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Christmas items 2019

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On 11/18/2019 at 9:53 AM, jwilson645 said:

Just a couple of pieces I've made recently

I really like the gnomes, J. They're simple but very expressive I'll bet they'd sell like hotcakes. Sure make great Christmas decorations.

Those are excellent calla lilys Blackegg, you really have them down pat. 

On 11/21/2019 at 10:11 AM, bertie_bassett said:

although i its not an offence here might also go back to some copper or silver smithing. :ph34r:

COPPER SILVER!!! GASP! :o! Ah, so it's not ferrous, we'll look at the pics. We LOVE pics you know. ;) Metal's metal and we love good metal work. I really like the bee in the flower. The dragon is excellent, very expressive and the snail even looks slippery slimy. Good job!  A little liver of sulfur to brown the nut of the acorn charm/pendant(?) would be sweet.  Nice job on the cross but the proportions don't do it for me. That's just personal taste though, it's still nice work.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Made a couple bottle openers for a couple guys i work with. When we get reman trannies from GM, or whoever, they come with these little brackets to hold the torque converters in. 


So i took 2 of them and made bottle openers for the owner of my shop and the manager.


Still need a little file work and waxed. 



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I like your work very much Das. I started a piece the other day that decided it wants to be a wind chime for my MIL. And some split crosses which I've not made either of before. Wish me luck! I'll post pictures when I get them done. I won't be able to get back to it till this weekend probably. Thanksgiving at my house this year so I will be too busy. 

Billy, yes don't file the mouse... he would not approve! Nice openers. I like to turn things into something else also

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Thank you Das. I was actually just working some crosses out in clay. I started cutting them in metal in the shop the other day but that's as far as I got. Seems pretty straightforward, but I'm sure it'll be a bit fiddly til I get it down. 

bertie, if your comment was meant for me, thank you. I'll keep that in mind.  Im making these from mild steel. I haven't worked stainless yet

Duh, it was. Y'all were both telling me to keep it hot.. Thank you!

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Does your snowman have a means,  (method)  for suspend it from a x-mas tree.

That would make it a terrific tree ornament.

And also a great stocking stuffer. (provided that item is well wrapped up.



p.s. What is the snowman's scarf made of?   Copper?

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Slag, these are a bit heavy for hanging so I didn't put anything to hang them from but that deffinately could be done with smaller ones. 

I've been using up a bunch of split washers that have just neen hanging around for the hanging loops on the stars, snowflakes and crosses. 

Correct, the scarves are just a strip of copper with the ends nipped. 

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