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  1. Thanks guys. I don't have a welder (or know how to use one), so I tried threading the leaves with a tap and die set. I just didn't realize that the posts were too close to put nuts onto. I ended up peening them over and got a really tight hold on them. All in all, I'm happy with the first work I've done that has multiple pieces to it. That's a nice looking bottle opener JHCC
  2. I decided to try my hand at bladesmithing, so I started out with a couple of swords. I banged them out pretty quickly too, only took 10 minutes to make 2 I may end up making a few more to slay the muenster of the cheese plate at our next gathering. After that arduous task, I finished the key hook for my sister's birthday. Besides the leaves which were ⅛"x½" bar, everything else was found on the farm. The petals were from a sheet off an old water heater, old barbed wire for the stem and a cover off some old farm equipment for the base.
  3. Been a while since I've been on ifi. In my absence i made some old friends from AZ a bracelet and bottle opener, and their kids some troll crosses. not sure about how medicinal it is, but I have experienced on multiple occasions where by muddling mint in your drinking water bottle and drinking the mint water for a few (3-4) days you can start feeling the menthol coming out with your sweat. It makes a nice cooling effect while you work. It's an old ranchers trick I learned while gathering cows for weeks at a time. They would put the mint in the water cooler so you got it whenever you filled your water bottle. It started because it tasted better than plain water, but they found the other side effect quite pleasent
  4. Billy, I used 1 long piece bent in half, then each half was bent in half and twisted cold, but it'd work just fine with 4 smaller pieces. It would probably be easier to get even ends with the smaller pieces. Mine was a little off because the bends weren't exact halves. But isn't that what a grinder is for? I have a couple of ladies who want one since they saw it at the party last night, and another offered to sell some out of her storefront, so I think I'm going to be doing bracelets for a bit
  5. Thank you everyone for your responses, while I was working out the style and size I wanted. My mom got herself a bday haircut, just below ear length. So the hair pin/bun holder is out of the running for a gift idea. Instead I made a bracelet using the basic layout techniques stated here (solder for length and basic design). made from 24 inches of 1/8in wire from some old fencing. Heat colored and beeswax finish. 6.5 inch length before curling. ~2.5 inches round finished. Will shape to fit after gifting it to her
  6. It's my mother's birthday in a week, and I was wondering if anyone has the starting stock size and length for a hair pin similar to the one pictured. I searched with my favorite engine, but the term 'hair pin' comes up alot more than I thought it would in conversation in here, and not just about pinning up hair. It was mentioned that this one was too bulky and heavy, and I think they used 3/8in square for the holding part, so I'm thinking 5/16 or 1/4 in, any input would be helpful. Thank you
  7. Looks like a ready made parrot head to me. Just add a body and some wings
  8. After calling the mom for mother's day, I had a bit of time to practice my birds. Tried making it so the beak opened the bottle, and it does, but I found the legs and tail grab the bottle cap way better, and it sits in top of the bottle. Yes, it does need to be straighter, and more symmetrical. But Its alot better than my first bird.
  9. Might be "funny farm" with Chevy Chase, but it's been so long since I've seen it I can't remember. Maybe that shoe was for a tap dancing horse?
  10. Wow. That is an amazing piece of art. Have you thought about the spray on truck liner? It might cover up some of the intricacies of your amazing work, but it would add the right texture for the skin
  11. Rojo, Yes they did have a tailgaiting section, but it wasn't as large as I was expecting, maybe 6 or 7 tailgaters, and they were picked over pretty good by the time I made it out to them. There was a 10 ton fly press i wish I could've afforded after I got to use one in the pendulum contest, but I can't justify spending more than $500 on any tool. At least not yet. Frosty, I lucked out, it was at my local fairgrounds so it was only a half hour drive for me. I haven't been able to go to any of the other "local" conferences because I'm so far out myself and can't be gone for more than 1 night. I got alot of comments on how jealous everyone was that I got to sleep in my own bed every night Das, I think I heard one of the event planners say that there were a little over 300 people who showed up for the event, not counting volunteers, demonstrators, or family members who came to watch. There were 5 or 6 other demonstrators that were there too, but I didn't get to see what they were doing, so I didn't mention them earlier. E-Box, yes that is a fully functional Lego power hammer, they even had a lego guy with a leather apron and tools to use with it, someone had grabbed him to look at when I was taking pictures though so no pics of him.
  12. I had a blast this Thurs-Sat at the CBA spring conference in Grass Valley CA. It was my first ever BS conference so my head is still swimming with names and information. Made a ⅞ inch slitter in the education area with Mark Aspery and Victoria Ritter in the education area. Mark showed me that I needed to loosen up my tong shoulder to be able to swing the hammer more smootherly. Joined a pendulum contest and won!! You can see it under "Show me things that move" in the metal sculpture and carving section). The Stenico brothers, Martino and Jadran, from Italy made a beautiful grey heron as their demo. Megan Crowly from Colorado was making vases out of different sized pipes for her demo. Did a link making contest for destruction testing. They couldn't find the 3/8 in round stock so we made 1/2inch links instead. They took a 20ton press and rigged it to pull, and put a device that measures the pulling force in 5 lb increments. We had to stop halfway through because the press started warping at 22,000 lbs and wasn't safe to test anymore. That link didn't break either. The lowest tested was 6000 lbs, and that one looked like the weld didn't take, so even though mine wasn't tested I know it'll hold at least 6000lbs Won a decorative lantern and a rr spike letter opener at the iron in the hat. And there were alot of cool things in the gallery.
  13. It needed to swing for ten minutes for the contest, so the judges asked us to start them at the same time and then leave for 20 so they could watch and judge. When I got back this is what it was like. VID_20190427_142617001.mp4 The bases were supplied and the clearance was 4 inches between the legs. The one with the wind chimes hit the leg around the 2 minute mark, so it didn't go the whole 10. The other 2 went the whole time. One of the scrolls on the second one in the video spun out of alignment but it kept going longer than the blacksmithing one. And yes that one has a fire in the "forge" for a bottom weight
  14. And here's a better up close picture of ours at rest