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Prayers needed for Dad please


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Thank s for the prayers.  They are working. He’s out of surgery and he did great. Fixed the issue in time before cells had started to die from loss of blood.  They had been talking ICU because of his age, but he did so well, they are putting him in progressive care.  

Keep the prayers coming for the quick recovery and release from the hospital.  He’s already tilled  his garden and started his cool weather plants, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, and has some lettuce and spinach in a hot bed.   So, he needs to get out and take care of it. Also, he still heats with wood, so my brother and I will be tending his wood fired boiler for a bit   

He wIll be in recovery room  until early this morning, so everyone is going to bed now.  So, thanks again and keep ‘em coming.

Thanks Lionel H and glad to hear it wasn’t cancer.  Sent a prayer out for his recovery.   

Psalm 41:3. “The Lord sustains them on their sickbed and restores them from their bed of illness.”

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Charles, method of praying doesn’t matter as long as it is done.   And thank you all - he’s feeling good enough now to complain about his intubeation.    They only have monitors like heart, pulse, oxygen on him - no assistance for anything is needed.  He’s a tough old bird - turns out that a hole had opened up in the membrane supporting the intestines and a short section had fallen into it.  They pulled it out, stitched the hole, and did not find any necrosis- they  are going back in tomorrow just to be sure as these kinds of issues are not too be taken lightly.  

Prayers have definitely helped - thank you again. 

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