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  1. With silver and gold you can cut a piece of sheet or wire, flux and heat till it jumps into a ball , should work with brass. Use your O/A torch on a smooth fire brick.
  3. Mills I've done a lot of conduit bending as an electrician, thin wall (EMT) sch. 40 ridged in sizes up to 31/2" using several different types of benders. It sounds like you are doing what is called segment bending. Dividing the radius of your bend into segments, then bending each segment a few degrees to create desired bend. Is your pipe flattening out? Can you post a pic of your bender and how you have it set up. Set up really is the key to accurate bends. Are you using the developed length formula? Are using a protractor on the end of your conduit when bending? Glad to help in any way I can. Mark
  4. Sorry to hear about your Dad. Hang in there.
  5. I'm a life long Union member IBEW LU 595 (Alemeda Co. Ca.) I started in high school working half a day my senior year for a union contractor for high school credit, having transferred from another school with more than enough credit to graduate less required classes PE, english , history etc. Upon graduation I entered an 4 yr.apprenticeship program, 2 nights a week classroom and 40 hrs. a week on the job. I had to complete x amount hours of on the job training , several categories,residential, commercial and industrial wiring,broken down into many categories, conduit bending, motor controls etc. etc. Pass a written test at the completion of the 4 yrs. to be classified as a journeyman. This at least sets a minimum standard of competence. A Big plus for the industry. I went on to become a self employed electrical contractor working in residential. In short the unions don't work for the lowest skilled segments of the industry, but when a contractor needs a readily available skilled labor pool it works well, not without problems, but they have set standards of, safety, wage ,health care, retirement, work hours,means of dispute resolution etc. They just don't work for small contractors. My experience is from the construction industry. I am very independent, so I didn't fit with the group, "best for union mentality", but there is a lot of good, they represent the worker. Here is a page from the International Brotherhood of Electrical works constitution: 07-16-2010 07;17;24PM.PDF
  6. Hi Kenny Welcome to the valley. Not much going on here far as organizations or hammer-ins. mikehr active here on the forum here lives in Klamath Falls, he's an ABANA instructor and full time smith. Mike is aware of most activities in the Northern Cal.and oregon area. He might see this and reply. There are smiths in the area but I've only connected with Mike. If I can be of help in anyway just email or Pm, maybe we could get together after you get settled. Mark
  7. 7" handle? It doesn't look like it. Seems 4and a 1/4" or 4and1/2" are common sizes, I've always thought them too small and wondered if it was a carry over from times when people were just smaller, or if I'm just too large (6'2" 265#) Actuly I'm srinking hight wise, but not horizontaly. Anyway I made one w about a 5" handle and it didn't look quite right. Yours looks just fine.
  8. "Eugene and Medford I haven't totally ruled out. Can anyone tell me of places around either where there are ~5 acre homes? It's hard to get to there and figure out where the good outer areas of these smaller cities are" Hi Avadon I live in Central Point Or. a couple of miles north of Medford. There are lots of forclousures here. The area grew rapidliy with the housing boom and is suffering greatly now much like Bend Or. Steel supply here is good Large wholsale supplier in medford another one in White City and used steel nearby at .50 cents a pound , good selection. This is an aluminum boat building hub so lots Al. alvailable. I live ona rual road with properties ranginging from 180 acres to small lots I think on the 2 mile long road that I'm on therare 3 or 4 forclousures. Adjacent to me a frame house with 11/2 acres the guy just walked away a month ago. I'm going to guess value at 100- 150k. Across the street from me a 17 acre flat irrigated property with barn sales building and other buildings sold for around 300K about 6 mo. ago On the other hand about a mi. down the road 40 acres with small house old barn irrigated subdividable 800K( this a very unrealistic price, I know the realtor that listed this property) You'll find a lot of that around here, people just can't accept the devaluation of their property. Bottom line lots of property here at cheap prices but don't go by what you see in the realestate listings. In general Ashland Talent Jacksonville areas are expensive. Google "Rouge Valley" Hope this helps Mark Behnke
  9. markb

    New hunter

    Somebody or maybe many have said "It's all about the recaso" or "It all starts at the recaso" I like to approach knives from that point in design and execution. A lot of times when that area is symmetrical or all of the surfaces, planes, and lines are graceful or complimentary so will be the knife as a whole, although not always. The flat portion of this blade makes a beautiful design in itself and it's relation to the grind line and bolster are all exceptionally complimentary. Each line and shape stands alone yet work together to form an exceptional whole. The lack of damascus ,engraving, file work and other embellishments highlight your superior design and execution. This is what I strive for but have such a hard time achieving. Thanks for posting Mark Behnke
  10. Interesting... Subhilt "Hunter" Most of the subhilts I see are "Fighters" or maybe I'm not paying attention? The blade design jumped right out, looks very good. I like it alot. Always enjoy viewing your work. Mark Behnke
  11. Thanks All for viewing a posting, it means alot to me. Heres a link, I'll elaborate on what I did later but I'm no expert only done 2.
  12. I just finished this, first one in NS, did one in copper. Thanks for looking, feel free to comment,opinions,?s mark
  13. markb

    #5 Dagger

    Thanks all for looking and taking the time to respond, it realy helps in my motivation and progress. Heres pics of the liner lock. Lots and lots of time in the folder, assemble and reassemble, tapping and fitting. Very tedious.I did enjoy it though. Not sure how soon I'll attempt one again.
  14. markb

    #5 Dagger

    I just finished this one,I did a liner lock for #4 here This one is: LOA 10 1/4" Blade 6" 1084 Nickle silver hardware w/G11 and Black paper micarta Hollow grind 10" wheel I had a lot of trouble w/guard fit( i just don't want solder ,would like a tight fit without) Also shadow scratches and fit and finish in general. Opinions comments welcome.
  15. My thoughts go out to you and yours. Hoping for fast and complete recovery. Mark