece together 1 or 2 more from the others. With those, hopefully I can make a 30' round house by crossing the ribs and reinforcing with wood beams. I think I would get more space than if I put them in line like they were before (5' between ribs). I took a glance at what would be allowed by code, and apparently with the pipe anchors this isn't considered a permanent structure, so there is ALOT of leeway on what they will allow before they start to look at it, a 30x60 greenhouse instead of "under 100ft² floor space" for example. A slab would make it permanent, so I'll have to have a dirt or gravel floor. I still need to see what siding I can use, fingers crossed that roofing tin will be allowed, we have a whole bunch of it laying around. I may have to spring for a skin if not.
  18. Oops, I missed that part. As I said, ...a grain of salt
  19. Take my opinion with a grain of salt, but I think to be a super sucker your opening needs to have a smaller area than the area of the diameter of your chimney, so if your using a 12" chimney, you would need less than a 113in² opening towards your forge. A 10"x10" opening would be more "sucky" than the 12.5"x12.5" opening you have. The temperature, height and diameter of your chimney determines how much air is moved out of the chimney. If the same amount of air leaving the top of your chimney enters though a smaller opening at the base, then the velocity is greater to compensate for the lack of area to pull from.
  20. Is there a reference here on IFI on how to tune for the burn wanted? Or, how do you know you have the burn you want?
  21. We have one who looks just like Sam. We keep her shaggy and just strip her coat when it gets too rough. We have another that we joke has some shi-zu in her(we've had her lineage for 24 generations), we bred her mother, a wire hair whos great grandmother was long haired, with an outside male who was a smooth but carried the long gene, so she got both long and wire hair genes. She ended up with something closer to hair than fur. She has to get clipped or her hair grows in front of her eyes and she looks like a black and tan Sam the sheep dog. She also rolls onto her back and scoots upside down along the floor to get attention. Goofiest dachshund I've ever seen. Its hard to tell from the picture, is Mees a red dapple or is he just a shaded red?
  22. I had mentioned this earlier this year, but I finally got it. Over the last few days, I've been helping a friend remove a greenhouse that he inherited when he got his property. It was a 30'x60' qwansat hut(not sure of the spelling, but it was a peaked top, round sided tunnel). It was in disrepair, but whole to start with, but the first winter he was there we had 4' of Sierra cement fall overnight and it collapsed. He had no emotional or monetary attachments to it, so when I asked what he was going to do with it, he responded that he was going to scrap it and that I could have it as long as I helped him tear it down. I told him I'll bring the beer and my tools, which turns out all we needed was a hammer, a ratchet set, a pair of wire cutters and a cordless drill. Oh, and some loppers and rakes to clear the blackberries that had taken over one side. I came away with ~200' of 1.5" square tubing, ~300' of 1.75"od round tubing, ~120' of 1 1/2" round tubing, 28 4' sections of 2" tubing that was the "foundation"(hammered into the ground, 1.75" ribs slipped inside and were bolted into place), some conduit, a couple 2'x2' vents, a 2ft fan that fits one of the vents, a couple 12" cage fans(not pictured), an industrial propane heater(unknown condition, he said it worked when he bought the place), 3 100# propane tanks(not pictured), 3 330 gallon tanks with cages, a bunch of old large gague extension cords and electrical wire(to be assessed later if its worth messing with for the copper), and all the brickets and brackets that held it all together. The main damage was on the 1.75" tubing, so there's not too many straight pieces longer than 3' of that. I'll have to scrap the kinked sections, but the rest is in pretty decent condition. It is all galvanized so I won't be forging with it, but I could definitely use it to build things with. Maybe I'll start with a way to store it all. The only thing we had to bring to the land fill was the skin, which was 3 layers. 2 of thick clear plastic, 1 of woven plastic, and it took a whole truck load for each layer. He also wanted to have the "dirt" removed, but I educated him on the difference between dirt and soil, so he is keeping that for a garden for his wife. Besides, I didn't want to move at least 40 yards of soil, though I would have taken that too if he decided he wanted it gone. You can never have too much good loamy soil here in the land of red clay. It amazes me what can come your way when you have a willingness to help and some beer
  23. Ahh, I've always heard them called "teeth" though I can see how some would call them scales, especially when making rasple snakes. I can't talk for Jaeger, though it looks like he ground them down, but kept enough for the pattern. Jaeger and Das, great looking knives all around.
  24. Good looking Dachshies, I have a fondness for wirehaird ones like Sam. Mees looks like s/hes around 3-4 months old? The perfect age to get into trouble, while still looking cute as they are doing it.
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