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  1. Nice photos think about the radiant heat coming off that thing........and the guy is 4 feet away from it! thanks alec
  2. You got some of those designs from Backyard blacksmith the book by loreli sims nice shop! alec i like the homemade hacksaw do you think you could post a thread on how you make them.!
  3. David.e . i sent you a p.m. telling you......more snow over here, kinda annoying because the snow gets in my forge. alec
  4. Those poor anvils...... they're ruined, they could be nicely sat in my forge instead of being blown to kingdom kom.........although it was pretty cool alec
  5. Iv'e got it up and running.........it works like a beast, it's brilliant! Much much better than the forge i used to use :) i will put on pics later alec
  6. Nice. Can't wait to see your knifes
  7. I haven't set it up yet because the snow was 6" deep and three feet in my shop so it kinda slowed things down. oh well hopefully i will get it up tomorrow........ alec
  8. Danny Show us a picture of it Alec P.S. i don't know how to repair the belt....sorry
  9. Thanks again I don't want people babling over my shop all the time LETS see YOUR setup haha Alec P.S. This morning i will be having my forge up and running I will show you guys pics of it running. sorry that isn't gonna happen-It's snowing :(
  10. Wayne trust me i already am..... and metal iv'e got a whole tool bok full of random scrap from the steel yard and tons more bars of it.....I just cant get enough of it ... that's probably because my last name is Steele with an E , No jokes. haha Thanks for the comments Alec Steele
  11. Hi first i'd like to say sorry for the fuzzy pics it was dark so i had to use flash this is my shop my anvil the shop ......... plus my new forge that was bought (sorry for the miss-spell) yesterday, its got a water cooled tue-iron, i've only just started putting it up so the hood or bosh isn't up yet. the place is a bit of a tip because i'm in the middle of rearranging it because of the new forge. enjoy Alec P.S send pics of YOUR shop and the stuff Youv'e Got cheers
  12. Thanks guys i decided to buy the side blast..... i got it today!!!!!! i will make a thread once iv'e set it up wit pics the thread will be called............... My new forge thanks again alec
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