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  1. tkunkel

    getting better with the cobras

    Nice work, Aus. Very lifelike, too lifelike for my wife I think!;) She would not want this anywhere inside or outside of our house. We don't have cobras but we get the occasional rattlesnake...
  2. tkunkel

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Das, good work with the tentacles! I like how they are bent/twisted and joined to the body. I would put this project in the win column, no failure here. What you learned on this one with let you win bigger next time!:) Keep letting the creativity flow. The oobala looks interesting and look forward to its completion. Tom
  3. tkunkel

    What did you do in the shop today?

    JHCC, nice letter opener! I want to try that style of handle. Thanks also for the photo of the tinsnips turned into scrolling tongs. Marc1, Enjoying the gate! Nice work!
  4. Wherever this project ended up, I'm sure the owner should be quite pleased! Thanks for sharing!
  5. tkunkel

    scrap owl

    Ausfire, Whooooo knew you would get tired of owls? Nice work as always! Tom
  6. tkunkel

    It followed me home

    JHCC, do you have a picture of tin snips forged into scrolling tongs? intriguing idea! Tom
  7. Al, Awesome build! Lots more patience than myself but fun to see what time, patience, and skill can do. I understand that sometimes the build can be as much or more fun than the use. Good humor on the part of JHCC and yourself on the "horrible precedent"! Tom
  8. tkunkel

    started making bottle openers

    Nice clean work!
  9. Olydemon, Thanks for the video. Educational and entertaining......another project to put into the "give it a try" file! Tom
  10. Good morning edennis, I guess it depends how bad you want a LG and how often they are up for sale in your area;). I bought one about 5 years ago that came up in an estate sale and was the closest one I had seen advertised in my area, about an hour drive away. It ran well and I was glad I got it. Spent $2000 for it and then about another couple hundred in rental, gas, beer for helper and other people and their borrowed equipment. Lost it in a fire that went through our area a couple years back.......saved the remnants for a possible retirement project......ended up buying a small hydraulic press from Coal Ironworks and am enjoying using that equipment. Quieter for my wife and the neighbors, but still wouldn't mind getting another LG if it became available..... There are lots of good resources to rebuild/refine the working LG that you have. I got another set of dies from LG, along with a new spring, plus good info from Sid at that time. Had a tuneup book that is available, and watched a number of videos/youtubes. Good luck ! Tom
  11. Olydemon, Nice work with your Damascus opener! Skulls and tentacle are pretty neat also. Could you explain how you did the texturing on the tentacle? Thanks for sharing. Tom
  12. tkunkel

    scrap owl

    Nicely done, Ausfire. I especially like the way you have set the eyes tilted to one side. Gives lots of character. Another nice creation!
  13. tkunkel

    Quick & Dirty Tools "SOLD OUT" ??

    My understanding is the owner is getting some shoulder surgery and will be out of commission for a while till he heals up. He makes nice tongs. Have three pair of his.
  14. tkunkel

    A collection of improvised anvils

    Good creative use of the forks. Lots of choices of how to use it. Good job! How do you lay it down and pick it up again? Not sure if I could do that without some help or lift........
  15. Ausfire, nice collection! Especially like the little backscratcher hand on the left! I've made mostly hook style bottle openers, along with a few churchkey style openers. I haven't done the long drawn out items like the fork and poker. Another time......;)