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Christmas items 2019

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Cell phone. My radio is connected to my phone so the old lady can just call me when she needs something.  The ringer comes through the speakers so i hear it, never late for dinner. 

Kycats, nice work. Like the way you made the hanger for the knocker rather than a piece of leather tying it to the triangle. 

Made this for a co-worker. Its a wrench extension. Use it to get more leverage on a wrench. Yeah i know the trick of locking 2 wrenches together but that is kind of frowned upon. The pic is a little deceiving. Yeah it is rough but function over pretty. The top knot in the wrap makes it look kind of thin but it is not. It is also not crooked. The piece in the middle is seperate and welded on. It does hook around so pressure is transferred to the bar rather than the weld. Made from 1/4" x 1" flat bar. 


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Sorry for slow response on this, i been sick for 4 days now.

If you copy it put the hooks closer together. This works well on longer wrenches like MAC or Snap-on but a Craftsman will not fit. 

Hopefully i can get back out in the shop this week, i have a few mechanic friends who could use one of these. 

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Made this for my wife, first try at feathers. After looking at the picture I’m not happy with the base of the stand and plan on moving the coil from the back to the front of the vertical riser and have a little dressing up to do on the feathers 15ADE14E-B5C1-47D6-9331-D0817920247C.thumb.jpeg.2ecce7247501688e30601893b69ae4bb.jpeg

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