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  1. Fuel in medieval times

    All this info for free, making Iforgeiron a wealth of knowledge on dang near everything concerning blacksmithing thanks to members like Mr. Powers and Mr. Stevens and so many more. Thank you all! Jerry
  2. Figured wood <split from tailgating thread>

    I've made stocks for muzzle loaders and shotguns for years from curly maple and wild cherry and some curly walnut I found in the mountains in eastern Ky. but nothing I've ever found compares to that kind of figure in wood!!! That's gotta be the most beautiful stuff I've ever seen. Thanks for the pictures. Jerry
  3. How's Black Walnut For Small Hammer Handles?

    I've been a wood worker almost as long as I've been hammering metal. I had over a 100 trees of different kinds on the couple of acres in the farm country south of Chicago 40 years ago. Hickory, oak, wild cherry, maple and some I'm not sure of. As time goes by most of the trees have given in to high winds and bad health. Only 2 were walnut about 6" in diameter that have been used for hammer, tomahawk and various other things. They have served well over the past few years. Walnut is a beautiful wood oil finished . Jerry
  4. Thought some of you might enjoy this.

    This kind of talent is mind bending---I cannot imagine where to start with making a longhorn bull!
  5. Odd straight peen?

    I picked up one like that at a flea market in Ky. a few years ago the same shape that is just under 4 lbs. I use it to draw out RR spikes mostly.
  6. A real good video! Timely, clearly well done. The anvil makes me drool Jerry
  7. Hardening a CR-V based hotcut hardy tool

    I sure do like I forge iron--
  8. Folded hot cut

    Grade school grand-kids refer (lol) as laughing out loud in texting. Looks like each generation changes certain phrases to suit them.
  9. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    Ranchmanben---Those are real nice roses! I cut up 55 gal. drums for my stock, some are much harder than others but there is a lot of metal there. Keep up the nice work. Jerry
  10. Good design! I gotta weld the extra finger on mine. I just bent the hold down end over but it works pretty good.
  11. Yet another " WHY DIDN't I THINK OF THAT"

    The modified vise grips are a great idea! Years ago when my sons were in high school and taking welding that was available then, a project was a drill press vise made from different sizes angle iron. Not very pretty but functional. I have used them in my bench and post vises for a number of projects for years by doing what Frank Turley suggests--thanks Frank Jerry
  12. Bees Wax and Renaissance wax

    Thanks a bunch Kozzy for your clarifying some chemistry! I've copied your post to my personal notes to give a try to. My flowers and plant stuff, inside decorations get a good coat of future floor finish that seems to last a long time. Again- Thank you.
  13. I made a couple guillotine tools a few years ago--started out just for different sizes fullering and added some different sizes ball bearing races--cut and flattened --welded on top and bottom dies that make a nice looking feature between twists or just by themselves. I also made a parallel fuller that works great. My gallery pictures vanished some years back and I have not tried to replace them. Even a simple fuller made from different sizes rod can make a nice tool. This web site is a great inspiration for making blacksmithing a great hobby. Thanks Glenn and the rest of the people here. E. Jerry Carroll Bordertown Forge
  14. Raw Linseed Oil

    Not referring to punch lube, I was referring to the postings about coating for such projects as flowers.
  15. Raw Linseed Oil

    I have used acrylic floor finish for years--seems to be durable. Maybe I will switch to some of these formulas. Very interesting thread.