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The "Poz" tong method

Nakedanvil - Grant Sarver

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This is the tong method shown to us by Richard "Poz" Pozniak.

There should be enough detail in the drawing that you can follow. Remember not to split the jaws until after doing all the bending. Punch or drill and assemble.

It really helps to see it done once. You DO need to isolate the heat for each bend so it doesn't bend further down.

You can click on the picture to enlarge.

Poz Tongs.jpg

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Here's a couple variations that can be useful. Both start with a long bar that allows much of the working to be done without the use of tongs.

The first substitutes cutting for drawing, real handy if you have a bandsaw. The second one allows you to do all the work without needing a tong for the work. You just draw both reins first and cut apart in the middle and work the rest.


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i just take 2 peices of whatever size stock i have at the moment thats about 18-20ins long i forge out my jaws refine the hinge areas and bolt or rivet together
the larger pair of tong i made that way i think with 58 stock i had


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They look that way in the drawing, but the drawing doesn't accurately represent what's really going on. In fact, that bump on the outside is really adding mass to the area around the boss.

This screenshot from Black Bear Forge’s video series about Poz tongs shows things somewhat better (with apologies for the photo quality):


The far left and right center pieces show the blank before bending. The left center piece shows the blank after the first bend (between the jaw and the boss) and the far right piece shows the blank after the second bend (between the boss and the rein).

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I wish I had seen the above post before I started but I tried a pair based on the drawing. 5/16 x 1 x 8”AA52B7AC-D919-465C-9859-7BF4D11B3CDC.thumb.jpeg.6b80a784cd182261d40e6cab51d7c2ac.jpeg







Would do it differently next time and may forge down the fat part behind the boss a bit. The three inch dimension is to much. All in all it was lots of fun and I will get a usable set of tongs. My first real successful pair. 



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