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  1. Ah, I didn't catch the typo, but I'm sure going to proofread now! I'm glad my fears were not entirely valid, that being said, no more burning paint off in the forge. You'd think one day I would start remembering the lessons I have learned over the years! I just keep having so many new learning experiences I feel like I can't recall half of them the next time! I guess it goes to show, in rust we trust!
  2. Yep, I think my brain finally caught up with my excitement, so I'm going to use safe pain stripper to clean the rest before putting it in the forge. I just got paranoid about the possibility of it being lead. Had a nasty experience last year burning lead painted wood. My partner and I had almost total amnesia from that night, and a wicked bout of sickness the next day. Dont mess with lead.
  3. I know better. Yet, without thinking, (as often is the case) I cut a ring of automotive coil spring and burned off the black paint in the gas forge. DO NOT DO THIS. yet, I did, and I should not have. Now, today, I was forging some of my 5/8" square hot roll steel, in the same gas forge. This steel has sat around for about 6 years since I bought way too much from the steelyard. When I would hammer it, the scale would pop off normally, but as it cooled to black in each heat, this reddish color would be all over the forged steel. Is this normal, or could the paint on the
  4. Just a little artsy piece for fun today!!! Cheers, Ridgewayforge
  5. I was thinking of this post today when my roosters wandered in!
  6. Hi all, I wanted to see if anyone had any information as to the Hess Ironwork company around the New York City area. According to my wife's grandfather (who was the son of the master blacksmith at Hess Ironwork), this company produced all of the ironwork for yale University in the late 1800s/early 1900s. Her grandfather is in his 90s and doesn't quite remember much about his father's business, but I was hoping someone might know anything about it. Thanks, Patrick Ridgeway Forge Studio
  7. After 8 moves in 8 years, I'm back to using coal primarily. Still have the Sandia Gas Forge for special problems, but I always prefer coal for the projects. I've been in the habit of making the frame out of wood, with 5/8" square to set the firepot in the middle, then topping the forge with scrap sheet. This is my 5th coal forge I've made this way- cheap, easy and quick to make!
  8. Made a bottle opener yesterday, simple 1/2" square slit and drifted, with a hexagon twist hammered back. Need to work on my slitting, the edges are ragged.
  9. Here's my main studio anvil, a 100lb Fisher anvil in good condition. I really like the Fisher, for its size, ease of mounting and quietness.
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