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  1. Are the pickets solid or hollow? Do you also make the baskets?
  2. I started out with a chunk of railroad track but any slab of steel, stone or whatever will work to get you started. Take your time and don't buy the first one you see. I had my mind set on not paying more than $2-3.00 a pound for one. After looking at a bunch of junky ones for a year or so, I bought a 180lb Fisher at the Alabama Forge Council conference at Tannehill for $325 3yrs ago. That's $1.80(ish) a pound if you're keeping track. There are alot of people out there selling them for $5, $6.00 per lb and more in "antique stores", Craigslist, etc. I feel like you're better off buying from someone that has actually used one than from Joe off the street that has seen them used on Forged in Fire. .02
  3. I haven't posted in a while but have been lurking. Recently finished our gas forge and got to play with it some yesterday. My wife needed some single bottle wine holders for a display and couldn't find any to buy so that gave me an opportunity to play. Whipped up 3 of these yesterday and have 7 more to go.
  4. WOW, such a heart wrenching obituary.
  5. Didn't his shop burn down a couple of years ago? I didn't know him but condolences to the family and friends that did.
  6. Good to see you back here, Mike. You have my number, anytime you want to chat I'm here. I've been through the depression, therapists, exercise and diets also. I can say that eating right, exercise and weeding out the negative & drama seeking people in my life has made a world of difference.
  7. Mike, Reading this makes me wish it hadn't been so long since we talked. Life has just gotten busier for me with the move and job and I don't stay in touch with people like I should. You ARE a great guy and I'm really glad to know you. Even though I haven't been through the same sort of xxxx you have, I struggle also. I've been on anti-depressants for more than 10 years and, yes, I too have sought counselling. It is tough to open up, especially someone you don't know but it DOES help. If you still have my number, call or text me any time.
  8. Sorry to hear this Mike. I hope he gets better. All you can do really is be there as his friend. Hopefully he will get the help he needs soon.
  9. You should come out to a Vulcan Forge meeting at Tannehill some time. We meed the 2nd Sunday of each month. I think there is a Facebook page that probably has all the dates/info but I don't do FB anymore so I'm not positive what they have on there.
  10. Welcome. I'm just north of Birmingham. For reference, I bought my 180lb Fisher at the AFC conference at Tannehill in 2015 for $325.
  11. Thanks Mike. I have some Lincoln brand tips for my welder somewhere. Don't know if they're the same as Tweco or not. Haven't yet found them since the move.
  12. I ordered mine from Grainger and picked up at the local store.
  13. Wish I had seen this before I purchased the 1/8 mpt x 1/4 flares. I picked them up yesterday from Grainger and thought the the ID looked a little large but haven't yet tried the mig tip because I haven't yet sourced the Tweco .035 ones yet.