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  1. I guess frosty was right, my drawing was confusing. Funny, it made perfect sense to me when I drew it. But hearing how others perceive it, I can see how it would confuse. I hadn't meant that the bar would bend up, instead I thought it would bend towards the blows on the edge, along the flat of the bar. I did, however, have a brain lapse and forgot the basic principle that metal moves away from the hammer, not towards it. Too busy looking at the forest, I forgot to look at the trees, or the ground it's growing in. A quick follow up question about Frosty's method. Should you normalize periodically to relieve stresses from working the metal cold? JLP, that was interesting to watch. I didn't realize that steel would move like that. Another thing to try out when I can get a little more free time. My first thought when I saw this was "Wow, what an easy way to make some bolt tongs. 3 hits and it's mostly done."
  2. Yes that's makes it more clear. And I don't know why I thought it would bend towards the blows, as soon as you said it I had one of those DUH moments and slapped my head. Thank you for the clarification
  3. I'm just making sure I understand this You lay the bar(black) down flat on the anvil and use med light blows on one side(blue), causing the bar to curve(green)? I'm going to have to try this one. I also saw JLPs video of a non welded ring that might work for your project, I was going to try it out as well.
  4. Found these while looking through back issues of the CBAs newsletter. Haven't tried them yet, but I figured id share them here if anyone wanted something different to try.
  5. Here's a 4 way opener I made. Started as an eyed opener, but the eye broke so I made it into something better. I only took pics of 3 ways it opens, but the recipient showed me a 4th. The finger fulcrum method with the base.
  6. Thanks everyone. It was about 5 inches when I started. I cut a # from one end half way through with a hacksaw to get 9 legs, broke the middle one off to get 8. Somethings I would've done different is I'd shape the head before I cut the legs. It didn't work trying to upset it without being able to get a solid hit. I'd also hot cut the middle leg to get kind of a beak. And I won't work the legs so cold that they break. A squid is a great idea, there's plenty of material to peen into a mantle. I thought it would make a good spider too
  7. Das, that looks great. I'm sure once you start getting your name out there people will be lining up for your work. BillyBones, nice work on the beanpoles, I'm going to have to steal that idea for the garden. I had a scrap end off of a 1/2 inch square bar so I tried an octopus. Broke one of the legs off while bending them. Learned alot of what to do, and alot of what not to do.
  8. TP, close, but in the story it was a meter long. Look up giant isopod and you'll see what it turned out to be. It may not have been Crichton, but it read like him. A mix of fact and fiction, with some government conspiracy mixed in for good measure. Moto, that drawknife looks nice, I would like to see how it works out. Mudman, the jaw and boss are really clean(besides the cold shut) now to make another one exactly like it... Without the cold shut
  9. Jlp, Don't be so modest. You may not see the abstract, or do sculptures, but your work is very artistic, IMHO. I'm at the point with iron/steel where I'm still trying to make it into what I want first. Once I get that down I'll try reading it to see what it wants to be. If I ever manage to get into a welding class I'd love to start scrap art, but every time I sign up there is a waiting list of 20-30 people ahead of me. I'm headed into town near the community college tomorrow, so I'll stop by and see when sign up starts for next semester to see if I can catch it early. Frosty, wow, there are some interesting 'alien' creatures there, I can see how my doodle reminds you of them. It reminds me of a Michael Crichton(I think) book where they found an alien in the ice that turned out to be a ancient sea dwelling wood louse.
  10. Yeah, the only time I have to doodle now is when I'm on hold on the phone. Not like the copious amounts of time a teen has when their teacher is droning on and on.
  11. Jlp, it was a 6in square. All my doodles tend to turn into creatures... sci-fi, fantastic, or real. I generally didn't set out to draw anything in particular. I start with a few random lines and see what comes from it. I immagine that's how scrap artists like das and aus start their sculptures. My grandfather taught me this exercise to me to help "see" things that weren't there. Start by closing your eyes and drawing 3 lines... Straight, curved, curly, long, short, single, or crossed, doesn't matter. Before you open your eyes, decide what it will be a drawing of, then open your eyes and MAKE the lines work for your idea. Sometimes it would be pretty abstract, other times it would meld nicely. After a while of making the lines into what I wanted, I began to see what the lines wanted me to draw instead. He was a wood carver, and this was his way of teaching me how to "read" the material I was working. I never was any good at carving, but the exercise has stuck with me with my doodles, and now hopefully with the metallic arts. Das, I just saw the frame question. I never thought to frame it, but it is a good idea. Now to find the right material for it
  12. Thanks. I think I like this less Paul better than the original
  13. Thanks Frosty. I did the ivory soap trick, when it turns black it's ready, or so I've been told. I went back and finished the background. I expected to reanneal with the texture, but I managed to get everything done on the first go with no more trouble than the first breakthrough. I was surprised how quickly the texturing went too.
  14. Thanks das, I was feeling a little sluggish so I didn't do the background. Will finish it up tonight or when I can spare a few minutes here and there. It's nice getting to practice a little hammer control without having to fire up the forge. That looks great JLP. Is that one going to have a video too?