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  1. I believe it is a Champion and it was designed for use with coke. Some one was reproducing them back in the ‘80’s if I recall correctly. I had an old one for over 25 years and used both coal and coke in it, worked great only sold it because of a long distance move I was going through.
  2. I started in horseshoeing and then started making hooks, fireplace tools, and then door hardware back in 1977. Loved the work and history, never looked back. Now look to end my days doing it and passing it on.
  3. Last 15 years as an orthopaedic nurse, before that, 26 years as a farrier and blacksmith.
  4. very nice find, especially out here. I really like the old colonial anvils. I got a new one from Jymm Hoffman out of pittsburg Pa Mike
  5. For those interested; PEG is commonly sold as "Miralax" at the grocery store or pharmacy
  6. Can't wait to see it operational. I had one back in the 90's but never got it working. The layout was all wrong for my shop when I was in NM. Sold it to a gent in Ohio and picked up a 50 lb little giant on the way back home to NM. Always wished to see it running. When I I got it it was all disasembled but it was easy to reassemble with the picture in the ad I had. For me the orientation just didn't work in my shop. Now a days I would have changed the shop layout. It sure looked to be a hammer that would beat all others. I live in WA now, in Olympia, and would love to see it working someday.
  7. Hi Mike I'm here in Lacey also. Drop me a line and maybe we can meet for a cup of joe sometime. Mike
  8. I used stove black years ago. Think of it as a wax with carbon black in it. It is for the old wood/coal cook stoves to keep them pretty looking. It is not real durable and will rub off. That's what I remember.
  9. Beautiful hammer, I have one just like it even the same color. Mine was made in 1906 ser# 617 IIRC. Runs great, very controlable. Have fun. Mike
  10. Last time that I ran a rosebud across my palm I used "Silvadine" cream and was back working the next day, but that was just a quick pass across the palm ( with a huge blister). That was my personal worst burn in 30 plus years. Otherwise I keep a bottle of Aloe vera gel in the shop, Fist stop the burn - cold water as quick as possible, then aloe applied frequently until I start to forget that I burned myself (usually the rest of the day). As to the question "do you ever burn yourself? " I bought a Tee shirt at Quad state Mike
  11. To me it looks like the vices sold by Centaur Forge back in the mid 1970's. I believe they were made in England and were a bright blue color. Maybe Vaughans? Thats my guess. Good luck Mike http://anvils.co.uk/products/view/77?cat=46
  12. Already done. Give them my best. Mike
  13. Are you using a coal or propane forge? Some propane forges have a difficult time getting hot enough for wrought iron. Another thing that may help is trying a different flux. Good luck, Mike
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