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  1. Leg vice identification

    This vise is mounted incorrectly, the leg should be mounted firmly on the floor , preferably in a socket ,not hanging loose putting all the pressure on the mounting bracket .
  2. I totally agree with Lou’s statement in it’s entirety . I love this anvil just as it stands, use it enjoy it , keep it!
  3. I was told by a local older blacksmith that mouseholes are more common along the Mississippi River , from being shipped up the river from England. He travels the country collecting anvils , making a list of anvils that he encountered.
  4. DIY leg vise on YouTube

    That's a beast ,also could be used as an anvil. I think I would take it to a machine shop ,let water jet cut the hole.
  5. Silicone Anvil Base Question

    I used a tube of liquid nails on the entire underside one of mine , it muted it nicely ,and is secure on my stand. My stand is like yours except the ends of the anvil are pinched by boards on the ends also holding and quietening the sound.
  6. A collection of improvised anvils

    I think the piston is about 30 or so inches . I didn't get real close to where the engines were, but looked about that size. They were going to give me several more ,but I don't know what I would do with them.
  7. It followed me home

    Postvise I’ve brought home from a junk sale and a piston pin from a customer that rebuilds very large engines . The postvise is an Indian chief 5 1/2 inch jaws. The pin is 20 inches tall 8 inches wide.
  8. A collection of improvised anvils

    I’ve been given a piston pin that I may use as an extra anvil, it’s 20 inches tall 8 inches in diameter and hardened steel , it rings great with good rebound. I haven’t decided how to mount it yet. What’s your thoughts on this?
  9. Leg vice identification

    This looks like an early 1900 s Columbian vise by the shape. Looks like it was left sitting on the ground getting wet
  10. Make the sand heavy and more silent. You can pack wet Sand better than dry sand
  11. Morgan Vise Co Chicago 60

    Nice vise , get her mounted no get to work!
  12. I found 3 anvils for sale

    If you don't jump on this immediately there will be a line of folks that will take your place and get those . Great find , buy them asap!
  13. You will love the kohlswa, Swedish anvils are excellent, I love my sisco supreme . You new purchase will last yours and a few descendants lifetimes ,enjoy.
  14. Potential first anvil

    Great find ! Enjoy your new to you anvil. Very good price!
  15. 5" post vise - Identification tips

    I have five columbians and one Peter wright and a couple of Frankensteined vises they all work just as good any other , if the jaws and screw- screwbox are in good shape they are all about the same , in my opinion. I'm sure I'll be proved wrong .