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  1. The only person who can waist your time is you. YOU choose how to use your time. If you don't want to waist it answering the same question over an over, then don't. There are others on here who aren't so jaded who can help, leaving you to answer the more involved questions. I do enjoy your in depth explanations, they are very informative. You are a huge asset to the smithing world, but you tend to be a bit crusty around the edges when it comes to New folk who don't know that a question has been asked a hundred times before. To them this is all new. I know when I first came here it was like going to the library the first time. So many books, how do I find what I want? I'll ask someone. "Excuse me, where is XYZ book?" I get my book and I'm done. After being there a few time I then change my question to "Excuse me, how can I find for the book I'm looking for?" The librarian teaches me the Dewey decimal system and then has time to help everyone else.
  2. Just because i've been around the block 100 times doesn't mean you have. Respect other people's journey.
  3. My grandfather used to say "There are no dumb questions, only dumb people. If your asking questions, even those that sound dumb, then your not a dumb person"
  4. Shabumi

    3 faced hammer

    Yeah, I thought the handles were a bit sharp, and the taper towards the end would make it more likely to slip. The tool did intrigue me, maybe not as a hammer though. The weight on either side would make it want to roll to one side or the other with each hit, especially if the faces aren't the same weight. Now as a top set with a mild steel button in between the faces to hit might work. I'm thinking eye punches... Socket, ball and pupil on one tool.
  5. Shabumi

    3 faced hammer

    As I was looking around online at random blacksmiths tools I came across this. Has anyone had any experience with a hammer like this? If so what did you think about it?
  6. Why not just throw the anvil in a chest freezer? Wouldn't the cold freeze out any moisture? A bit off topic, but this talk of lighter than air vehicles has me thinking of a LTA anvil stand. Need the anvil at a different height? Just add or remove your LTA gas of choice. Heck, the extra lift provided might make it more efficient at moving metal.
  7. Shabumi

    Evaporust before and after

    Your welcome jhcc. The site is very informative, I suggest going through their FAQs if anyone has any other questions about it. Another cool thing is it's mostly water so when the liquid level goes down you can top it off with a hose. The water just acts as a carrier for everything. My guess is it stops working when there is no more free sulphur in the solution to collect the iron. Maybe if you have the stinky egg smelling water, you could use it indefinitely.
  8. Shabumi

    The most useful blacksmithing ideas

    This one is a little basic, but it's stood the test of time. If you put the hot thing onto a hard thing and hit it with another hard thing, the hot thing changes shape.
  9. Shabumi

    Evaporust before and after

    I saw this thread earlier and it had piqued my interest, so I went to the source, the evaporust website. It has alot of explanations of what evaporust is and does, but a summery is that while vinegar is an acid that disolves everything. Evaporust, IIRC, is a chelating agent that only effects iron molecules, pulling them from the iron oxide and "relocating" them to sulphur in the solution to create iron sulfide, thus freeing the chelator to work some more. The black residue on higher carbon metal is the carbon left over after the iron is removed from the rust.
  10. Shabumi

