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  1. How much are you asking, I have a 1928 Beaudry 100# utility hammer that I love and use everyday.


  2. Nice Job on the mask, something the two of you will always remember. Well done on all fronts, John
  3. I've been playing with copper the last week or so. I made a rose tonight. Copper rose with mild steel stem and leaves.
  4. The ladel was shaped on my trunnion swedge block. But a stump or a modified piece of pipe with the lip rolled will work. I cut the pattern for the ladle bowl with the two spouts and then used a v-swage and a narrow cross peen to shape the spouts.
  5. Forged these yesterday just to give them a try. The ladel bowls are 10 ga. and the handles are 3/8" square stock.
  6. Been in a tool making mood the last few days. Started on a bowl adz today. I have made them from claw hammers and brick hammers but I wanted to forge one from scratch. This started out as 7" of 1-1/8" square disk axle. I am still undecided as to whether I should use a wooden handle or a metal one with wood grips riveted on so I can curve it to my liking. Any way it has a ways to go but I thought I'd throw it out here for comments/suggestions. I do have a couple of woodworkers/bowl choppers coming on Friday to critique it and help me refine it. John
  7. I have a friend that is a woodworker and wanted a couple of holdfasts. I forged 4 plain ones out of 3/4" hot rolled round stock yesterday. They worked but I wanted to try forging an english holdfast. It is forged from 20" of 3/4" hot rolled round stock. We'll see which one she prefers.
  8. Colleen, First bunch took about 4 hours, the branch maybe 3 hours. I forged another today about the same size in about 3 hours.
  9. I got the first branch forged today, 32" long by 22" tall with 7 blossoms and 4 leaves. Leaves are forged from 3/8" sqaure, blossoms are cut from 10 ga. hand textured and formed. The branches are forged from 1/2" square stock. This one is flame colored and clear coated. Actual railing will be Antique bronze powder coat.
  10. Dave, Flower and stem..probably 20 minutes or so. The whole piece took about 4 hours total.
  11. I have a client that wants dogwood blossoms incorporated in her railing. I forged these today to give her a better idea of the possibilities and me a good reference for time required. I have never done dogwood blossoms before. Blossoms are 10ga. stems are 1/4" round and the leaves are 3/8" square.
  12. Finished this the other day, weather was nice so I took it outside to get some pictures. Vine is 3/4" mild steel, Grapes are 3/8" & 1/2" square mild steel, leaves are 14 ga. My first try at forging grapes, I usually just weld ball bearings together. I have to admit it's worth the extra effort in my opinion.
  13. Bigfootnampa, I forged the end down until it cut in half, rounded it off...no welding needed. I am thinking about doing another and experimenting with a ball swage on the handle butt.
  14. A client wanted a hand bell for her daughter, she just started teaching elementary school and wanted a bell for her desk. The bell is forged from 1-1/2" sch 40 pipe. The handle and Bell are one piece. Finished bell is 6" tall with brass finish and clear coat. Clapper is made from 2 pieces of 1/8" rod and a 3/4" steel ball. Ball was annealed then drilled 7/32 the rod inserted and then the two brazed together. The two rods were looped together the inserted in the handle and brazed. Fun project John
  15. I made my first Hawk years ago at Stans Hammer-in. I finally got around to making a second one this last week. Forged from 1-1/4" wire rope. I left the sides of the billet unforged so the cable was readily visible. Comments welcome,
  16. Here is the finished set with the oak branch wall bracket.
  17. No, I just run it down the antler and vary speed and distance. I always practice on a spare piece right before I do the actual pieces.
  18. The antlers are textured with a bark swedge and then the nubbs are mig popcorn as PaulKy guessed. Glad you like them. John
  19. Been awhile since I shared anything. Been busy which is a good thing. Antlers are forged from 1" round stock and shafts/tools are forged from 1/2" square. Shovel is 14 ga. sheet steel. John
  20. I have a JHM 160# shaper. I have had it for several years and have been real happy with it.
  21. Thought I'd share pics of the portable forge I fabed up yesterday. Table is 2' x 3' and stands 34" tall from 10ga. and 2"x2"x1/8" angle iron. Firepot is fashioned after the one at http://www.blksmth.c...eel_firepot.htm. Legs are 1" sch 40 black pipe with 1 1/4" sch 40 recivers with 1/2" jam screws. I have a 10 day demo starting Friday and I have always loaded up one of my antique cast shop forges. I wanted something a little easier to get around and wont take as much room in my 10'x20' booth. John
  22. Postleg, The flowers are 14 ga. steel with a brass brush finish.
  23. I forged a couple of hummingbirds last week to show the mother of one of my 4H students what was possible for an art project for her son next year. I've been working on finishing them in my "spare" time. Here they are ready to find new homes.