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  1. Okay grundgedog and dodge, here is the missing page about the conference.
  2. I enjoyed Ian's visit here, altho it was compounded by my having to take my wife Cookie to the ER the day Ian got here, and then they admitted her and they let her out the day (Friday) Ian left, Ian did get to go up and look at my cluttered and dirty smith shop, it hasn't operated as a smith shop since Jan, 2006 when I injured my lower back really good. Ian did get to see some of my railing work at a couple of local church's and I took him to the Brown County AG Museum in Hiawatha, Kansas to see the brick forge with the Hofi style thru the wall Flue I used with it. Thanks for stopping Ian, I wish things could have worked out better, but Mother Nature and Father Time have their way off intruding into our lives at inopertune times. Jr. and Cookie Strasil irnsrgn and Mrs Irn
  3. Brian Brazeal will be the instructor at the 2011 PBA Fall Conference at Randy Dacks's shop in Grand Island, Nebraska Saturday and Sunday October 1&2, 2011. And will give a 2 day limited space Workshop Monday and Tuesday October 3&4, 2011 following the Fall Conference.
  4. The PRAIRIE BLACKSMITHS ASSOCIATION has a new website, www.pbsmiths.com and is on facebook at www.facebook.com/pbsmiths
  5. Stanley Schwartz 6303 State Route 127 Pinckneyville, IL 62274-2201
  6. After Stan gets recuperated, no one is going to know him, as he will probably be living on bbqed ribs and ice cream and will need a new wardrobe, and won't have to stand in the same place 3 times to cast a shadow. LOL Get Well Stan and don't push the envelope to the limit. Knee Mail still going out to you and your family from Extreme Southeast Nebraska. Jr. and Cookie Strasil :P
  7. Our Thoughts and Prayers are with you and your family Stan! Jr and Cookie Strasil
  8. Happy Birthday, Jr :)

  9. any bark at all left will deteriorate and either let the wood slip inside the stump or draw moisture and bugs. Its easy to debark, just girdle the log every foot with a hatchet to sever the bark into sections then use a bark spud,( A tool with a covex cutting edge about 3 to 4 inches wide welded to a 1/2 or 3/4 inch pipe handle and start it under a section that has been girdled and pry the bark up, go all the way around the log and it will just fall off. Fireing(charring) the bottom portion about an inch deep in an open fire, dries the wood, seals it and kills any insects present. If a job is worth doing, do it right the first time.
  10. irnsrgn,
    I think these pulls would work and I can do matching hinges....did similar in Florida for a huge set of garage doors..all hardware was for show.
    Have a look at the "door Pulls" on the bottom of the page. They are mortice and tenon and riveted..no modern welds.

  11. One of the Woodworkers on one of my Woodworking Sites has contacted me wanting me to put him in contact with someone in the vicinity of QUEENS, NY. To: Hi Mr. Strasil, I am making a set of heavy oak door faces for a fridge/freezer combination. I am copying a photograph of a set of old doors. The owner wants them "distressed and weathered" to look old and he wants hand forged strap hinges even though they will be decorative. The actual doors are hinged independently. Do you know of a blacksmith who might be interested in this type of work? They are willing to pay to get what they want and what they want is "hand forged". They also want a set of heavy, forged pulls to match. The strap hinges will need to be about 3" wide and 20" long and the pulls should be at least 16" long. If you are interested and are qualified to do QUALITY work, contact me or Glenn and include a few pics of anything similar you have done, and I will put the two of you in contact. Respectfully irnsrgn
  12. Short hilites video of last weekends Lie Nielson hand tool event in KC,ks. http://sandal-woodsblog.com/2010/03/28/lie-nielsen-event-in-kansas-city/
  13. The Lord came for Clarence Mertins Wife Betty at 3 AM this morning, Saturday March 20,2010.
  14. Amazing the info that pops up when Woodworkers start argueing about which are the best Plane and Chisel Blades. this too, Ancient Blacksmiths http://traditionaltools.us/cms/files/ancient%20blacksmiths.pdf
  15. Ancient and Modern Laminate Composites https://e-reports-ext.llnl.gov/pdf/238379.pdf
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