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  1. Dang that is very pretty, my compliments. I wouldn't even attempt to make that!
  2. Oh my ! My grandsons name is Gabriel ,or Gabe and I can see him doing the same things. He comes in my shop ,has his own small hammer and likes to test all things in my shop for ring and rebound. Great video!
  3. Looks great ,ready to use ,have fun !
  4. One dang good woman ! First thing you make on your anvil needs to be for her ,congratulations!
  5. Pretty, you got a good one , time to get after it with some hot iron.
  6. Looks good , I want to make one myself ,I'm gonna use an axle for mine . How hard was it to drift the handle hole, I've never tried to drift a hole in that thick of steel?
  7. Give it a good brushing off then show us more Picts . How much you give for it ? Looks to be in very good shape , good find.
  8. Very nice mount , clean and neat .
  9. That looks like a strap around the waist made to hold the anvil to a stand . That what it looks like to me.
  10. Dang DC I'm totally jealous I couldn't find that mutch treasure in a year , no several years ,good job ! You may need to start scrounging for a living you're talented.
  11. What is the anvil in the far background it appears to have a plate bolted to its side, also I really like your stand.
  12. Use a wire wheel an go off on it , you won't hurt it ,just don't grind on it.
  13. I have a mouse hole and a sisco supreme about the same size , I like each one equally . I can't tell enough difference between them to prefer one over the other. But wow what a wonderful gift , enjoy make them a nice thank you gift I return.
  14. That's a good looker congrats on the acquisition.
  15. My mouse hole has a tube of construction adhesive and the end boards of the stand holding it and really helps silences it . My sisco supreme has metal straps with screws in the stump holding it . I may build a stand like my mouse hole , it really helps on noise.