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  1. I can probably do a half dozen before a blade is worn out.
  2. I use a Dewalt reciprocating saw. Handiest way I've found to do them.
  3. Glenn, you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers.
  4. I've always used coal and coke. Never had a gasser. Since there is never a shortage of scrap wood here, I've been making and using a lot of homemade charcoal as well.
  5. jayco

    Stan (trying-it)

    Stan, I'm sure glad you made it through your surgery ok and now back home! Do what the doctors say. Once you get to feeling better, I know you will want to get back in your shop. Healing up takes a little time. Don't rush things! While you're waiting,,,,,,,get a note book and start sketching up some smithing ideas. I know you've got a million of 'em. Glad you're feeling better! James
  6. Very nice work, Sam! Do give us a report on how this hammer performs.... I've never used a hammer of that design, so I'd like to know more. James
  7. Prayers sent for your dad, and you and all your family. James
  8. Frosty, Deb, prayers sent your way.........James
  9. Hi Bill, I've had similar problems with smoking at startup with my side draft flue. I used a piece of roofing metal to make an easily removable extension for the entrance to my flue. If I've linked this correctly, you should be able to see some pics here: Hope this helps!
  10. Tom, looks like we're getting some of the rain you drove through yesterday. Fortunately for me, I don't need to go anywhere today. Glad you made it home alright, and thanks for sharing........James
  11. I have used them to make shelving brackets, hinges, and small hoes to use in the garden, (think mini-mattock) I have one made into a hook hanging on the barn wall to hold water hoses.
  12. Hi Ledson, My sidedraft is loosely based on Hofi's design, and very much like your drawing as well. I'm well satisfied with how mine performs. Hofi's side drafts are really nice, while mine was built from what scrap I had available. It still works GOOD. There are a bunch of pictures in my gallery showing how mine is made. Good luck, James
  13. Svarttrost,thanks for posting the pics and info. A local winery had asked me to make something with a "grape" motiff. You've given me some good ideas on how to proceed! Thanks! James
  14. You said something about the base being made of concrete. Sometimes when concrete gets very hot it will crack or send hot shards flying. Be sure you wear safety glasses when you fire it up! Your idea seems interesting.....but DO be careful.
  15. Glenn,Andrew, thanks so much for all the hard work you do to keep IFI up and running! I like the new look. I'm eager to see what new options and possibilities this new format will offer. I especially like the new chat room.......easy to read and seems to be working great! I'm just now learning where all the buttons are....but blacksmiths are supposed to be adaptable. I'll find them! Thanks again, james
  16. My one resolution would be to quit procrastinating and do some things I've had in mind for some time. In the back of my mind I've had an idea for a very simple solid fuel forge. I'd like to build it and spend some time testing it for effectiveness. I also have some items I'd like to forge just for my own satisfaction. I might be the only one who like them........just for the fun ot it. Of course, if I get these things done this coming year, I'll post pictures!
  17. Merry Christmas to all from eastern Kentucky! Have a safe and joyous holiday, James
  18. Frosty, that Great White Birch really wanted to get you! I would not feel safe until that tree was ground up into toilet paper and delivered to my door. Even then, I think I would watch out for splinters!! Not very funny, but ya got to admit....it's a great visual!!!!!!!! Glad you're back, Frosty :)
  19. Here's some old pics of the things I make for Christmas. All easy and fun to make. http://www.iforgeiron.com/forum/attachments/f11/11941d1236042019-quick-weathering-sany0016.jpg http://www.iforgeiron.com/forum/attachments/f14/10050d1229396975-cheap-projects-sany0002.jpg
  20. Welcome back, Frosty! I saw that 'AKFrosty57" login....and thought........"Oh My!....There's TWO of him now!":) James
  21. Prayers sent from Ky for both Frosty and Deb, too.
  22. It's been slow around here all summer........Of course I'm slow anyway, so it doesn't bother me much. With september just around the corner (where did the summer go!?) it's actually time to get the wood stoves ready, cut firewood, and dig the potatoes. I've got orders for Christmas products, but I've got plenty of time to do those. Actually, I'd like to improve the designs before I start forging them. I keep trying to learn new things. I've been learning to make and use charcoal exclusively in the forge this summer........fine tuning my skills a little Learning how to bank the fire and conserve the heat in the forge and keep the radiant heat away from the smith (me). I've been making some of the speciallty tongs and other tools that I hadn't had time to make properly during busier times. And if I were to REALLY run out of ideas.........I could look in the IFI archives or gallery for inspiration. I also have a few of those "I'm gonna fix that one of these days" projects in the back of the shop. As you can see, I'm easily entertained! :)
  23. Lots of wild critters like corn. You my be visited by squirrels,crows,raccoons, possums, foxes, etc. Don't be surprised if field mice pack your blower and tuyere with corn and set up housekeeping in the forge plumbing. To all those animals, your corn forge probably smells like.......DINNER! :)
  24. Thanks for posting that video, Tom........looks like y'all had a great time! Sorry I missed it........ James
  25. Welcome to Iforgeiron! If you haven't already noticed, this is a large site with massive amounts of metalworking information. Iforgeiron is also a great community with lots of friendly folks.....all willing to help. If you have questions, just ask. By the way, please use the 'user CP' at the top of the page to post your general location. ( It's always handy to know who your neighbors are). Also, WE LIKE PICTURES! OH yeah.....one more thing.......ENJOY!
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