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Yes, all three of the top anvils are on 50 lb. Fisher anvils.  

Dovetail slot....not sure if they were factory made, but there are two anvils in the Museum with slots in the face, and both have tooling in them.  I will post some photos.

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9 hours ago, Mark1000 said:

How do you tell the age of a Fisher? I have one that was my fathers but not sure how far it goes back in the family.


Mine has the date on the anvil. It shows 1905 along with the weight of 120lbs.

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Greebe, not all Fishers have the dates cast in. 

A lot of the markings on the anvils seemed to be random and for a given time frame.

Josh's book on Eagle anvils "Fisher & Norris " is a spectacular read and a great addition to the blacksmith library.

The 2 I have from the 50s don't have dates, and 1 has 150, the other 15 for the weight.

Both have the amazing side logo but some of the anvils only have Fisher on the front of the foot.

Joshua is the expert here for sure.  

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Yes, I do not claim to be an expert or even know much about the Fisher anvils. Just mentioning that my Fisher has the date and weight on it. Not sure if they were cast in or put on with a stick welder. Mine as well as others I have seen with the date look pretty crude. Maybe the date was scratched backwards in the sand mold after the pattern was removed?

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It seems there is always something new out there when it comes to Fisher anvils.  New to the Fisher & Norris Factory Museum today, this 20 lb anvil, made in the 1920s.  Look carefully....see the difference?  The name FISHER is on the rear, under the heel.  This is the first time I have come across this way of marking.  During this era, the 20/30/40 lb F&N anvil were redesigned to be less blocky and sleeker.  Almost similar to the shape of the small Hay Budden anvils.  They were also changing how they marked them.  I have 8 of this size, and only 2 have similar markings.  I love finding new history based on what they produced.  A lot of this information is in my book.  See my profile for ordering information.  Thanks.



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