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    greenup co kentucky
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    51 yrs old--farm smithing/welding/carpenter,mechanic,logger
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    primitive woodwork-guitars-old books-history
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    farmer-retired, but still busy

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  1. pnut

    I was reading a post about on here about dumpster diving and I looked at your picture and thought I bet he's from KY. I visited your profile and yup you are.  Good to see another person from the bluegrass state. I'm in grant Co. Just wanted to say hi.  

    1. jayco


      hi pnut, yes i'm from greenup co.  Ive been away from  this site for many yrs  but i'm now back  lol


  2. I can probably do a half dozen before a blade is worn out.
  3. I use a Dewalt reciprocating saw. Handiest way I've found to do them.
  4. Glenn, you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers.
  5. I've always used coal and coke. Never had a gasser. Since there is never a shortage of scrap wood here, I've been making and using a lot of homemade charcoal as well.
  6. Stan, I'm sure glad you made it through your surgery ok and now back home! Do what the doctors say. Once you get to feeling better, I know you will want to get back in your shop. Healing up takes a little time. Don't rush things! While you're waiting,,,,,,,get a note book and start sketching up some smithing ideas. I know you've got a million of 'em. Glad you're feeling better! James
  7. Very nice work, Sam! Do give us a report on how this hammer performs.... I've never used a hammer of that design, so I'd like to know more. James
  8. Prayers sent for your dad, and you and all your family. James
  9. Frosty, Deb, prayers sent your way.........James
  10. Hi Bill, I've had similar problems with smoking at startup with my side draft flue. I used a piece of roofing metal to make an easily removable extension for the entrance to my flue. If I've linked this correctly, you should be able to see some pics here: Hope this helps!
  11. Tom, looks like we're getting some of the rain you drove through yesterday. Fortunately for me, I don't need to go anywhere today. Glad you made it home alright, and thanks for sharing........James
  12. I have used them to make shelving brackets, hinges, and small hoes to use in the garden, (think mini-mattock) I have one made into a hook hanging on the barn wall to hold water hoses.
  13. Hi Ledson, My sidedraft is loosely based on Hofi's design, and very much like your drawing as well. I'm well satisfied with how mine performs. Hofi's side drafts are really nice, while mine was built from what scrap I had available. It still works GOOD. There are a bunch of pictures in my gallery showing how mine is made. Good luck, James
  14. Svarttrost,thanks for posting the pics and info. A local winery had asked me to make something with a "grape" motiff. You've given me some good ideas on how to proceed! Thanks! James
  15. You said something about the base being made of concrete. Sometimes when concrete gets very hot it will crack or send hot shards flying. Be sure you wear safety glasses when you fire it up! Your idea seems interesting.....but DO be careful.
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