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  1. Lucky dog you really cleaned up , also helped them clean up !
  2. Beautiful lady ready to do the hammer dance.
  3. What kind of vise you got there , looks just like one I've got.
  4. If you're happy with this anvil it was a good deal. Looks great , have fun with it .
  5. Ohh pretty ,I'd hit that for sure ,congratulations!
  6. You can do either, make or buy , I've made my own out of sucker rod ,large broken chisels bought for almost nothing at pawn shops and yard sales or found scrap.
  7. I'm so jealous, you have a beautiful shop going there. Have fun using it
  8. Dang that is very pretty, my compliments. I wouldn't even attempt to make that!
  9. Oh my ! My grandsons name is Gabriel ,or Gabe and I can see him doing the same things. He comes in my shop ,has his own small hammer and likes to test all things in my shop for ring and rebound. Great video!
  10. Looks great ,ready to use ,have fun !
  11. One dang good woman ! First thing you make on your anvil needs to be for her ,congratulations!
  12. Pretty, you got a good one , time to get after it with some hot iron.
  13. Looks good , I want to make one myself ,I'm gonna use an axle for mine . How hard was it to drift the handle hole, I've never tried to drift a hole in that thick of steel?
  14. Give it a good brushing off then show us more Picts . How much you give for it ? Looks to be in very good shape , good find.
  15. Very nice mount , clean and neat .