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  1. Hello, Not from what I have read in this thread and my experience using the product. The dishonesty is on the part of "torchtools[dot]com" not Gentec itself. I did not buy my Gentec from that site. There are many sites that sell the Gentec gas savers, the problem JHCC had was with the retail end not the manufacturer. So the lesson is to vet the store you are ordering the product from, not that Gentec makes a bad product. If I missed the mark JHCC please feel free to correct me. Have a great day, W
  2. Hello, Have you used your propane forge to forge weld before? It is hard to tell from the picture but I am thinking that the metal was not hot enough to forge weld. I use a coal forge when forge welding, and have developed an eye for what the metal should look like to know it is at the right temperature. I have heard that metal in a gas forge does not develop the same "Wet" look it does in a coal forge. I am sure some of the gas forge people on the forum can give you details of what they look for. Your metal does not look overly pitted like it was burned, but is is hard to tell from the p
  3. Hello, That looks like a very good anvil. From what I have seen that style of anvil is know as a coachsmiths' anvil or side bick anvil. With the two pritchel holes, it looks like the Mousehole Forge anvils I have seen in old advertisements. The small side bick is used as a small square bick for making tight bends. I think it can also be used when making chain, but then it may have been reshaped to better suite that purpose. As far as weight goes I can not really guess. I am sure someone with more anvil lore than myself will be along to pass on more information. Hope this helps,
  4. Hello, When I set up my torch system I did not want to move the tanks around my shop from vise to bench or anvil. So my tanks are chained to the wall. I have a running line from the tanks to the gas saver cart that allows me to reach anywhere in my shop and even outside my shop. To be honest 99% of the time the extra line is just coiled next to the tanks in large loops. I mainly seem to use the torch in one or two locations in the shop. The tanks are isolated from where I am working, and can not be tipped over. The gas saver cart is small and can be conveniently placed right where I need
  5. Hello, I use a Gentec Model 100QF-Y with my Oxygen & Acetylene torch setup. It has worked very well for me for several years. It seems to be well built, and has been reliable for the things I use it for. The only “issue” I have noticed is that in cold weather the shut off hook is slow to rise when the torch is lifted. I usually just bump it up with the torch head before I reignite the torch, not a big deal at all. Just the only odd thing I can think of. I am not sure if the return spring is a little weak or if it is the tightness of the valving but when it is cold the arm moves slowe
  6. Alexandr, Great looking canopy! What is the clear material used to cover it? I would like to build something similar for my Mother. Have a good one, W
  7. I pay 9.00 per 50 pound sack of Pennsylvania Smithing Coal, 7.00 per bag for 40# bags of anthracite coal. I use a mixture of the two in my forge. I also by bulk anthracite for home heating and forging at 215.00 per ton.
  8. Hello all, I finished and install a commissioned pizza oven door today. I am really pleased with how it turned out. Everything works smoothly, and the door will stay open at any angle. Have a great day, W
  9. I agree the falconry regulations are in place for a reason. Some of them should be changed at this point due to the change in wild populations of some raptors but yes the Federal and Sate governments hold all the hoops. Falconry is the most regulated field sport in the USA. In 1940 the bald eagle was protect up until then they where being shot. All raptors gained protection in 1972. So up until about 50 years ago people still shot these birds. Movements to protect and reestablish raptors such as the peregrine falcon after DDT were spearheaded by Falconers. As far as the take of nestlings
  10. Hello George, I am not familiar with that series but will have to look into it. I love books. I have an Audible book addiction and see the series is available. I served a two year apprenticeship under a master falconer, and I am now in my 9th year as a general class falconer(4 more years than required). I may apply for my master falconer permit, but not for a couple more years. I am in no rush. As a general class falconer I can fly three birds which is more than I could handle I think. The only other advantage to a master class falconry permit is the opportunity to fly eagles which I do n
  11. Hello all, Besides blacksmithing & making many things of different materials, my other "hobby" is Falconry. I train and fly hawks for hunting. It is not really a hobby as much as a way of life. It impacts and informs everything I do in one way or another. This is my current Red Tailed Hawk named Alenta. We have just wrapped up a very successful hunting season. I make my own falconry equipment whenever possible. She is a first year bird, this summer she will molt and gain the iconic red tail her breed is named for. I will hunt with her as my partner for 2-3 years then release her back
  12. Condensation, no water in the anvil, it is gathering on the surface from the atmosphere. It is the temp difference between the anvil and the air. Nice anvil, W
  13. Hello Luke, This is what I use. I made it out of brass sheet metal. I have made many clamps this style out of steel also, for antique motorcycles. The hook on the brass one I use with my OA torch is soldered on under the clamp. Hope this helps, Steven
  14. Hello all, I have checked in on this topic on and off all day. To be honest it is very difficult for me to read. As a public school teacher (Technology Education or Shop class if you are old school) that starts his day around 5:30 in the morning with online education work, is at school at 6:30am preparing for the day, greets students at the school doors at 7:30, runs to his classroom at 8:03 to start teaching for a full day of both virtually and in-person instruction, it really bothers me to hear what you think of my profession and my coworker. I am never not a teacher, I think about my w
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