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  1. How about some pictures of the entire anvil ,all profiles .
  2. I dont do anything in flip flops,at all ! Anything! I won't even own them.
  3. Got this postvise at a junk store today,5 inch jaws, screw not so great . Once I get the screwbox out I'm going to use parts from another one to finish it up. This is the shortest postvise I've run across . I'll have to measure the height later, with some better pictures
  4. You can't beat that with a stick! You've got a good friend there, make or do something for him to show your appreciation for doing such a great favor. Great score !
  5. Pretty anvil you got there ,congratulations on the good find !
  6. Nice vise, get her mounted, start using it. Is it missing the spring ? I couldn't tell in the picture.
  7. Leave it alone!!! Use it in good health,make nice things with it .
  8. This followed my wife home, then she gave it to me. Great woman ! It has 5 inch jaws and what looks like a bronze screw box. Any ideas as to the maker? Now I need to get to making a spring and mount.
  9. Nice, clean anvil. If it's a sisco you will enjoy many years with it. Just make a nice stand and bed it down in silicone or construction adhesive to mute the ring. I've really enjoyed mine, they are great anvils Good luck on getting it moved
  10. Plenty of good use on this anvil , what are you wanting to do to the horn ? I don't see anything needed here , just start the forge,get to hammering.
  11. Just got all this at an auction for a 10$ US dollars . Want to make some fish spearheads out of some of the fork tines.
  12. Jb weld will have the effect of bubble gum to your anvil . It's not rigid and won't stand up to a repeated beating, it will make things worse .
  13. I haven't run across a wagon vise yet, good haul ! It's the white one at the top.
  14. Your right ,Frosty in most situations that is the case . This time I knew three of the four people biding on it , the one I didn't, was the guy who got it .
  15. I was just at an auction and watched a 50 pound Blackhawk anvil start for $100us dollars and quickly went to $245 U.S. Dollars 4.90 a pound. I told him for that per pound price I've got a couple of anvils I might sell him. that was before the auction 13 percent and sales tax