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  1. tkunkel

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Ted, I like the handle you made. Nice twist, proportional, anchor tabs seem a bit on the thin side for me......What did you want to improve on it? Thanks for your photos of swages and leaves, also. Tom
  2. tkunkel

    Longhorn toast fork

    I vote for the steer or whatever animal looking back at the handle. Nice work again, Ausfire!
  3. tkunkel

    Damascus Hammer Pendant

    Turned out great if you ask me. Like the texture!
  4. Olydemon, I enjoy the visual texture of your tentacles! Your jig for dimpling the suckers, you are just screwing down the bolt and indenting? Did you find it faster than a hand held punch? Thanks.
  5. Thanks, Daswulf! This points me in the right direction I need to go!
  6. tkunkel

    Swage block/bending jig

    Any finished picture?
  7. tkunkel

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Nice squadron of dragonflies, Daswulf! Impressive output!
  8. Daswulf and Blackegg, thanks for your comments. Daswolf, could you explain a little bit more about your smaller tag making process? Did you use smaller font and copy your name and website multiple times in the same space of the business card and then cut the card up? I have included photos from my table at a craft fair last November. I was a last minute sign up and got a table in the middle the room, so people are walking on both sides of your booth. Different then farmers market but it gave me a start. I lost my previous display board in a fire and hadn't made time to build a new one. I want to explore using wooden louvered doors, cut down a bit to use on a table top, with an A frame setup. Being able to have flexibility in moving display hooks around up/down and side to side quickly, without redrilling and screwing in hooks would be nice. We'll see how my project schedule goes this next month......
  9. Daswulf, thanks to you and many others for sharing your sales booth experiences. I dug around and found some photos of displays I had used for my wife to take to farmers markets/craftsales in 2012 and 2015. Lots of trial and error with signage, labelling and product mix. My wife and I found that the wood background got peoples attention. I am in the process of making a story board for a bottle opener, to better explain the time and processes involved. Too many people seem to have some sort of sticker shock but it is always nice to get the customers who appreciate and buy and who are excited to gift themselves or others! I did my first holiday craft fair by myself last December. Need to get photos of that included. Had learned from previous experience to have better signage. Tried string labels and found them ok for the time I had. I like the idea of combo bizcard/pricetag. I don't like stickers or the ones I have tried, as they tend to unstick. I had a credit card reader, which we knew from previous experience increased sales. It was a good experience, lots of adrenaline getting prepared, set up, made new contacts, shared/gained info from other vendors about how this show compared with others. Money was so-so for the time but the experience was worth it.
  10. You have been BUSY! Thanks for sharing your project!
  11. tkunkel

    PBS arts show

    Steve, thanks for sharing the interview. I thought you did a great job explaining how involved blacksmithing can be and hopefully raised the understanding/appreciation of the general public towards blacksmithing. Nice knives shown also........have your book and consider it a great resource. Still in the baby steps of Damascus/knifemaking process. I notice you mentioned enjoying the process/journey and I feel the same!
  12. Nice find! It reminds me of a "metal block" that we used as a tractor weight in our orchard growing up. My dad said he got the block at an auction and was used for metal working. Had lots of grooves and holes. Didn't give it much thought till another thirty years passed and I was getting more into metalworking. I realized it was a swage block. Went back to the homeplace now owned by cousins and asked my cousin for it and brought it home. 167 lbs from what I can make out from looking online. I still need to make a stand for it. That will be on the back burner till I modify my workbench to hold a hydraulic lifting arm that I had got for my pickup....we call this a circular vortex at our project has to be done to complete another project to do the third project!
  13. tkunkel

    What did you do in the shop today?

    4elements: Nice project and humor associated with finishing it! Your coloring of leaves and flowers.....was that done with colored Renaissance wax? Also reminds me of baked on enamel coating.....Thanks for sharing.
  14. Thanks. I don't have any experience with Flitz and will have to try it.
  15. Grumpybiker, nice sequence of photos with your opener. Nice work! I've never done wooden handles like those and others I have seen here but definitely inspiring! What are you using for the finish on the wood and metal? Looks acrylic spray paint to me. Thanks for posting. Tom