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  1. Very nice work indeed. Even nicer that you helped out your friend.
  2. More jealousy here, you really cleaned up great haul.
  3. I don't have any good pictures handy , there's plenty on the net and all the problems you got on this vise are all easy fixes. Ive bought several vises like yours and have fixed most of them easily . Congratulations on your find ,get her fixed up and you'll be ready to go
  4. Nice finds, I'm jealous , I rarely get to find great stuff like that . Congratulations on your new tools ,use them and enjoy them.
  5. I've seen an vise/ anvil combo that looked like that but with a vise . It was mounted where the hole on the side is.
  6. Congratulations on your anvil ! You did great on this one ,sometimes things work out perfectly. Use it in good health, and enjoy it.
  7. Yes lovely, was it recovered from a shipwreck? I love history , too bad we can't find out much about this anvil.
  8. Looks good to me too , all you need to do that anvil is use it . H ave fun !
  9. In an auction its no way to tell what is going to go for , it's got plenty of life left and its a good brand . Good luck ,I never can get an anvil from an auction around here ,and see them often and they always seem to go for excessive amounts of money. If somebody falls in love with it you won't get it cheaply . I hope you don't have my experience and are able to get it for a good price. Good luck!
  10. Construction adhesive also works great, I've got a bed about half of inch under my mouse hole anvil and it works great it does both help silence and hold that anvil . My Sisco supreme is got that and band straps on it and it's still loud without magnets on it.
  11. Welcome where are you from ? I'm from Start Louisiana. Glad to see someone from around my area . That anvil has a lot life left in it , do a rebound test and a ring test first . How much do they want for it, and how much does it weigh. I personally won't pay more than 2.50 per pound , but many pay much more than that.
  12. Thanks I've started collecting post vises,and I try to use all that I get. That's a nice one! Congrats on a good find.
  13. Does the rear part move up the notches ? If it does ,that would give a lot of adjustment. And no I've never seen one like that, want to sell it ?
  14. Omg! That's a real deal ! I would by two like that ! Just joking ,I've seen a couple that compares to that one at an auction and the guy that bought one paid almost 6 $ us per pound ! I told him I would sell my sisco supreme for 6 bucks a pound if he wanted a real anvil.
  15. That's quite interesting.