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Bottle Opener Tongs


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I've been thinking about how it can sometimes be difficult to combine a properly forged bottle opener with a more delicate handle. Either the handle isn't robust enough to support the forging of the opener end, or it's hard to get a really good solid grip on the opener end while you forge the handle. Then I saw an illustration on page 23 of J. W. Lillico's Blacksmith's Manual Illustrated of a pair of tongs to hold pipe from the inside:

pipe tongs.jpg

And the light bulb went off: combine the lever action of these tongs (similar to the pliers for installing and removing snap rings) with the hooks from a pair of bladesmith's tongs -- but facing out rather than facing in. A length of 1/4" x 1/2", a couple of hours in the forge, and here we are. I don't know if anyone's done this before, but it felt great to come up with something (maybe) new and useful.









I need to smooth off the inside of the hooks a bit more, as they're still a bit rough. Nonetheless, they worked great: light, strong, and very secure.

And here’s the opener itself:


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Well thank JHCC thank you for this and I really like that bottle opener. I will be making a set of these tongs soon I had been trying to think of a new tong for these openers, also I'm glad I have finally seen a set of reverse opening tongs. I've thought in the past that there has to be a use to this type of reverse opening now my mind can rest....... for a little bit. 

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