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  1. It does look like an older columbian.
  2. My dad gave me my grand paws mousehole anvil , it is my most treasured possession. I have other far more valuable anvils , it’s the one I care for, and more protective of any.
  3. Lionel h

    Buy or Pass?

    Double on the pass
  4. I would love to have this vise, I’ve never seen one in person.
  5. Lionel h

    7 1/2" post vise

    I would swap you a complete 4 inch for it if we were closer together. I’ve been wanting one like that .
  6. The lower one in the picture is a Columbian vise , the other one I need to see more pictures from all angles .still might not be able to Id it.
  7. I have an older vise with a bronze or brass screwbox on it . I’ve seen 2or 3 more of these
  8. That’s a fine anvil, great deal on it. My congratulations
  9. Lionel h

    Wagon Tongue Vise

    I like this vise . I want some of this type to add to my vise collection.
  10. I made a stand that the ends of the anvil are clamped in with wood and the entire bottom is embedded into contstruction adhesive. Killed the ring and is completely fixed in place.
  11. This is one of mine that is moveable, it works great for me
  12. My mouse hole anvil was bought by my grandpa, went to my dad then to me . It was over a hundred years old before grandpa got it and I will most likely leave it to my grandson . It barely looks used but has much done on it. With proper use it should last many lifetimes.
  13. Lionel h

    Post vise pick-up

    Looks good ,not a bad price for this one. Have fun and use it to make something nice.
  14. I’ve got the same model columbian vise , I bought it To go with all the columbian postvises I’ve collected.
  15. I used construction adhesive put on about 1/2 inch thick, let it start to cure some then set the anvil in it without messing with it for a couple of days ,no rocking and turned the ringing of the anvil into a thud.