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Clara Schwartz; Trying-it's wife


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Please say a little prayer for my wife Clara. At 3:30 this afternoon she had a horrific auto accident on the way home from work. Small pickup crossed centerline and wife moved over as far as possible to avoid a head-on crash, but a highway guard rail was on her car's passenger side. Truck completely sideswiped her car and spun her car 180 degrees around on highway. 5 hours taped to a backboard and finally an ok to take her home at 8:45 pm. Other driver received 4 traffic citations and my wife's car is probably total loss. But I reckon God was riding as her co-pilot today and HE allows me to keep her a bit longer. She is badly shaken mentally and bodily heavily bruised, on heavy painkillers, and off work a few days. As many have met my wife, just thought I should share!

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Prayers are on the way for both of you. Good to hear her reactions were spot on in the emergency, probably saved her life.

Speedy recovery and give her a big warm Frosty hug for me when she's up to it please.


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I was an accident investigator (accident Reconstructionist for Salt Lake City for about 24 years, and as a cop and then privately) for a total of over 36 years.
As you mentioned there is a physiological shock involved that many people are not aware of when there is a sudden unexpected event such as you explained that happened to Clara.
The only good thing about it is that she is reacting normal.
My observation over the years is that time will be her friend and eventually she will be back in the saddle again.
It will take time (different amount of time for everybody) for her to trust riding in a vehicle with out having a lot of anxiety.
I say this due to many years of observation, not as a psychologist, but as a friend.
I hope and pray for a smooth recovery for Clara.
Ted Throckmorton

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