    Prayers for Camp fire victims

    I believe Mr. Slag is correct about the seismometer, I remember one of the park rangers telling me about it when they stayed up at the fire lookout on top of the Black Buttes for the summer. She also told me that when a storm came in, she could deal with the flashing and vibrations, and wearing earplugs underneath noise canceling earmuffs for the sound, but she could never get used to the feeling of electricity everywhere. She'd have to shut the solar power system down, grab a lantern and sit in the Faraday cage in the middle of the lookout while lightning is striking the rods next to the lookout. Alot of times all through the night. Same kind of country as Mt. Beckworth with "bald" mountain tops and lots of strikes. We did get a good rain so far. First rain of the season and we got 1.5" between Wednesday and Thursday. Today should drop quite a bit more, 3"-5" projected. Last I saw, the fire was 95% contained which is wonderful. Missing is back down to the 500s and dropping. Death toll has been rising slowly, 83 currently. ~15,000 homes, or ⅛ of all homes in Butte county have been destroyed. And I heard on the news that the smoke from this fire made it to, and was noticable in New York City yesterday. Though I'm not sure if I believe that one. Frosty. I've always been too busy to attend Graeagles railroad days, it's always looked like so much fun. I enjoy going camping up there for the 4th of July, the surrounding lakes are amazing. Even living here I've noticed that unless you stop to learn the history of Nevada City, it looks like any other gold rush town in California. We are very proud of our rich history though, like having the first Pelton wheel cast here. Some of it isn't the best thing to be proud of, like the invention of hydraulic mining. Good or bad, its our history, and we embrace it. In fact i think I'll show off some of our heavy metal history. This isn't the original, but this 12', 15 ton Pelton wheel was cast and assembled here in 1927. Moved to it's current location in 2001 This is a 21" gate valve used in a hydro mine from 1880 until the Sawyer decision in 1884 stop hydraulic mining. 1500 lbs, build in San Francisco by Joshua Hendy Works, used to regulate the water needed to blast away whole mountainsides... ...with this water cannon(monitor). Besides the 90° bends, these were built at the mine instead of being manufactured, so dating is tough for these. And here's a 5 headed "power hammer"(stamp mill), used to crush the quartz ore to get to the gold
  11. Shabumi

    Prayers for Camp fire victims

    Frosty, I've only been to the Portola area once, but I remember it being very beautiful. I too enjoy watching the lightning storms, as long as the wet stuff comes with them. It gets really nerve racking when we get them without rain, on a "good" thunderstorm we'll get 80-100 strikes an hour in a very small area around here. Im in North Columbia, a little town with a population of 9, near Downieville. I think you said you'd been there on an old post, though I might be mistaken. Glenn, thank you for your way with words. I tried to convey the severity of this inferno, but I never seem to be able to express the way I want when typing. You are absolutely right about lives being more important than the fire. California has burned long before we were here and will burn long after we're gone. The land will be fine. It's the lives we need to worry about. The firefighters, first responders and search teams are all heroes in my eyes. It looks like the prayers for rain were answered. The weather says rain on Wednesday and again early Friday and from the looks of it, they should be good soaking rains. This will REALLY help out the firefighting efforts.
  12. Shabumi

    Prayers for Camp fire victims

    It has been horrible watching this unfold so close to home. The latest numbers I saw were 350 found safe, but the missing more than doubled to 630 and they expect it to climb as this was an incomplete count of the current missing/found persons filed. At least the winds shouldn't pick up for a few days so they should be able to get some more containment. Unfortunately no wind also means no smoke dispersal. Some places around here have smoke so thick the visibility is down to ¾ mile, and it's reduced the daytime highs so Lake Tahoe, which is above the smoke at 6300' elevation has higher daytime temps than Sacramento at 30' elevation
  13. Shabumi

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Found this 3"x2.5" pipe reducer with a soft inside edge and thought I'd try out dishing for the first time. I managed to get a scrap 6in flat circle raised 2.5in before the smoke drove me back inside. The smoke from the Camp fire is so thick the sun was the color of a dull red heat, but it made for nice diffused lighting for the pictures.
  14. Shabumi

    Prayers for Camp fire victims

    Please send your thoughts and prayers to all those effected by the Camp fire, California's deadliest wildfire. 56 dead, nearly 300 still missing. Fire so hot it's burning the bones. They have to rely on cadaver dogs and are testing the ashes where they signal to try and confirm deaths. The town of Paradise is all but destroyed. I'll be sending extra prayers for those who have lost, or are still missing loved ones.
  15. Shabumi

    So I moved my forge out of the ground

    I can't judge you too much, I did the same thing. What stopped me from wearing the wrong shoes was when i dropped some red hot metal on my sneakers. The metal didn't touch my feet, but the synthetic material melted on to my foot and left one of the worse burns I've ever had. Ever since then it's been leather boots in the shop for me