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  1. Good morning, just curious if anyone has fixed up a 1920's 25 lb Little Giant that has been through a shop fire? Our area was burned over in NC Washington in 2015 and my LG burned, melted out all the babbit. Saved all the components except the electric motor and have it sitting a back corner of the garage for a retirement project. I had gotten it a couple of years earlier, it ran fine, had ordered new spring and dies at the time and had the repair book to tune/tweak it. It was fun to operate but a bit noisy for our place......Upon rebuilding, I bought a hydraulic press and like it but miss the LG.....we'll see what retirement and my patience brings;)…...Thanks for any feedback. Tom
  2. tkunkel

    Bottle Opener Tongs

    Nice tongs and bottle opener!
  3. Nice work, David! Patience and persistence made everything come together nicely! Thanks for sharing.
  4. Looks like a nice sandblasting cleanup job. What material are you using as the abrasive? I don't have a sandblasting cabinet yet. I so some electrolysis and wirewheeling for now. Thanks for sharing photos. It is always nice to clean up old tools!
  5. Awesome work, Daswolf! Nice, clean look. Time, skill, and patience produce nice results.
  6. Daswulf, nice guitar construction! Always fun to watch your creativity in action! Keep going! Tom
  7. Nicely done! (Both the work itself and giving it to your wife!)
  8. Desmato, nice clean lines and evenness on your tines. I think your aunt is most fortunate! Good job!
  9. Socrates: I remember reading "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear." And that can be interpreted to mean if one is motivated enough, one will travel and seek out that teacher......Good luck going forward. It is a fun, rewarding journey. Tom
  10. Very nice work, Ausfire! Nice clean twists! I still need to do a longhorn. Yours are a good standard to aim for..... Thanks for sharing.
  11. Nice persistence, Ausfire! Nice "eye candy" hooks!
  12. Olydemon, Nice variety of openers. I like the curved handles and the chisel work. Tom
  13. Cade-O, I have not used the technique you are describing. I have made wood grain texture and other textures by cutting lines in the hammer face with an angle grinder and then hitting the metal at orange/yellow heat to imprint the texture. Good luck with your project! Tom
  14. Ted, I like the handle you made. Nice twist, proportional, anchor tabs seem a bit on the thin side for me......What did you want to improve on it? Thanks for your photos of swages and leaves, also. Tom
  15. I vote for the steer or whatever animal looking back at the handle. Nice work again, Ausfire!
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