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  1. Not referring to punch lube, I was referring to the postings about coating for such projects as flowers.
  2. I have used acrylic floor finish for years--seems to be durable. Maybe I will switch to some of these formulas. Very interesting thread.
  3. That's a great looking setup! I have a large tine that broke a few inches above the bend that I have used for a couple of years resting on a couple of 30 gal. metal drums. I now have something to sorta copy , Thank you!! My working anvil I have used for 50 yrs is an Armitage mouse hole 125 lb.
  4. Good luck with the surgery Thomas.---Jerry
  5. How about fileing? I usually file the rust off that the wire brush/wheel don't get. I've never given any thought about it dulling my files
  6. Amazing how your creative vibes get these things together! I can't do it
  7. I got some 309 sL rods and welded the split OK. The only thing I have used stainless rods for over the years is putting different metals together. One of my welders is an old Miller 225. Using the low side I can get the amps down to 20. I used 50 amps for the side table that got whacked falling over without any problems. Thank you fellows for your suggestions. Jerry
  8. Looking good Jake
  9. I have a request to repair a BBQ grill part that is torn on the edge flange in a curve that supports the curve. The metal is thin. Will braising stainless hold? Will my Hobart wire welder weld the stainless? I don't want to make a bigger gap experimenting. It's a very expensive grill . Thanks in advance. Jerry
  10. I've used a lot of different waxes over the years for patch lube in my black powder arms but ear wax?????
  11. I hope it's not blasting powder in the jar!
  12. A good book for learning engraving is by James B Meek called the Art of Engraving. I got mine from Brownell & Son. They have gravers and other supplies. I have made cutters and die sink chisels from different size chain saw files that work well. I also got Lynten McKinzies instruction tapes on engraving. and a couple of others I can't think of. A bad car wreck with a drunk driver ten years ago has left me with nerve damage and tremors that have just about stopped my engraving and carving.
  13. Fantastic showing!! I've built several rifles with buying factory barrels and made one lock so I can appreciate the skills Mr. Gusler has.
  14. I have one identical to yours. I was told it is a 1914 sears. Mine works great. A picture was in the gallery before things got changed.
  15. I turn handles for my heavy files on the lathe and use spent shotgun shell brass for Ferrell. Just drill out the primer to size-maybe a little big and use plastic steel in a tube for seating. For small files like chain saw files I use the rubber hose from brake lines from a wreaked car or truck. Neighbors frown on you for mooching a piece of their old cars brake line setting waiting to be repaired. 45cal spent shells can be used for Ferrells for wooden handles for small files too.