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  1. Thank you really appreciate it
  2. Hey guys a friend found this knife and is looking for the maker. Ironically enough that name is J. Hyde as my name is James Hyde.
  3. Here is my candle holder. In this picture it is not finished needs paint still. The twist is 4pcs of 1/2angle iron and 4 pcs of textured 5/16 bar welded at the ends and twisted.
  4. yes it would as long as you have a fire pot your good to go. i am going to put braces on when i get the fire pot made for this forge so the pan doesnt warp
  5. Ya but you know how us blacksmiths are we think we built something perfect but within the first ten min of use modifying to make it better :) although i am speaking for myself
  6. ya i was wondering that myself but i always can move later
  7. Here is my new travel forge its just the pan at the moment still need to make and install a firepot and plum in the blower and ash dump. It is set up for a Champion 400 blower. James
  8. What Frosty said :) also try finding a blacksmithing group around you check the ABANA website they have all the local chapters listed. Its way better to have someone show you the ropes in my opinion. James
  9. was gonna try the linseed oil and beeswax mix but i may never get around to doing that
  10. Well here is the Peter Wright all cleaned up wire brushed and oiled until i get the ingredients for a better finish :)
  11. it has I I &B Co on the other side as well "Illinois Iron & Bolt Co" from my understanding is who made Vulcans
  12. i was already offered 100 for it
  13. Here is my 2 new anvils paid 50$ for both the bottom one is a 136# Peter Wright and the smaller one im not sure but it has (might be I.I.) L L & B & Co and a 6 casted in the foot
  14. WRABA's May Hammer-in is May 10th in Bowerston, Ohio here is more info on the website http://www.wraba.com/hammer-ins Hope to see you there :)
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