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  1. Hey Arteus, We appreciate your review and with all of our customers, if you are not happy with your purchase we will pay the freight to and from along with a 100% refund. I am really sorry that you found us hard to work with. I run two businesses, a pattern shop and foundry and sell these tools as a side project. It is under 6% of our monthly sales and takes up 50% of my time on emails, messages, calls and visits. I dare say I am the easiest manufacturer to contact, I have been told that 100s of times. We start all communication on our website or facebook page and occasionally a message
  2. We shipped a 260 lb Holland Anvil from Michigan to your Ak for $300, Cali is a bigger challenge for us. Many freight companies do not want to deal with the state.
  3. Hi Jason, I make the Holland Anvil tools. Thank you for putting us in good company with the other American manufacturers you mentioned. Our Holland tools are all made in house, both the patterns and castings.. All of our anvils are H13 tool steel and that is really what sets us apart. We have a lot of tools in Kentucky, at least one 440 owned by my Mennonite knife maker Sam Stoner, he loves it! Sam lives near Scottsville, look him up if you are in the area. If you have any questions contact us PM. Thanks again, cheers!
  4. It was great, 140 lbs. Sold it to a very good bladesmith at the Blacksmith Gathering in Pennsylvania this weekend. We should get more rolling in the coming weeks.
  5. We make a 100 double horn and a 125 with an upsetting block and a side shelf, looking at doing something in the 175 lb range one of these days. Understood on Covid safety. We had a great direct flight on Alaskan Air out of Chicago. We will be back up in May or June chasing fish so maybe we can connect then. Patrick Garleys place is something everyone should see according to my son. What amazing work. Cheers
  6. We have 5 or 6 Holland anvils near you in Ak. We were just up in Alaska and my son attended a hammer in up in Palmer and let them raffle off a 20 lb single horn. Contact me and i can give you some names around Palmer and Wasilla of the owners.
  7. Hey gents, Thank you for the kind words about my Holland Anvil tools. As mentioned, we make all the castings in my foundry and patterns in our tool shop. I look at it as a project, not really a business. That said it has been a blessing to have this work when things were slow in either of my shops. My grandfather founded Holland Pattern in 1945 I believe and my father started our foundry in 1975, I grew up in the foundry, started pouring iron at 15 and its the only job I have ever had, that's 42 years in the foundry, 34 years full time. I bought the companies in 2001 and my father kept wo
  8. Thank you but probably not on this design. We have it on other models. You never know what we might come up with.
  9. Very good! I met so many people that weekend. Have a fine day and hopefully we can do that again in the fall. Putting out a ton of new products right now, had to share that one with this group!
  10. Thank you, it really is a beautiful tool and i have thought about putting it my living room. Did we meet at SOFA by chance? We appreciate the support and advice this community has given us over the last two years! Cheers
  11. Good question. We did two of these as prototypes. Some historic ones in this style only had the Hardy. I do not want to put anything at the horn and deck transition as that area is often the sweet spot for my double horn customers. Complicating this one is the depth we would need to drill through the horn behind the Hardy. Lastly, I have a core i cast my double horn Pritchels and the core is not long enough for this one, that core box is cast iron. We may do more and we may cast a Pretchel.
  12. Our newest anvil at Holland Anvil. H13, 55 Rc, 235 lbs. This tool is 33.5 inches long and 3.875 wide.
  13. You need to visit us in Holland sometime, we have a lot of new things going on
  14. It should be noted that a couple of the manufacturers listed as USA import their castings from China or other 3rd world countries. They are sold in the USA but not manufactured here. Hopefully some people still care about domestic manufacturers. Buy American!
  15. Great that you put this list together! We are proud to be a part of it! Cheers
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