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  1. 5" post vise - Identification tips

    I have five columbians and one Peter wright and a couple of Frankensteined vises they all work just as good any other , if the jaws and screw- screwbox are in good shape they are all about the same , in my opinion. I'm sure I'll be proved wrong .
  2. 5" post vise - Identification tips

    Probably an older Columbian by the shape of the legs and the screwbox
  3. I agree that anvil looks very mouseholy, imho . But I'm no great authority,it's very similar to my mousehole.
  4. No spring or mounting bracket

    You did a good job on your vise, I've really enjoyed rehabbing all the post vises I can get my hands on . Carry on the good work!
  5. Indentifying a Soderfors

    I have both a sisco supreme and a mouse hole I use frequently,and I can't tell the difference between the two. I love them both
  6. New postvise stand

    Thanks for the comments , the stand on plate I hold with one hand after I pull up on the handle ,so I can move it easier. The wheels are back that far so they don't contact the ground until I tilt it back to move it. But Stach's idea to make it like a hand truck is one I will look into. Any more ideas ?
  7. New postvise stand

    I have wanted a postvise that could be moved, so this is what I've come up with. Made with all scrap from around the shop. Anything I could do to make it better, I'm open to suggestions.
  8. Motorcycle chain holddown

    Great idea , I really like the way you can adjust down the length of the anvil. I hope you don't mind my stealing that idea , I have all the parts. Just put it together.
  9. 120 Pounds of Columbian

    It's shaped just like all the Columbians I've got but it's far heavier
  10. As frosty posted cast steel anvils ring quite loudly, when struck anywhere it will ring ,where cast iron wil thud . My sisco supreme rings anywhere it's struck if it's not bound down . Try it and report back.
  11. Haybudden found today

    No I didn't I wanted it but I've got 2 anvils and there are other things I want more at the moment.
  12. I found this anvil today at a trade day . The lady that owned it wanted 350.00$ us I know some of the people here are compiling a list of these anvils so I took pictures of it for you guys the weight was 105 pounds
  13. Don't let that beauty get away , I love my sisco . I've seen that same weight sisco go for over 600 U.S. Dollars even though I only paid 2.35 U.S.dollars per pound good luck!
  14. My new shop

    Very nice, take us inside. We won't touch or try to use your stuff.
  15. Good job young man, you did much better than my first , through twenty attempts, to make something other than making it into scrap. Good work!